Top 5 eye soothing destinations

Doesn’t the blazing sun make you want to head to a destination more soothing to your eyes? With all the harm that this glaring sun is capable of doing to my eyes, makes me want to run away to some place with cloudy skies or with some mild gentle breeze or snow-clad mountains.

And this urge to rescue myself from this unpleasant weather, made me look for some places with a more pleasing climate at this time of the year, where I can relax my eyes from the sunny dazzle.

These are the ones I have picked and have now added to my wish list, and hopefully will now be added to yours as well:

Queenstown is regarded as the best destination in New Zealand and is famous for its unmatched beauty and adventure sports. During this time of the year, this place is no less than a fantasy world and an ideal location for the nature lovers.


Peru is extremely rich in traditional art and culture, and is famous for its wildlife. If you are looking for some relaxing laidback times, then this is the place to be.

cape town

Cape Town is known world over for its scenic beauty, beautiful beaches and wildlife safaris. Although this must not be the best time to visit this place but with the gentle skies and the ongoing music festival, one can’t ask for more.

Sydney Harbour Brige Pier One

Australia’s most monumental city Sydney, also referred to as harbor city is built on a hill. Famous for its Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, the city is a perfect escape from the scorching heat, at this time of the year.


And last but not the least, our neighboring country, Bhutan. This is the best time to visit this aesthetically rich country known for its green pastures, beautiful valleys, refreshing waterfalls, snow covered mountains and the list goes on.

So, now you know where to head to liberate yourself from all the unpleasantness. But even though these places must not be as sunny as it is here, you cannot ignore your eye protection. So while you are out there relaxing your eyes at these eye soothing destinations, do it with some trendy pairs of gradient sunglasses available at Lenskart.

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