Celeb-inspiration: The 5 starry look you must try

Gone are the cold winter days and warm afternoon sun, say hello to the sweltering heat and the warm winds that follow. Although summer months drain you off your energy and make you feel dog tired at the end of the day, there are quite a few things to look forward to. Fashion icons vouch for this season as they feel you can flaunt just about anything. From cool summery dresses to matching accessories there are in abundance. Out of the lot, I personally prefer the eyewear on the shelves this season. Why you ask? Well, apart from their obvious functional use of protecting our eyes from the sun, what fascinates me about sunglasses is the fact that they have the ability to change one’s look drastically and that too in a matter of seconds. To look fabulous, all you need to do is to don a chic pair of sunglasses and you can go from looking drab to absolutely fab!

No one flaunts sunglasses better than our celebs who have mastered the trick over time.

Let’s have a dekho!

Go round and round

round shape sunglasses


Prefer to stand out from the crowd? How about some vintage, round-shaped sunglasses! Take your cue from the stylish Sonam Kapoor who has one pair for every occasion. Out here, the fashion icon teams a pleated skirt with retro vibe! My verdict – go for it!

Flatter your face with over-sized sunglasses

over size sunglasses

If there is one celebrity who knows how to rock over-sized sunglasses perfectly, it’s none other than Paris Hilton. I adore her sense of style, especially those over-sized sunglasses that she carries with aplomb. These sunglasses are perfect for protecting the eyes and the sensitive skin area around them from the harmful UV rays. So, the next time you plan on a long day out in the sun, you know what eyewear to opt for!

Officially yours

Aviator sunglasses

I am a huge fan of Bollywood biggie Deepika Padukone. She is one lady who dares to be different and carries herself with elegance. Give her anything and she will find the perfect match for it. Padukone has grown as an actress and her fashion sense too has evolved with time. The picture above is a testimony to that. The Aviator sunglasses give a classy finishing to her casual attire at the airport.

Casual is the new in

black shades

She might be known for her funky outfits on-stage, but off it, songstress Katy Perry likes to keep it casual and simple. This dressed down look of hers; especially with the black shades, make her look care-free and relaxed. Not a bad look for a lazy Sunday. What say?

Funk it up with bright frames

Blue rim wayfarer

Tired of the conventional? Go the Jessica Alba way and opt for frames in fun hues that represent your personality. Here’s a cheat-sheet that could come in handy: for a bubbly personality, opt for an orange frame that represents your fun side, or go for a fiery red if you are the passionate kinds; similarly choose a colour that best represents the inner you!

Here’s hoping you’ve enjoyed the celeb-spotting as much I have. Let’s rock with our best shades and look uber-stylish this season!

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A sixer for the cool shades at the Cricket World Cup 2015

Along with the rest of the world, I was all geared up for the World Cup 2015 ‘down under’. The gentleman’s game is always a delight to watch. The cracker shots, the run-outs and the direct hits on the stumps are all too entertaining.

But something else caught my attention this time around. Players and fans flaunting the champion accessory – eyewear. Here are some which caught my attention immediately, both on & off the field. Have a look!

sports sunglasses

Styling in between the pitch

sports sunnies

chris gayle

james taylor

mirror sunglasses

Ravi Shastri and duncan fletcher in dark shades

suchin tandulkar in aviators

Looking bright off the field

color wayfarer in nation flag

A popular accessory among the fans is the colourful and cool Wayfarer with national flags of each nation imprinted on the lenses.

barmy army in sunnies

summer day in malbourne

Cool Shades

Chic sunglasses

eyewear style

uber sunglasses

There you go! Cool, don’t you think? As the tournament continues I will be looking out for more of these stylish eyewear. Until then, toodle-oo! :)

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Make way for quirky sunglasses

From glasses shaped like lips and designer frames that resemble a spider, to those which are shaped like hands covering the eyes, when it comes to wearing quirky, nothing can beat the latest sunglasses collection on the shelves. They are stylish and ‘out-of-the-world’ – quite literally.

Are you looking to dress smart, yet different this season? We tell you how to get that quirk on without compromising on quality and safety of your precious eyes.

  1. The Yaz Bukey by Linda Farrow

These funky sunglasses are here to make an impact! The red lips frame cut has resonated with the Western world and is soon going to make its presence felt in parts of Asia. If you are someone who follows quirk queen Lady Gaga’s fashion footsteps, you are going to simply adore these.

Lips Style Eyeglasses

2.  Delfina Delettrez’s eyewear collection

Imagine wearing a spider on your eyes, or sporting enameled eyeballs and skulls as an eyewear accessory! Designer Delfina with her unique collection of sunglasses has done it once again. She has managed to come up with something mind boggling, yet stylish.

Delfina’s collection might seem creepy to some but once worn, these sunglasses up your fashion ante like nothing else. Try one for yourself and you would know what we mean!

spider sunglasses3. Giles by Anna Sui

For those who wish to be in the fashion limelight at all times, it is essential to accessorize right. Remember, it’s not just the ensemble that counts, but also your shoes, bags and sunglasses that make you a fashion diva in the true sense of the word.

Designer Anna Sui has introduced style and quirk through her latest collection of sunglasses. A lot of glitter and glamour makes this pair a must have for every woman. Available in never-seen before shapes like heart, oval and diamond, this collection is climbing the fashion charts rather quirkily!

Cat eye Sunglasses4. Jeremy Scott X Linda sunglasses

If you are looking for something more quirky and fashionable, this collection is sure to blow you away!

Jeremy Scott brings you the happy mixture of crazy and funky all rolled into one in her new collection of farrow sunglasses. Her most talked about range is the one which appears as if the hands are covering the eyes. If you can carry the look, there is nothing that could measure up to this one in quirk factor!

special sunglasses5. The makeup glasses

Ladies, your troubles are now coming to an end. Gone are the days when eye makeup was  hell of a job and you had to think twice before applying the mascara or eyeliner. These multi-talented make-up glasses could come in handy for those who love made-up eyes. Makeup glasses look like normal ones with only one lens that could be flipped open. You can easily open it and apply your eye-makeup. Who says, convenience comes at a price?

Women eyeglasses

These completely quirky designs are for those daredevils who like to set a trend of sorts. If you are one amongst them, it’s time to make that switch from boring to exciting with these unique designs and shapes.

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High five! Top sunglasses to possess this Spring-Summer

women sunglasses

The summers have almost arrived and it’s time to drop those woolens and get into something more figure flattering and summery. While most people run to the malls to get their wardrobe in tune with the latest Spring Summer collection, our advice to them is not to bypass the accessories. Remember that your cool look will go down the drain if not properly accessorized with sunglasses. If you are undecided as to which trendy shades to pick this season, here’s a list that could help.

1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer folding square actable sunglasses

Ray Ban has and always will be the favourite choice for most people. With their impeccable style and sturdy designs they have proved to be the leaders in this segment. For this Spring-Summer season, Ray-Ban has come up with unique folding actable sunglasses, with black acetate frames. With this pair it becomes easy for you to fold and keep your glasses in the case without much ado. Stylish looks coupled with portability, can you ask for more?

Ray-Ban Wayfarer folding square actable sunglasses

2. Prada swirled temple large frame

For the upcoming scorching summer months, brand Prada has come up with an interesting line-up of sunglasses with bold round frames in thick acetate feature stems. The style is unique and different and will attract the adventurous sorts. Personally, I would like to get my hands onto one of these and let the style speak volumes. Sporting bold sunglasses is a statement today and few people can do that with elegance. If you think you are one of them, here’s a chance to buy it and flaunt it. Prada’s spring collection is ultra glamorous and there is something for everyone. So, go get yours today!

Prada swirled temple large frame

3. Roberto Cavalli new print collection

When the talk is about stylish yet cool Summer-Spring fashion, Robert Cavalli is not to be left far behind.  The popular brand has launched its cat design animal print sunglasses with brown smoke lens. These new funky collection will make you hungry for more designs. If you have fashion on your mind, pick up a Robert Cavalli and be amongst the trend setters.

Roberto Cavalli new print collection

4. JIMMY CHOO flashy collection

Every woman loves glitter, and this collection of JIMMY CHOO is exactly what will make her day!  The sunglasses have a shimmery and glittery look to it which makes it unique and different from the rest in the market. Jimmy CHOO’s collection is quite extraordinary and sporting these sunglasses will make you the cynosure of all eyes.

JIMMY CHOO flashy collection

5. Gucci’s new retro collection

We all love the 1960s and 1970s style quotient, the bell bottom jeans and floral shirts et al. Gucci attempts to bring that sense of nostalgia back with its retro sunglasses collection for this season. Those red tinted lens and oversized frames is an absolute game changer. So, style retro this summer and let the heads turn.

Gucci's new retro collection

This season make it a point to do things differently – forget the old cliché kind of frames or sunglasses, pick those that are bold and funky. So, hurry and gear up for the upcoming season.

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Glam up your black cat-eye glasses

Glam up your black cat-eye glasses

Let’s face it, nobody wants to look boring! What if you could make a dramatic statement through a pair of DIY eyeglasses? The best part is that you don’t even need to head to the store to buy yourself a chunky frame:  you can easily try this trick on your old eyeglasses. All you need is some creativity, and you’ll be ready in no time with a customized pair of eyeglasses to bedazzle everyone! Let’s see how it’s done.

A cat-eye frame oozes femininity and style, and that’s not all, this feline-inspired shape flatters almost every face shape, that’s why today we are going to learn how to transform a simple cat-eye into a glamorous one. Here is the simple two-step procedure you need to follow:

Cat eye glasses for women

STEP 1 – The Ingredients

1. A pair of cat-eye glasses

2. Rhinestones, preferably in different sizes (here we’ve chosen silver, but you can go along with any color of your choice)

3. Glue (the rhinestones that we used had adhesive applied onto them already, so in case you are planning to use normal rhinestones, be sure to use a heavy-duty glue to stick the rhinestones onto the eyeglasses).

cat eye spectacles

STEP 2 – The Process

1. Firstly, gather all of your ingredients together

2. Start sticking the rhinestones along the frame. If you are using glue to stick the embellishments, then make sure to let them dry safely for at least 24 hours.

womens cat-eye glasses

3. Stick the bigger rhinestones at the edges to make them appear more prominent and to make the cat-eye frames more dramatic.

cat eyeglasses DIY

4. Make sure the placing of the rhinestones is even on both sides of the glasses.

DIY with cat eye glasses

5. Ready! There you go, you’ve successfully transformed a simple pair of ‘nerdy’ eyeglasses into super-glam ones!

DIY Eyeglasses - Cat Eye

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of eyeglasses and start experimenting!


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6 interesting facts about human eyes

Our eyes are a truly amazing phenomenon! They are the most complex organs. We’ve had our peepers since we were born. We may think you know them pretty well, but we don’t.

Here are some facts about the human eyes which I simply found fascinating.


1. No crying matter

Do you know that there are 3 different types of tears? Our tears have different compositions. They’re based on whether something’s irritating your eye, emotional or simply to keep our eyes moisturized.

no crying matter

2. Bless you!

Do you know that it impossible to sneeze with our eyes open? Clamping our eyes shut is an involuntary reflex. It’s simply an uncontrolled body response.

Bless you

It was once believed that we shut our eyes while sneezing to prevent our eyes from popping out. Just an urban legend, of course!

3. Two shades

Do you know some people are born with two differently coloured eyes? This condition is called heterochromia.

coloured eyeglasses

Hollywood celebs such as Christopher Walken and Demi Moore have this condition.

4. Super vision

Do you know that about 2% women have a rare genetic mutation that enables them to see 100 million colors? A condition called tetrachromacy.

Super vision

5. High-resolution eyes

Do you know that if the human eye was a digital camera, it would have 576 megapixels? Talk about high quality images.

High-resolution eyes

6. Twitchy eyes

Do you feel your eyes constantly making tiny jerking movements? This is called blepharospasm, which is an involuntary movement of the eyelid every few seconds.

Twitchy eyes

For the superstitious lot, a mere twitch in your eye can bring with it a throng of superstitious thoughts. For instance, ladies, if you are from China or India, a twitching left eye signifies good luck.

Well, there you go! Interesting aren’t they?

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Breaking down the eyewear stereotypes

Glasses make faces!

Gone are the days when public’s perception of eyeglasses & the people who wear them were stereotyped. From an Ugly Betty or a Jassi, to Naina (aka Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani) and Sabrina (aka Vidya Balan in No One Killed Jessica), may have somehow tried to add that hint of simplicity, geekiness or even ugliness to the characters with specs, but there are numerous cases to prove that eyeglasses are indeed a fashionistas favourite accessory, and that it’s time to break the stereotypes attached to specs wearers.

After all, ‘Specsy’ is the new adjective for all the haute people out there! Isn’t it?

men women eyeglasses

Here’s my take on busting the common myths about the bespectacled.

Geek is the new chic

thick rimmed spectacle frames

How do we normally perceive a ‘geek’? They’re often depicted with thick rimmed frames, formal shirts, weird looking sweater vests and, of course, someone who lacks socials skills.

geek culture

But with the increased popularity of the geek culture, somehow everyone’s perspective of what geeky looks like has changed. Today, the thick rimmed eyeglasses, which were famously tagged to geeks, have become downright trendy & chic, making them the ‘it’ accessory.

thick rimmed eyeglasses


cat-eye spectacles

There was a time when cat-eye styles were popularly associated with librarians. They were depicted as women who are old, tie a high bun with a perpetual frown on their face & would don the cat-eye spectacles.


Well, not anymore. Lately, this retro-inspired eyewear shape is perfect for ladies who want to add a little whimsy character to their looks. The upswept style is no longer tied to your typical ‘librarian’ look. They are the eyeglasses which will truly complement & complete your ultra-stylish look.

retro-inspired eyewear shape

No more the 4-eyed nerd

Women Eyeglasses

Do you remember how, in school, the bespectacled kid was always tagged as nerdy or studious? Or that shabbily clad office colleague with outdated eyeglasses? ‘Behenji’ became a common label. Didn’t it? But, it’s time to grow up a little and open our eyes to the bespectacled beauties.

we love eyeglasses

Designers & fashionistas all over the world are shattering the ‘nerdy’ images by making eyeglasses a trendy accessory. While the obvious reason remains the same, which is to correct one’s vision, spectacles have transcended to become an excellent way to express your style statement; nothing speaks more about individuality than eyeglasses.

range of eyeglasses

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4 winter styles you can easily adopt

With winter chill still making us cuddle up, it seems as if Mr. Frost isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. If you’re like me, who simply adores the cold weather, I’m pretty sure you love going out during winters too; whether it’s brunch with family or movie dates or shopping with friends.

And I love to dress up for the winters too. There’s so much you can try and still look haute!

Now, read on to know how you can look absolutely chic in winters. Try these 4 looks – for both men and women – and make heads turn!


The ‘meet-cute’ look

Have you ever noticed how in Hollywood romantic comedies, the characters are always dressed to the ‘T’. Well, here’s my take on the ‘meet-cute’ look.

For you guys out there – a navy blue blazer well-paired with dark blue denims – finished with a pair of brown laced loafers. Finally, accessorize your look with a tan satchel and the oh-so-retro browline sunnies.

For the girly-girl – to get this cute look all you need is a monochrome blouse tucked neatly inside a slightly plaited red leather skirt. Then, pair them with black stockings & black booties. The mustard scarf adds to the feminine charm. Last but not the least, a pair of cat-eye frames will definitely make you look uber-chic.

The casual-chic ensemble

This look is perfect for college students. Who says you can’t be stylish and scholastic at the same time?

A favourite among men this season is the tartan shirt. You simply cannot go wrong with the blue denim & green cardigan paired with tartan shirt. Add a manly appeal with a pair of brown boots and of course a pair of thick rimmed eyeglasses. Go for a round or a rectangular frame.

Boyfriend jeans are still a hot item. Team it up with a light somber coloured sweater & a grey jacket. Add a touch of feminine grace with a pair of black pumps. Oh yes! Round eyeglasses are the perfect accessory for this look.

The classy demeanor

Do you have a meeting to attend? Well, opt for a similar look like this to make a good first impression!

This classy get-up is to die for! The knee-high boots are perfectly paired with the plaited skirt & white turtle neck blouse. To beat the chill, put on the sleeveless overcoat – a must-have this season. Sum up this classy look with a pair of round diva sunglasses.

For all you corporate men – ditch the suit & tie and try something unique. Put on a light sweater over a white shirt & a pair of denims (or dark slim trousers). A pair of tan leather formal shoes & tweed jacket will add wonders to the whole ensemble. Finally, finish your look with a pair of smart rectangular spectacles!

The rockstar gear

A definite favourite of mine, the rockstar look is edgy, comfortable and casual.

Girls, to pull of this look boldly – a leather jacket is must-have. Match it with a pair of denims, a white tee & leopard print loafers. To stand out, don a pair of striking sunglasses with gradient lenses

Yes guys, put on a leather jacket on top of a tartan shirt, dark jeans and black boots. Drape a woolen scarf & put on a beanie, complete your look with a pair of the classic Aviators.

There you go! My current favourite looks for winter, which I will definitely give it a try and so should you! Don’t forget to add the all-time cherished accessory to complete the look! :)

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6 sunglasses you must own

Classic styles that you can carry off every season. And here are six of those. You just can’t not have these in your wardrobe. Other styles may come and go, but these shall stick around forever.

Classic Pilots

Think Tom Cruise in Top Gun, think classic, and think iconic. Yes, think Aviators.

Classic Aviators

Do you know anyone who doesn’t look good wearing the pilot shape? Introduced by Ray-Ban as Aviator sunglasses, pilots are a delight to eyes and for eyes. Now, you don’t have to get all Dabangg to own these shades. Buy the colour and size that goes well with your personality. My personal favourite is THE classic golden frame with green lenses.

classic golden frame with green lenses

The evergreen blue!The evergreen blue!

classic Aqua

A big shout out to the classic Aqua. Seasons may come and go, but the truly natural blue colour stays. Buy sunglasses in whatever shape (Aviators, Wayfarers, Cat Eye etc.), but make sure you have at least one Aqua colour. And don’t worry you don’t just have to wear them with blue ensemble.

velvet aviators

Bold & Beautiful WayfarerBold & Beautiful Wayfarer

The iconic Wayfarer sunglasses are a timeless trend. And it’s no surprise that they are a favourite among celebrities and general population. This cherished eyewear had had its ups and down. But, of late, the style is coming back with a vengeance and it is here to stay. The Wayfarer will, no doubt, set you class apart.


Mirror Look

Reviving the 80’s vibrant trend with the mirrored sunglasses was a perfect idea. These attention grabbing sunnies are a favourite choice among the fashion conscious individuals.

Mirror wayfarers

The retro mirrored sunglasses come in pretty much all shapes and sizes. The unique feature of the mirrored sunglasses is the rainbow hued lenses. But mirrored lenses can never go wrong with a quintessential frame. An example of this style is a mirrored Aviator which will exude a mysterious yet confident persona. If you’re man who means business, the mirrored sunglasses is the way to go.

Blue mirror wayfarer

Matte Gradient

A subtle style that shows the strength of your character like nothing else. Matte frames paired with gradient lenses, and you’re ready for an intense look.

Matte Gradient

Tempting Velvet

Defining modern sassiness, glamour and class like never before, the Velvet sunglasses are simply irresistible.

valvet wayfarer


So, don’t think. Log on to Lenskart.com and find all of these styles. Buy the ones you don’t still have! :)

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Have a Spec-tacular 2015

Love fashion! Love eyewear! This year, celebrate innovation and vision without boundaries, in style with Lenskart.

Lenskart presents Vincent Chase eyeglasses which are stylish and will give you a feeling of calmness for all your senses. So, let’s go on an eyewear odyssey to find the most exclusive pair of Vincent Chase eyeglasses.

The rimless beauties


The Vincent Chase VC 0332 Silver Blue eyeglasses are constructed with the finest material for high durability and to give enhanced vision. This rimless pair comes with the concept of seeing without barriers. The minimalistic design of the frame will bring out a sense of classiness in the wearer.  

With a dedication to create the very best for the bespectacled are the Vincent Chase VC 5882 Gunmetal rimless eyeglasses. The eyeglasses are so lightweight and comfortable; it’s almost as if you don’t have anything on your eyes. Crafted for both men and women, the Gunmetal rimless specs are made with stainless steel for simplicity and functionality.

These Vincent Chase rimless spectacles are specially designed for the prestige-oriented people. Express your high lifestyle standards in your outlook as well and flaunt a pair to celebrate a new you this year.

The pristine blinkers

  Synonymous with innovative and quality craftsmanship is the Vincent Chase VC be 1386 Grey Red half-rim eyeglasses. Made with cutting-edge design and technology, the eyeglasses are stylish and highly functional. In order to maximize optical performance, the finest materials are used to craft the frame. Designed for men and women, the eyeglasses work well for people whose style is classic, smart and sensible.

This half-rim eyewear by Vincent Chase can be inherently linked with fashion with a certain level of prestigious class. Committed to provide the highest quality eyewear, the Vincent Chase VC be 1383 Brown eyeglasses are elegant, stylish and highly functional. The classic styling is meshed with modern designs and youthful influences. With a timeless sense of style, this eyewear is a prime example for the sophisticated souls.

The perfect amalgamation of ease, class and chicness, these Vincent Chase half-rim spectacles will serve as the ideal accessory in 2015 for the perfectionist.

The retro cheaters


The Vincent Chase VC 6432 Tortoise eyeglasses are created for the independent-minded individuals who have an eye for the old school charm. With a seamless fusion of new techniques and timeless designs, this retro-inspired eyewear will allow the wearer to boldly stand out from the crowd. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and the finest of materials, not only providing style, the Vincent Chase Tortoise spectacles are practical as well.   

Celebrate the understated elegance with the Vincent Chase VC 6429 Black Red eyeglasses. Known to make exquisite eyewear, this Vincent Chase Wayfarer frame is carved with the state-of-the-art materials to provide durability and functionality. With contemporary styling, this Wayfarer reflects an obvious traditional design that emits subtle glamour.

As Vincent Chase pays homage to vintage designs, embark the New Year with a distinctive flair with these classic spectacles.

While you journey into a new year, make a style resolution to always look your best effortlessly. Make a seamless transition from the smart to casual look with these six best choices of eyewear. There is no denying that these eyeglasses will up your style statement by a notch.

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