Oh my star, what’s on your eyes

I must say, it’s been a rather starry month, what with many big banner movies on the verge of a release! While the actors and actresses are traversing the country promoting their upcoming films, all I could notice were the accessories adorning their eyes. And boy, was I bowled over by these hotties! Take a look:

Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan sunglasses

Along with co-star, Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan visited Lovely Professional University in Jalandhar to promote their new movie Khoobsurat. He looked absolutely stunning in this pair of dark Wayfarer with his casual ensemble.

Fawad khan Wagah Border in Amritsar

They also attended the Beating Retreat ceremony at the Wagah Border in Amritsar. Both the actors look lovely in their formal attires. Of course, Fawad added a touch of mod to his look by flaunting a pair of dark sunglasses.

Imran Abbas

Imran Abbas Creature 3D

Making his debut in Bollywood recently with Creature 3D, Imran Abbas looks dashing in these oversized square sunglasses.

Aditya Roy Kapur

Aditya Roy Kapur with mirror sunglasses

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the hottest of them all!

The current heartthrob Aditya Roy Kapoor has done his homework well. The dude gets his looks right, and this time with the mirror Ray-Ban Aviators during the promotion of Daawat-e-Ishq.

Arjun Kapoor

Finding Fanny- deepika and arjun kapoor

Arjun Kapoor decided to add a dash of retro-chic to his ultra-cool look by donning a pair of quirky round sunglasses. With the stunning Deepika Padukone at the launching of the song, Shake your Bootiya from their new movie Finding Fanny.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan and aviator sunglasses

Always full of surprises, the evergreen Salman Khan enthralled the patrons of a nightclub with his DJ-ing skills. Along with the stars of the new flick, Tamanchey; Nikhil Diweda, Richa Chaddha and Sallu unveiled a track from the movie. Wearing a pair of Dabangg Aviators, the actor looked dapper behind the console.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year movie style sunglasses

The entire cast of the upcoming film Happy New Year finally took off to the U.S. for The Slam Tour. All of them looked quite dazzling, as seen here at the Mumbai Airport, posing for a group photo. With Abhishek Bachhan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Shah Rukh Khan and Honey Singh, each flaunting a pair of chic looking sunglasses all set for a long journey.

Kiran Rao

Kiran Rao eyeglasses

Yes, Kiran Rao is well-known for her geek-chic eyeglasses. I can’t imagine her without her eyeglasses. She was seen wearing a black rim, round eyeglasses at the Mumbai Film Festival 2014 Press conference. I simply adore her entire ensemble. The wacky and colourful keffiyeh scarf wrapped around her neck and the stripe top. As always, Kiran pulls off the nerdy-chic look quite well, I must say.

Boman Irani specs

Boman Irani was spotted at the Mumbai Airport to join his co-stars to set off to the U.S. for The Slam Tour. Looking like quite the charmer, the comedian paired his Wayfarer eyeglasses with a velvet jacket, blue denim and brown formal shoes for a classy look.

Magic in their eyes

Hollywood stars and their chicness

What would we do without our dear old Hollywood stars and their chicness? Emma Stone looks absolutely gorgeous opting for a sleek tailored pant, black blouse and a retro-chic pair of sunnies.

Perennial beauty, Jennifer Lopez was seen with her twins on a day out. The stylish mommy stepped out wearing a pale pink sweater and cropped pants. An oversized Aviator completed her look.

Looking somber and monochromic, Jessie J kept it casual with a long black coat, white blouse and black jeans. Accessorizing her look with a black tote and oversized sunglasses, she still looks very glamourous.

Eyeing the speedster

Lewis Hamilton and his sunglasses

Taking advantage of a rare weekend off, everyone’s favourite F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton visited the Emirates stadium to show his support for his favourite English club Arsenal FC. Flaunting a pair of dark sunglasses, the F1 driver looked quite cool and stylish as he chatted with the team and staff. Opting for an all black ensemble, Hamilton chose to wear a black jacket, black tee shirt and pants.

It seems like a crime to live without sunglasses these days. And nothing says chic more than a pair of the trendiest sunglasses or eyeglasses. Not only do they serve their primary purpose, i.e. to safeguard our eyes, a pair of eyewear can add a little oomph to your look. And thanks to celebrities, I now know exactly how to put together the perfect look to create a trendy style statement.

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6 Bollywood professional looks with eyeglasses

In recent years, eyeglasses have become a must-have accessory. Spectacles have transcended from being just a protective eyewear to a style accessory. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a parent or an executive, a pair of specs can definitely change your whole appearance.

Eyeglasses have played a vital role in the corporate trend. Tailored suit with a pair of spectacles can make you look more smart and urbane. Bollywood is certainly taking the professional trend to the next level. Let’s take a look at some of these B-Wood stars, who look dashing and chic in the nerdy office look.

Decoding Arjun Rampal’s CEO style

Arjun Rampal CEO style

Always so dashing, Arjun Rampal pulls off the suave professional look quite well in the movie Inkaar. Rampal’s effortless way of carrying the semi-formal or formal style is very appealing. Inkaar is a movie about urban office politics and relationships; Rampal plays Rahul, the CEO of an advertising firm. His corporate look adds a certain charm to his character.

You can always inculcate his style in your own wardrobe too. Invest in some classic pieces like a couple of crisp slim-fit shirts in basic white or light blue shirts, tailored blazers and black formal shoes. To complete your chic corporate look, pick up a pair of thick-framed retro eyeglasses and you’re good to go.

Adding the Jackie flair

pair of black rimmed rectangular eyeglasses

The ever gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandez looks super chic in the movie Kick. Playing a psychiatrist in the movie, Jacqueline manages to accomplish an intellectual look. She was seen wearing only classy and elegant ensembles to create the conventional doctor look. For instance, the opening scene sees Jacqueline in a pink dress with white collar and pairs it off with a black tote.

Look as posh as Jacqueline, as she did in Kick. Add a pair of black rimmed rectangular eyeglasses to finish your stylish appearance. Opt for a sleek and slim black frame if you want a polished and refined look.

Going political with Ranbir

half rimmed spectacles

With a very serious and somber look in his movie Raajneeti, Ranbir Kapoor bears so much resemblance to that of a politician. Wait, his character is a politician! This hunky actor ditched his usual cheeky charming persona for a more contemplative role. Unlike the typical kurta-pajama donning politicos, Ranbir is trendily dressed in the movie.

Wearing light sweaters and jackets with khaki pants or jeans, the semi-formal yet casual look is young and smart. Much like Ranbir, you can flaunt a half rimmed spectacles for an exclusively smarter look.

Creating the Wall Street look with Sonam & Ayushmann 

While the world of finance may sound pretty tedious, there are so many ways in which you can always make it more interesting. Take inspiration from Sonam Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana who play a financial banker and a marketing wiz respectively. The duo plays a middle-class corporate couple in the movie Bowakoofiyan. Creating the classic corporate look in their movie, they both look classy-chic.

Take note of fashion icon’s style in the movie, you can flaunt a pair of retro-inspired cat eye spectacles. It is always a fun way to add that little oomph in your look.

Being a medical intern – the Kareena way

thick rimmed eyeglasses

Long working hours and huge pile of pending work and sleep deficiency. Yes, that is how one usually describes a medical intern’s life. But Kareena Kapoor breaks the stereotype. In the critically acclaimed and commercially successful movie, 3 Idiots, her look as a medical intern is absolutely stunning, yet very girl-next-door. Though nerdy, Kareena brings Pia to life by wearing clothes a lot of girls in India would connect with.

If you’re a medical intern, just remember you don’t always have to fall into that stereotype. Opt for more vibrant casual-chic clothes. Ditch those thick rimmed eyeglasses and pick out a slim frame, like Kareena’s red rim spectacles.

Arjun Kapoor’s nerdy-casual-professional look

These nerdy-trendy eyeglasses

In the movie 2 States, Krish Malhotra is a young man who is pursuing MBA, dealing with his dysfunctional family and trying to keep his love-life intact. Arjun Kapoor does justice to his character by adding that smart vibe to his look. While his character is at IIM, he is seen sporting the casual-usual student ensembles. As a banker, he opts for a semi-formal and casual office look.

The full rim rectangle eyeglasses add a geeky-chic touch to this character’s life, even as a student and, a couple of years later, as a banker.

There are so many aspects, more than we can imagine, to our lives and our personalities. To complement each and every aspect our lifestyle, we need more than a pair of eyeglasses. Remember new spectacles are the best way to revamp your entire look without splurging on a whole new wardrobe. Get inspired from the above mentioned films, characters and actors. These nerdy-trendy eyeglasses will definitely add a little essence to your professional look.

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The interesting world of optics

Eyeglasses, or should I call them our dear old visual aids, have a rich history which dates back to the 13TH century AD. Of course, they have come a long way from being a riveted pair, to what we are wearing now. With new materials and state-of-the-art technology, our eyeglasses today are ultra-comfortable, light and just heavenly to put on.

Well, I did some research and guess what I found out? Did you know that eyeglasses are not “glasses” anymore? Did you know that that the first specs were called reading stones? Despite them being so popular and more people opting for eyeglasses than other means of visual aid, not many people actually know about spectacles. Well, here are some interesting historical and current facts.

Looking through the glass

1. The first record of visual aids dates back to the 1st century in Ancient Rome. Roman emperor Nero used an emerald as a binocular during gladiator games. Talk about royalty!

Ancient Rome Roman emperor

2. Alhazen, the Father of Modern Optics, in his book entitled Kitab al-Manazir (Book of Optics) discussed about the use of convex lens to form magnified image. Written in 1021, this Arabic book was instrumental to the invention of eyeglasses. Amazing!

Kitab al-Manazir

3. Circa early 1200s, the earliest recorded evidence of eyeglasses demonstrates that it first appeared in Pisa, Italy. The lenses of these primitive eyeglasses were placed directly onto the eyes.


4. Although the invention of visual aids dates way back to the 1st century, there is not one person who has ever been identified as the single inventor of eyeglasses.


5. Earliest eyeglasses did not have handles in them; the Spanish came up with the idea to fix silk ribbons or strings in the frames so one could wrap them around their heads. But thanks to British optician Edward Scarlett the modern style of eyeglasses frame which could be placed over the ears and nose came into existence.

modern style of eyeglasses frame

6. Some of the early eyeglasses frames were made of materials such as wood, lead and cooper. Later on, natural materials like leather, bones and horns were used. How Bizarre!

early eyeglasses frames wood, copper, lead

7. Benjamin Franklin has long been credited with the invention of bifocal lenses. The Founding Father himself suffered from nearsightedness and age-related farsightedness. Great men and their glasses!

Round Eyeglasses

8. The world’s first progressive lens was invented by Bernard Maitenaz and this modern progressive lens to correct presbyopia was released in 1959.

Bernard Maitenaz

(Bernard Maitenaz)

9. Commonly known as glasses but now with modern technology and materials, most lenses are made of plastic. This is to prevent them from breaking and it also makes them light-weight. This is also to prevent further damage to the eyes in the event of an accident. Safety first!

spectacle frames

10. According to Earth 911, 25% of today’s world population needs spectacles in some format.

specs frames

Did you know?

* The first record of glasses dates back to 12th century China – where flat panes of smoky quartz were used as tinted lenses to cut off glare from the sun. Apparently this was used to hide their expressions during an interrogation session.

eye  glasses

* Back then, many sailors popularly believed that wearing gold earrings will improve eye-sight. Maybe this is the reason why pirates are often depicted with golden earrings. Arrghhh!

gold earrings will improve eye-sight

* Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most well-known figures of the 20th century. The popular imagery of the iconic figure is a man wrapped in cotton sheets and wearing a pair of round nickel spectacles.

Mahatma Gandhi spectacles

Well, there you go! Interesting, weren’t they? And truth be told, I had no idea about some of these facts. The world of eyeglasses had a peculiar history. These tidbits were totally worth sharing. If you’re a bespectacled like I am, you should go ahead and share these facts with your friends and family.

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Old school vs. new school of filmy eyewear

Ah! With summers coming to an end, I find myself reminiscing about those sunny days when I would flash my stylish sunglasses. Flaunting a pair of my favourite sunnies, cold drinks & ice creams in hand and going out to watch summer blockbusters – summers weren’t as bad either.

I also find myself wondering about the film industry and how they celebrate summertime trend.

But do you ever wonder how a certain accessory, like a pair of sunnies matches a character perfectly? Well, I certainly do believe a lot of detailing goes into finding the quintessential pair. Here is a list of characters, both from yesteryear blockbusters and today’s hits, who I believe flaunted the perfect eyewear.

Battle of the Wayfarers

Battle of the Wayfarers

Are you a little surprised to see a comedy drama and a vampire romance film put together?

Well, don’t be! It’s no surprise that I added Risky Business here. During an era when Disco almost killed Ray-Ban, Tom Cruise single-handedly revived the brand. The famous scene, where his character in the 1983 movie puts on a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses, became iconic.

What can I say about Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen! The pretty-boy vampire flaunted a pair of wayfarer sunglasses looking quite mischievous in the first Twilight movie.

With a lot of teenaged girls swooning over him, Pattinson undeniably looks dashing but Cruise definitely wins the battle of the Wayfarers.

Who wore it better?


The ‘boy who lived’ and ‘Indy’ go head-to-head in this battle. While both these characters are brave & heroic, there is one other thing they’re both famous for – their geeky personas.

When Harry isn’t out looking for horcruxes or fighting off dementors, he’s just your regular student with nerdy round glasses. Likewise, Henry Jones is a scholarly professor in tweed jackets and round glasses. But when the opportunity for an adventure arises, he becomes Indiana ‘Indy’ Jones.

Harrison Ford’s character maybe iconic, but Daniel Radcliffe wins in this round. Having garnered a vast fan following in recent years, Harry Potter is the clear winner when it comes to ‘who flaunted the round eyeglasses best’. Sorry, Indy, I guess you should stick to your fedora and bullwhip.

Classic vs. modern

Audrey Hepburn

While one of them is an iconic figure from yesteryears, the other is a contemporary actor.

Audrey Hepburn’s classic look from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a definite favourite. Her Oliver Goldsmith’s Wayfarer is quite timeless. The shape, size and colour fit her with so much perfection.

Emma Stone’s character in the movie Easy A is not your typical female lead character. Donning a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses, she looks more like a Rock Star.

Emma Stone

It’s not a hard decision. The classic ensemble, the black dress, long black gloves, pearl necklace and, of course, the sunglasses, worn by Hepburn is the ultimate winner.

Comic or dramatic? 

The Hangover II

Is this another weird combination? The 2011 comedy is going up against the 1983 classic crime-drama movie.

Say hello to Tony Montana’s little friend, a pair of oversized Aviators. This pair of sunglasses with gradient lens sported by Al Pacino in his movie Scarface became popularly associated with the character. While the tinted sunglasses flaunted by Bradley Cooper in The Hangover II are also quite memorable. They are quite trendy and chic!

Tony Montana’s Aviator is perennial and classy, and I believe it should stay that way.

A tribute

Steel Magnolias

I actually chose these movies because of Anne Hathaway and Daryl Hannah’s characters in The Princess Diaries and Steel Magnolias respectively. They both look so similar with the unkempt hairdo and the retro-geeky eyeglasses. I am saluting the two talented and lovely actresses for their talent and for making geeky glasses look chic.

geeky glasses

The B-wood World

The Bollywood fashion scene can sometime be a hit or a miss. But over the years, we have seen some of the greatest B-wood stars flaunting some of the most classic eyewear. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Vinod Khanna’s love for Aviator can be seen in his 1973 movie Anokhi Ada. Khanna wore the classic style in golden frames and brown lens. Since then, Bollywood hasn’t looked back. Also seen sporting the classic golden rim Aviators is Salman Khan in his 2010 film, Dabangg.

Veteran actress Sadhana created this classic geeky look in her film Love in Simla. Current fashion icon and actress Sonam Kapoor is wise to set this retro-geek trend. Seen here, in the movie Bewakoofiyaan, she’s sporting the cat-eye frames.

cat-eye sunglasses

In the film, Arzoo, Sadhana is seen sporting a very trendy pair of cat-eye sunglasses along with aspen outfit for a very classy look. Aishwarya Rai is also seen sporting cat-eye frames in her film Guzaarish. This beauty can pull off any look.

snazzy pair of Wayfarers

Understated yet stylish, Rajendra Kumar had a classy sense of style. In his movie Arzoo, he sported a snazzy pair of Wayfarers, a look that was loved by all. A classic trend still followed by actors today, as seen sported by Saif Ali Khan in Agent Vinod.

Over the years, eyewear in movies have been bringing in pretty amazing performances. For generations, sunglasses and eyeglasses have been appearing in hit films and TV shows. They can make a character very memorable as they play a vital role in our popular culture. One thing I am sure of is that the love affair between movies and eyewear will continue to remain strong, to give us more styles to love, follow and flaunt.

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Look glamorous & fabulous this Fall-Winter ’14

Autumn and winter are my absolute favourite seasons. What’s not to love about them? The hot coffees, sitting snug in front of the fireplace and reading books. Well, I can think of something else, The Fall-Winter Fashion trends. Yes! It’s that time of the year, again.

Experimenting with new materials on vintage designs, reviving the sixties and creating a more manly look for women; designers have out-done themselves this fall.

While the clothes are outstanding, the addition of sunnies to go along with the outfit is what excited me the most. Shrouding through hundreds of designs, I found some of my favourite trends for this season. Let’s have a look.

The Flirty Sixties

The Flirty Sixties

Bold prints, sporty patterns, mini-skirts & dresses, knee-high boots and accessories that remind us of the 60s, too much of Mad Men? Well, I’m talking about the trends of Fall/Autumn-Winter and it looks as though the sixties’ flirty trends are back and here to stay. Top designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, YSL, Miu Miu, Ralph Lauren and Gucci are all paying tribute to the chic and carefree decade that was the Swinging Sixties.

I’m just glad that the sixties are back with a bang simply because I adore the oversized round sunnies. Now, adding a little modish touch to the retro-inspired eyewear, they’re to die for.

Sleek and Slim

Sleek and Slim

A.Sauvage Autumn-Winter Collection

Cropped right above the ankles, the stovepipe slacks are the way forward this season for men. The slim and sleek looking pants which were a popular trend back in the sixties are making a comeback this fall. For a chic looking ensemble, wear it with bigger and bulkier layers on top. As seen here, A.Sauvage’s Autumn-Winter Collection.

Wear your slim pants with a nice, somber long coat. You can also opt for a velvet jacket which will make you look suave. Or rather opt for a biker jacket to create an edgy and cool look. Lastly, add a little bit of vintage mod in your ensemble with a pair retro-inspired eyewear.

All about the jackets


Orange is the new black and it is the trendy colour right now. Seen here in the first image is one of Oliver Spencer’s creations from his new fall-winter collection. Well-paired with a trendy wayfarer sunglasses and navy blue pants.

Also seen in the image are baseball jackets and big, slouchy coats. Yes, they are making another round this season again.

Suiting Up

Suiting Up

This season models are walking down the runway in boyfriend-borrowed ensembles. It’s all about the masculinity edge for women. Tailored pant suits were a popular trend among designers in this year’s Milan Fashion Week, Fall-Winter collection. They were also seen in top designer brands like Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney.

For that modishly sexy look, add a pair of oversized boxy sunnies.

Here comes the Coats


Voluminous jackets are set to be the trendiest thing this season. Along with these jackets are geometric patterns and monochromes, the prints of this season will be hypnotic.

While the monochromic jacket by Dries Van Noten is very modish, the orange round sunglasses blend in perfectly creating a chic look. On the other hand, the black duvet ensemble by Kenzo along with the dark lens rectangle sunnies creates a mysterious looks.

dark lens rectangle sunnies

This winter, men’s jackets are less structured. Simple yet elegant, these jackets will last for many seasons to come.

Gieves & Hawkes’ green ensemble is smart and simple. On the other hand the check jacket gives out a classy touch to the casual look. The boxy oversized bag is a must have accessory for men this season. To finish off the classy-casual look, don a pair of wayfarer sunglasses.

A break for your feet

pair of aviators

Rejoice! Comfy sneakers are making a comeback this season. Top designers are making them the footwear of the moment. For all the sporty-chic fashionistas, look out for these bold and stylish sneakers. Look comfortably chic, wear a pair of denims with a stearling jacket and add a pair of aviators.

For him and her

oversized rectangle sunglasses

One of the most striking features of the fall-winter collection is the bold prints and designs. With the animal print still a hot trend for women’s clothing, this elegant reptile skin coat paired with an oversized rectangle sunglasses at Milan Fashion Week definitely stood out.

This James Long ensemble looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. The raincoat jacket and the perfect square shape sunglasses give it a futuristic look.


Wraps and ponchos will be a hot trend this season for both men and women. Roberto Cavalli presented his monochromic poncho by adding a touch of sophistication with a fur hood. Flaunt a pair of modish looking sunglasses with this iconic folk style.


Turtlenecks are trending this fall. Fight the cold and protect your neck from the cold wintry breeze. Slip them on under a jacket for a snug fit. They look great with retro-inspired eyewear.

Although, it’s not easy, it’s wise to keep up with every fashion trend as they keep changing. With every new season, look glamorous and trendy.

Now that you know what the trends are, for this season, get ready to flaunt and impress.

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Bollywood couples and the stars on their eyes

For fans, it’s always an “Aww…” moment when their stars come out in public with their spouses or even current arm candies. While media goes berserk analyzing how long are they going to be together, or who is the ‘other’ person in the life, what I am constantly looking at is their fashion quotient. “Are they complimenting each other?” “What’s on their eyes?”

Here’s a look at some Bollywood couples to give you an idea of how they try to match up with each other:

Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan

Among all the couples from B-town, Shahrukh and Gauri Khan are the most charming ones. They have now come to be known as the First Couple of Bollywood. SRK is known for his impeccable, yet casual sense of style but it’s Gauri who steals the limelight whenever they make a public appearance. And talking specifically about their eyewear styles, while SRK sticks to his classic Aviators, Gauri makes quite a statement in the back-to-fashion oversized sunglasses.

shahrukh khan

Aishwariya and Abhishek Bachchan

The couple comes from one of the most reputed families of Bollywood, and that’s why when they step out, all eyes follow them. But they never fail to impress.

Umm.. we may feel the pressure’s on Junior Bachchan to match up to his superstar beauty queen wife, but well, hasn’t Aishwarya drawn more flak for her red carpet disasters? Anyhow, here’s a look at what adorns their eyes.

Aishwariya and Abhishek Bachchan

From Wayfarers to Aviators, Abhishek manages a gentlemanly mien in whatever he puts on. Aishwarya seems to be keeping it simple with her sunglasses.

Ajay Devgn and Kajol

First of all, a big round of applause for Ajay Devgn! Did you notice how he matches his sunglasses with the attire of his beloved?

Ajay Devgn and Kajol

Had a hearty laugh? So did we

They’re a cute couple, but well both of them are completely devoid of any fashion sense. However, of late, Kajol has started looking like quite a fashionista. And like she agreed on KJo’s Koffee with Karan, “It’s time she tried what other actresses felt”. Good move, we say!

Saif Ali and Kareena Kapoor Khan

When Chotey Nawab walks with his begum Kareena Kapoor, you can’t expect anything but royalty in their style. Both carry their own personal style.

Saif Ali and Kareena Kapoor Khan

Simple, yet elegant! Truly Royal.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are not only Bollywood’s lovable couple, they are also honored as India’s most stylish couple. Where Akashay’s style represents a cool, flamboyant guy, his lady love has a sophisticated but chic sense of style.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

Where Shilpa is graced with a perfect body and is every bit of a diva, Raj is not much in the style league. We guess it’s because of her impeccable fashion sense that makes it up for Raj. She opts for oversized sunglasses which suit her sleek, oval face.

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra

So, these were some couples who we adore and follow. Their off-screen style is talked about as much as their on-screen avatars.

So, the next time you spot them together, don’t forget to notice what’s different, and write to us right here!

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Lenskart spreads out in India with its many stores


With the youthful tagline, ‘Log On, Play On!’, Lenskart.com has changed the way Indians looked at online shopping. Putting aside customers’ apprehensions about buying eyewear without trying them on, Lenskart has carved a niche for itself. And its vision of providing clear vision to all Indians has gone a step ahead now with the offline stores.

Not restricting itself to the metros with spiraling sales, Lenskart has opened the franchise stores in tier II and III towns such as Agartala, Tinsukia, Kolhapur & Sangli. While the store are present in Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Nagpur, Goa, Ahmedabad, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Panaji.

Lenskart store in Pune

(Lenskart store in Pune)

Lenskart store in Nagpur

(Lenskart store in Nagpur)

By the end of 2014, Lenskart plans to set up 100 stores pan India, with 17 already fully functional and attracting good footfall from Lenskart.com patrons and new customers.

Unlike the conventional optical store, Lenskart stores are a sight. Modern wooden structures, zero counters, clutter free display of eyewear, equipped with touchscreens to access the full collection on lenskart.com, free eye check-up by a trained optometrist etc. – Lenskart stores provide everything that a customer may ask for.

store at Pune

With a wooden structured interior, the store at Pune has a certain modish charm to it.

Lenskart store in Hyderabad

The interiors are modern and sophisticatedas seen here, the Lenskart store in Hyderabad.

store at Margoa

Here is the store at Margoa, Goa. With no counters taking up space, the patrons can walk around without any restrictions, browse and pick an eyewear of their choice before making a purchase.

the Ahmedabad store

The stores are very customer oriented and convenient with clutter free displays. The eyewears are exhibited on open shelves as seen here at the Ahmedabad store.

Lenskart store in Margoa

Vincent Chase eyewear as being showcased at the Lenskart store in Margoa, Goa. For a hassle free experience, the spectacles are hung on rods to show the full collection.

Lenskart stores

One of the unique features of the Lenskart stores is that they are equipped with iPads that can give access to the online store to help the customer place an order for a product which is not available at the store.

store in Mangalore and Visakhapatnam

With an in-house optometrist at the Lenskart store, they also offer free eye checkups for their valued customers. As seen here, the optometrist’s office at the store in Mangalore and Visakhapatnam respectively.

optometrist office at the Lenskart store

The optometrist’s office at the Lenskart store in Kolhapur is equipped with the best eye care technology.

The Lenskart stores house all the renowned eyewear brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fastrack, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, to name a few.

With a huge collection of eyewear to offer and world-class facilities, the stores have changed the whole process of suave, modern and convenient purchasing.

An innovative move, the Lenskart franchise stores are aimed to cater the customer’s preference to personally feel the products before purchasing them. The online and offline stores allow a good mixture of advantages as well as a one-of-a-kind experience for the customers.

Lenskart store in Mangalore

(Lenskart store in Mangalore)

Visit India’s leading eyewear store at your city or town nearest to you. With a huge collection of exquisite eyewear, Lenskart also offers a wide range of designer sunglasses and eyeglasses. With over 5,000 stylish frames and glasses, and more than 40 kinds of high-quality contact lenses to choose from, Lenskart has the just the right eyewear for you.

A pleasant and easy shopping experience awaits you at the Lenskart store. Enjoy the services that Lenskart has to provide, and share your pictures, selfies and experiences with us on our Facebook page

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Keep computer eye strain at bay

Are you a workaholic who simply can’t stay away from the computer? Do you experience frequent eye discomfort and suffer from headaches? Well, simply put, you have Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Tired, sore, blurry vision and sensitivity to light are some of the other symptoms of CVS. CVS is an eye related condition that results from prolonged and uninterrupted computer use.

Although, CVS is a temporary condition and does not cause prolonged problems, it does have unpleasant side effects. But fret not, you can simply follow these tips and you’ll feel better in no time.

Comprehensive eye exam

It is wise to have routine eye exams. This is just a precautionary step to ensure that your eyes are perfectly fine. If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, make sure that your prescription is correct. Always be specific with details when you tell your optometrist about your work and how much time you spend on the computer.

Take a break

Frequent mini-breaks are highly advisable. Get up, stretch your arms and legs, and grab a hot beverage or a glass of water. This will help reduce the risk for CVS or any other ailment such as back, neck or shoulder aches.

Make sure you blink frequently as this will keep your eyes moist. Gently cup your palms over your closed eyes and rest them while taking deep breaths in between.

The 20-20-20 rule is an excellent exercise for heavy computer users. It states that, after every 20 minutes, take your eyes off the computer and look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It is as simple and easy as it sounds.

Adequate lighting & glare reduction

Eye strains can also be caused by extremely bright light. Let your ambient lighting be half as bright. Reduce the brightness of the sun and the lighting of your room by using curtains/blinds and avoid big overhead fluorescent lights. Install anti-glare screen on your computer monitors or use a computer hood. This will reduce or prevent glare from outside source.

Upgrade your display & adjust your monitor setting

Replace your old tube style monitor with a high resolution LCD screen. They are easier on the eyes because they usually have anti-reflective coating and the images are crisper and sharper, reducing eye strain.

Remember to change your computer display settings in accordance with your environment. Adjust the brightness of the display so that it is the same with your surroundings. Then, adjust the contrast and font size so that it is comfortable to read. For a better long-term viewing comfort, reduce the colour temperature of your display. This will lower the amount of blue light emitted by colour display and will prevent eye strain.

Modify your workstation

The position of the computer and your sitting posture can add to your eyestrain. Your workstation and your chair should be at a correct height. It is important that your computer monitor be positioned at a proper distance from your eyes. Optimally, the centre of the screen should be 10 to 15 degrees below your eye line and your computer screen should be at least 22 inches away from your eyes. Do not slouch; it is good to maintain a good posture by sitting straight with your shoulders relaxed while maintaining the distance.

Computer eyeglasses

For the greatest comfort, get a pair of computer eyeglasses. Consider getting a pair of these eyeglasses as they are designed especially for computer users. They differ from regular eyeglasses in so many ways to optimize your vision when viewing your computer screen. With the right lens coatings and tints, the computer eyeglasses are the quintessential pair for people who work long hours in front of their computers.

Pamper your precious eyes and follow these simple tips to keep your eyes healthy and to prevent from straining your eyes.

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See how celebrities go weird on their eyes

We agree that celeb style is a little different from that of normal people. But, well, there is a thin line between different and absolutely going wacky.

spider shape sunglasses

This time we bring you the latest FAD among celebs – going wild on their eyes. Their sunglasses are quirky, sassy and, I must admit, fun too. No wonder these women are known to break all societal norms and lead their life their way. Well, it does reflect in their eyewear at least.


Rihanna seen in New York

Rihanna, the most famous Pop icon of our generation has been known for her quirky sunglasses. People, for whom she is a trendsetter, her sunglasses have set many trends. Lately, she was spotted with a pair of loud, sky blue colored sunglasses. Heading to a Cafeteria in NYC, Rihanna’s sunnies caught most amount of attention.

Amber Rose

The American model, actress and recording artist has always made headlines for her quirky style. Not only does her music stand out, her bald fashion sense coupled with the choice of sunglasses makes the world stare at her with amazement. Uncanny, eh!

Amber Rose

She wore these gigantic sunglasses in 2014 Billboard Music Awards which took place in May in Las Vegas.  Seriously, I wonder if it’s a superhero mask or sunglasses. And she paired them with black lipstick!!!

Nicki Minaj

The hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj also has not disappointed her fans. Her style has always been outrageous, dynamic and fearless, what with candy-colour wigs and wild outfits. Here’s a look at another shocker:

Nicki Minaj

Can you match up to these? J

I’m sure, not!

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

From a Disney star to a popular singer and songwriter, Miley Cyrus is known for making fierce fashion choices. The queen of tongue-out selfies, Miley was this time caught with big, weirdly round, birch sunglasses while she was leaving for the airport. And guess, she’s too fond of these, as we even saw her wearing a different colour while she was on her way to prepare for the concert in New York.

Miley Cyrus

Rita Ora

Though singer/song-writer Rita Ora was recently spotted with decent round sunglasses in ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in New York City, but that doesn’t let her usual uncanny style go unnoticed.

Have a look at some of the bizarre sunglasses Rita carried with much poise:

Rita Ora

So, that was our latest update on who is going weird where… Do tell us in the comments below how did you like it.

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Bollywood eyewear style diary

Here I am back with my love for everything Bollywood, and this time around it’s my fascination with the eyewear trends the Bollywood celebrities are setting with their latest movies.

Salman khan style eyewear

With Jacqueline Fernandez’s sleek glasses befitting her girl-next-door image and Salman Khan’s groovy pair of sunglasses perfectly complementing his devil-may-care attitude in their latest movie Kick, here’s a look at some of the other eyewear trends that are currently doing rounds in Bollywood:

Over sized sunglasses for women

The extremely talented Parineeti Chopra’s spunky Hyderabadi girl’s image looks complete with the vivid lip color, snazzy dangler earrings and fancy oversized sunglasses.

She will be spotted in this look in her upcoming movie Dawaat-e-Ishq, where she is going to be seen playing the character of Gulrez ‘Gullu’Qadir, a salesgirl, opposite the dashing Aditya Kapoor, who will be playing the role of a Lucknowi chef.

Next is a glance at Ajay Devgan’s dashing cop look from his latest movie Singham Returns, a yet another addition in the list of blockbuster movies delivered by the talented actor-director duo, Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty.

Singham return style sunglasses

And with this, the iconic aviator sunglasses are going to once again find a place in the must-have list of all the bold and daring men out there.

Then there is this hottest new entry in Bollywood, Fawad Khan, a renowned actor in Pakistan and who is now all set to make his acting debut in Indian cinema, with his upcoming movie Khoobsurat.

Ray ban wayfarer Sunglasses

Doesn’t he look jaw-dropping gorgeous in this classy bandhgala graced up with a pair of stylish wayfarer sunglasses? And finally, my favorite, the smart and dynamic Arjun Kapoor’s appearance from his upcoming movie Finding Fanny, in which he will be seen playing the role of a bitter mechanic.

Round Eyeglasses

Here he looks smashing in a pair of cool and quirky glasses that are doing full justice to the bohemian look he will be sporting in the movie.

For me, Bollywood has always been a lookbook for all the latest trends and now with all these listed out styles, you’ll also know what to upgrade your eyewear collection with.

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