“I love sunglasses”: Tisca Chopra

Tisca Chopra

She is known for her unconventional roles in Bollywood, but what everyone doesn’t know is that she’s also a writer and a social worker. It was a happy coincidence that Lenskart got to chat with this lovely lady, Tisca Chopra. A Yoga enthusiast and an uber-chic doting mother, Tisca has been a part of some well-recognised roles such as the one in Taare Zameen Par.

Excerpts from our interview:

LK: With a busy schedule, how do you keep yourself so fit and your skin so glowing?

TC: I do Yoga every day. It’s my fitness mantra. I also have a two-year old who keeps me on my toes. But above all, eating well and staying happy is the most important thing in life.

Tisca chopra in tare zameen pe

LK: Do you love travelling? Tell us about your favourite travelling destinations.

TC: My husband is a pilot and I love travelling. I would say New York and London are my favourite places to go to. I absolutely love those two cities.

LK: What are some of the essentials you absolutely have to carry when you travel?

TC: Well, it’s my cell phone, extra batteries for my cell phone, mascara and lip-gloss.

Tisca Chopra (2)

LK: Do you have a style destination which you can always go back to?

TC: Style destination would have to be my stylists.

LK: What is your definition for style?

TC: Whatever looks comfy! See, style for me is all about feeling comfortable and feeling good.

LK: Tell us one fashion trend you’d like to do away with and why?

TC: Leggings, there’s no doubt in that. Leggings are just lazy dressing.

LK: Do you love sunglasses? Do you think they add to your style quotient?

TC: Yes, I love sunglasses. And they can absolutely add to your style quotient. But flaunting sunglasses inside is an absolute No-No. Sunnies are for the sun.

LK: Do you have any favourite pair?

TC: Vintage sunglasses are my favourite. There’s a vintage shop call ‘Sunny Sun’ in New York where they have some of the most adorable pairs.

LK: Do you follow any fashion trends?

TC: Not particularly. I have a strong sense of style. But with summers here, vibrant colours are what I’m looking forward to.

LK: Do you have any fashion fetish we don’t know about?

TC: Well, for me, it’s all about ‘tight at the waist’.

LK: Which of your features do you think best describes you?

TC: My eyelashes. And to accentuate them, I would put on some mascara. I’m also mad about mascaras.

LK: If a 12 or 13-year-old comes up to you for style tips, what would you say?

TC: Do nothing! Staying natural is the most beautiful. My two-year old often comes up to me asking for nail polish or lipstick. Like, “Mummy nail polish”“Mummy lipstick”. So, I can imagine how a thirteen year old will be like.


So much simplicity with so much fame! Isn’t that amazing?

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Easy & understated: That’s Samir Kochhar’s style

samir kochhar

TV presenter and Bollywood actor, Samir Kochhar is ranked among India’s 50 most good-looking men. Kochhar’s charming anchoring ability for the last 7 years has led him to be known as the face of the Indian Premier League (IPL).Besides being an almost indispensable part of this cricketing extravaganza, Kochhar is a fitness enthusiast and a true travel junkie. Most recently, he’s busy shooting for two movies, namely Island City and Mango Dreams, which will soon make their entry into the festival circuit.


LK: Hi Samir, how are you? Been busy with the IPL?

Samir Kochhar: I’m very grateful. This is my eighth year hosting the IPL and being the face of IPL has been great. IPL is one of its kinds and meeting people from all walks of life has been a plus point.

LK: Hosting IPL must have taken you around the world! What’s your favourite travel destination?

SK: Actually I love travelling around India, more than abroad. Every city has its own magic. Delhi is home, I get to spend time with my family. Whereas, in Kolkata, I have a lot of friends and I catch up with them whenever I visit Cal. And Chennai and Bangalore are all about food, and I like indulging in some good South Indian cuisine.

LK: Always travelling up and down must be very hectic, how do you manage to stay healthy and fit? What’s your fitness mantra?

SK: Travelling from city to city can be hard. The idea is to get as much rest as possible. My mantra is to drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated. I go to the gym to de-stress and whenever I get the time, I go for runs for about 5 to 10 kms.

LK: Since you travel a lot, what are the essentials you always carry around?

SK: Since I travel a lot, I don’t like carrying along a lot of stuff. I’m basically a light packer. The essentials I carry around are my iPad, hard drive with a lot of movies to watch, colognes and my sleep tracks. To sleep comfortably is very important to me.

LK: How would you describe your personal style?

SK: My personal style is easy, understated and comfortable. If I have all these three, I am good to go. But this year, my stylists and I are trying something different with high-end fashion trends and retro styling. We’re going with ‘fashion with a message’. We’re trying out prints with Swachh Bharat, animal rights, women empowerment and some such messages.

LK: What’s the perfect definition of style?

SK: Style is something you create for yourself. The true essence of style is feeling good. If you feel good, don’t let anyone else determine your style for you.

samir kochhar 1

LK: Do sunglasses or eyewear, in general, add to your style quotient?

SK: Yes, absolutely! I believe that a nice pair of sunglasses can add to your whole outlook. Although, I have to admit that unless it’s very bright and hot, when I’m in the stadium interviewing fans or in the studio hosting, I don’t prefer wearing them. I like to keep an eye contact with the people I’m conversing with.

LK: You were talking about trying out retro styling earlier, and these days retro eyewear is the in-thing. Tell us your favourite type of eyewear?

SK: I bought a pair of Wayfarers quite recently. I absolutely love it. It’s classy and you can wear it with almost every kind of outfit.

LK: How many pair of sunglasses do you own?

SK: Not many. I have only four pairs.

LK: Which of your features best describe you and how do you accentuate those features?

SK: Hmm… that’s a hard one! My eyes, I think (laughs). I’m not the kind of person who talks about himself. You would have to ask someone to answer that for me.

LK: Is there a fashion fetish we don’t know about?

SK: With a lot of suits I wear on-screen, people might be surprise to know that I’m quite the opposite. I prefer casual-comfy clothes. I own around 35-40 single toned Tees. I love those and collect them. My favourite outfit would be a comfy Tee and a pair of denims.

samir kochhar 2

LK: One fashion trend you’d like to do away with and why?

SK: One fashion trend I’d like to do away with… would be those funny hairdos. But that would be hair style trends. I think I would go with loud dressing. I absolutely do not like loud dressing.

LK: Some style tips you’d like to give to the players on field?

SK: On field, style is secondary. As long as the players are having a good game, that’s all that matters. But I would say the fans are the true style icons with the colourful jerseys, coloured hair and the new-age Mohawks.

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We Are Sorry!

Dear All,

Today is a sad day for us. We witnessed an earthquake that hit Nepal and North India which has caused extensive loss of life and property. Our hearts reach out to the many who have been affected by the earthquake.

Today we also sent out an sms offer which referred to the earthquake in poor taste. This is completely unacceptable to us and is against the standard that we have set for ourselves as a responsible member of society. We are really sorry that this has happened. We have already taken steps to put safeguards in place to ensure that is never ever repeated.

We would like to tender an unconditional apology to the society at large and especially to the affected families and to everyone whom we have offended. We sincerely hope that you will be able to forgive our lapse.

At Lenskart we pride on being a young and responsible organisation. This incident has strengthened our resolve to work harder and add greater value to our customers and our society.

Sorry we messed up,

Peyush Bansal & Amit Chaudhary
Co-Founders, Lenskart

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The bold and the beautiful of April

How does one define an April-born? They’re known for their athleticism, alluring beauty, star quality, amiability and courage. They stick to what they love and let their work and success do the talking.

But I believe they have a static sense of eyewear style as well. So, let’s have a look!

Athletic souls

Adventurous and active aptly describes an April born. With amazing stamina and a potential to achieve the best, they’re most likely to perform exceedingly well!

Joe Hart

April-born, Joe Hart is known as a shot-stopper. The famous Manchester City FC goalie’s athleticism & agility is well-known in the football world. But off the field, he looks dashing with a pair of geeky spectacles.

master blaster Sachin Tendulkar

Although retired, master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, also born in April, is renowned for his robust sporting skills. The ‘God of Cricket’ looked super cool with a pair of mirrored sunglasses!

vincent chase Sport sunglasses and eyeglasses

If you are the athletic April-born, then these Vincent Chase sports sunglasses will do you justice! Or put on vintage Vincent Chase Wayfarer like your favorite footy star.

The beauties

Like their birth flowers, Daisy & Sweet Pea, people born in the month of April are attractive and sexy. They will dazzle you with just a glance.

pair of retro-inspired eyeglasses

Seen here is the young and beautiful April-born Emma Watson donning a pair of retro-inspired eyeglasses. The former Harry Potter star’s geek-chic look is no doubt attractive yet subtly sexy.

Jacobs cat-eye frames

The John Jacobs cat-eye frames will definitely add the April aesthetics to your demeanor.

The born-stars

It’s no surprise that people who’re born in the month of April adore attention. Like their birthstone – Diamond, they just tend to sparkle even unintentionally.

Robert Downey and Jack Nicholson

Robert Downey Jr. much like his famous character Tony Stark just makes heads turn wherever he goes. Likewise, veteran Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson grabs attention as easy as A, B, C.

Could it be the April traits they have in them? Or could it be the kind of eyewear they flaunt?

John Jacobs round eyeglasses or Oakley's tinted sunglasses

Whichever it is, get their ultimate ‘I-am-a-star’ look with a pair of John Jacobs round eyeglasses or Oakley’s tinted sunglasses.

The gracious one

Being diplomatic is one of the attributes which set an April born apart from the rest. Their tactfulness and confident demeanor make it easy for them to dodge any sort of situations.

B.R. Ambedkar's smart eyewear style

A diplomatic and a dynamic personality, just like a typical Aries, B.R. Ambedkar’s smart eyewear style is perennial and it did add to his sharp outlook.

John Jacobs round eyeglasses

If you’re looking for a pair of smart-looking eyeglasses, look no further! This John Jacobs round eyewear is just the right pair for you.

The Brave-hearts

The April-born men and women are daring and bold. They’re willing to take a stand and lead with no regret.

Al Pacino and Queen of England

Master of the arts, Al Pacino is one of the most talented actors in the history of Hollywood. During an era when showbiz was a cut-throat competition, he fought through the hardships and gained the much needed recognition.

One cannot simply miss out the Queen of England. Ruling a Kingdom is not an easy task, especially for a woman but this lady has done an excellent job. Kudos!

These two April-born leaders also have a classy sense of style! Much like their characteristics, they let their eyewear do the talking!

sunglasses by John Jacobs and John Jacobs tortoise eyeglasses

The New View sunglasses by John Jacobs will give you the Godfather look but if you want a Royal appearance like the Queen herself, opt for John Jacobs tortoise eyeglasses!

Happy Birthday to all of the April-born! Hope you have chic year ahead!! :)

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Maintaining the right contacts

Spectacles have been a part of my persona for so long that even I forgot how I looked before wearing them. I have been fascinated by the contact lenses but after seeing so many products in the market, I am in dilemma which contact lenses to buy for myself. After doing research, I came across some interesting facts regarding various types of contacts.

various types of contacts

Now about contact lenses: Contacts are thin disks of plastic or silicone that floats on the eyes. Contacts are used to correct the vision of eye and are better than spectacles as they do not fog up, get scratched or break. So they are much better than spectacles and can really change an individual’s personality.

contact lenses

Characteristics Yearly Contact Lenses Monthly Contact Lenses Daily-disposable Contact Lenses
Materials Crafted from Rigid Gas Permeable materials. Made with soft silicone hydrogel or gas permeable plastic materials. Made from soft silicone hydrogel materials.
Comfort Requires 7-14 days to get used to Short adaption period or 3-4 days Very short adaption period
Clarity Clear and crisp vision Somewhat poorer than RGP lenses, but still clear vision Vision is satisfactory but not crisp and clear like yearly lenses
Shape Retains its shape while blinking and fits perfectly on eyes Alters shape of lenses while blinking Alters shape of lenses while blinking
Risks No  medical risks with yearly contact lenses Eye-dryness is the most common problem with monthly contact lenses Eye-dryness and build-up of corneal risk
Cleaning Regular cleaning required just with lens solution More demanding cleaning is required with peroxide and strong antimicrobial solutions to clear out the deposits Should be regularly cleaned with peroxide and strong antimicrobial solutions
Price Easily fits in budget Little expensive Quite expensive
Durability Long-life; should be replaced every 1–2.5 years Short life; should be replaced every month Very short life; these lenses to be replaced daily

Pair of plastic contact lenses

I am in such a big dilemma regarding which contact lenses to opt for. I am leaning towards yearly contact lenses but daily care and follow-up doctor visit are things that can easily become a burden. Monthly and daily disposable contact lenses are great with their less lens-cleaning requirement but clarity of vision in comparison with yearly lenses is one big disadvantage that I cannot ignore. Tell me about your contact preference in the comment section. :) I will be glad to hear them.



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India’s biggest sunglasses carnival on Lenskart

Love it or hate it, the scorching summer season is here in full swing, and is here to stay. But, like everything else, there’s a silver lining to this too. The opportunity to sport sunglasses in all shades, frames, and styles are enough to keep me going through the unrelenting summer season.

And Lenskart just made it more fun! It’s launching India’s biggest sunglasses carnival today, with up to 70 per cent off.


With over 5,000 sunglasses from the best brands on crazy discounts for FOUR ‘awesome’ days, I’m sure fashion freaks like me are gonna go mad shopping from www.lenskart.com.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the sunglasses that are on offer with this one of a kinds fiesta:

Soothingly chic aqua

It’s discounted and it’s straight off the runway. Lenskart houses an amazingly large collection of Aqua blue sunglasses which hogged the limelight all across the fashion weeks this season.

Aqua blue sunglasses


Hi-tech eye care in style

Let’s face it! Sun isn’t gonna give up in the typical Delhi heat. But Lenskart’s got a solution. Vincent Chase’s advanced Revo technology that lends an added protection to the eyes comes in a range of haute sunglasses. And all of them in mirror style!

mirror style sunglasses


Round and sound

The recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week 2015 was abundant with fun, quirky looks that featured retro round sunglasses. Being a retro lover myself, I have made it a point to get myself a stylish round pair for summer 2015. If you share my taste, then let me recommend these chic Vincent Chase Round Sunglasses in grey gradient.

Vincent Chase Round Sunglasses


JJ round Sunglasses


Sleek and polished

Even the premium sunglasses by John Jacobs are a part of the Carnival.

sunglasses by John Jacobs


For the kiddos

Staying stylish doesn’t just with the adults; even kids need deserve a little indulgence one in a while. And to be honest, I think sunglasses are a must for the delicate eyes of the young ones. I found plenty of interesting options for kids on Lenskart, and once the Sunglasses Carnival, I will definitely be able to surprise a niece with quirky Chhota Bheem round sunglasses.

Kids sunglasses


Here’s hoping, like me, you will make the most out the biggest Sunglasses Carnival.

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Hogging the Fashion Week runways… Sunglasses

The world is buzzing with talks about the hottest trends and styles with fashion month in full swing! From Milan Fashion Week to the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week, it’s peak fashion season. We’re being introduced to the Spring ’15 styles, and I must say, this season’s runway presentations have been very appealing. The clothes are more wearable and styles enchanting, relatively.

In all the maze that the glitterati created, I couldn’t help but notice one thing – that’s how sunglasses have made an important appearance on the runways, both domestic and international.

women sunglasses

While the recently concluded Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 too saw designers like Sabyasachi, Tarun Tahiliani, and many others, complimenting there fresh apparel with trendy sunglasses, what left me wondering was the reason for doing so.

Clearly, Sabyasachi’s collection, as is the case with all of his design line, didn’t fall in line with the casual spring wear. The models wearing the long traditional skirts with crop tops made quite a statement with dark round sunglasses!

black round sunnies

Even men with Sabya trademark achkans were seen walking the long runway with same black round sunnies.

In fact, it seemed Sabyasachi wanted to make a point with these sunglasses, considering no other accessory decorated the divas and hunks walking for him. I wanted to get you his version of the story, but all the efforts of calling him went in vain.

With others, however, it was pretty clear that they were setting the styles rolling for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, and hence the sunglasses fitted the bill.

Setting the ramp on fire with their hotness

sunglasses fashion

The designer duo Aiman Agha and Armaan Randhawa’s ‘Armaan Aiman’ pieces of feminine pastel tones were well-paired with retro round frames.

sunglasses fashion 1

Shon Randhawa’s Patine saw the allure of the 70’s. These modern & relaxed pieces with tea shades recreate the 70’s bohemian look aptly.

casual eyewear

The Easies collection by Killer Jeans embodied the urbane casual wear, ideal for the young at heart men who’re always on the go. A line of relaxed summer clothing, they were paired with vintage, yet casual eyewear.

round frames

Probably my favourite of the lot, Tarun Tahiliani’s luscious and royal Indian prints with embellishments, chunky jewellery and headgear were to die for. An added bonus was the oh-so-stylish round frames!

twist sunglasses

Modern and downright classy, Shruti Sancheti’s Pinnacle was inspired by Indian tradition & craft. The vintage-inspired with modish twist sunglasses added to the classiness of the line.

modish sunglasses

Oh my, my! Anuj Bhutani showcased an extravagant and elegant travel inspired collection for his label ‘Reboot’. The line was well complemented with modish sunglasses.

So, why is eyewear becoming such a hit on the ramps?

I would presume it’s a cultural shift which reflects the look-at-me trend which is reinforced by fashion-focused celebs. Or as Brad Goreski would say, “Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look – just like a new hairstyle.”

Whatever the case is, the plethora of eye-catching eyewear that’s been doing rounds in the runways is simply chic. Something I would love to get my hands on! :)

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When technology engulfs your eyes

It was in news recently that after Google Glass, it’s world’s largest electronic companies, Sony which has ventured on the route to bring innovation to eyewear.

Smart Eyeglass

Smart Eyeglass

I’m impressed by the effort, at least. The developer’s version of the Sony SmartEyeglass can be owned at just  $840! However, as always, it’s available only to the people in UK, Japan and Germany. We Indians need to wait for even this version of augmented reality glasses!

Sony SmartEyeglass offerings

  • Emails and notifications float right in front of your eyes.
  • Intelligent glasses which also show all the Apps downloaded on  your phone that’s resting in your pocket.
  • Display only on your right eye’s peripheral area. Doesn’t block the entire view.
  • The 3mm thick lens rests lightly on your eyes.
  • Navigate through the menu while controlling the device with a small handheld remote.
  • Connects to a whole range of Apps, unlike the Google Glass which is restricted in its acceptance of Apps.
  • Exclusive Apps have been developed to connect to the SmartEyeglass via Bluetooth.

Sony SmartEyeglasses

Sony’s SmartEyeglasses

Points of dismay

  • The Sony SmartGlass is not wireless
  • The relatively bulkier option of carrying the handheld remote to operate the glasses.

Google Glass Vs. Sony SmartEyeglass

Just like its name, Sony’s SmartEyeglass is every bit a prototype of its predecessor. Google laid the foundation for smart glasses and Sony couldn’t but imitate what it was served on the technology platter.

Google Glasses

Google Glasses

But some things that Sony got right are:

  •  Minimising the visibility obstructions; by keeping the display to extreme right; by getting rid of the prism that Google Glass uses. The prism creates wrong lighting conditions, creating starry light patterns in front of the eyes.
  •  Slimmer and lighter

Technologically wise, but fashionably poor

When these smart eyeglasses have attracted many tech geeks’ attention, they have been highly criticized by fashionistas for not being ‘haute’.

Large investments are being made into research and development to revolutionise the eyewear industry. We’re optimistic of seeing longer strides and an impressive technological growth in this ever-evolving industry. Here’s to a brighter future!

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Old wine in new bottle – not a bad idea!

I’ve never been one who throws away old used items. I always believe in the phrase ‘One’s man trash is another man’s treasure’.

As a bespectacled, I have tons of old frames and the thought of recycling old eyewear got me all excited. The next thing I had to do was to get inspired! I was amazed when I found out that there were so many things you can do with your old eyewear, eyeglasses case and lens case.

So, here are some of the cool ideas I found. Why not give them a try? :)

Bling it with your blinkers

For all the ladies who love to add a little chunky jewelry to your look, these cool and chic accessories, made with eyewear lenses, are the way to go.

Sunglasses DIY

Create some cool and stylish pendants with your old sunglasses.

chic lens earrings

Or funk them up into these chic lens earrings!


Deck the halls

If you’re a homemaker, you will absolutely love these decoration pieces made entirely of, yes, old eyeglasses and sunglasses.

picture frame of an old vintage frame

An adorable way to capture memories, you can make a picture frame out of an old vintage frame.

shady shades

How about some shady shades? This is a psychedelic way to brighten your room.

Snowmen painted on two old pairs of frames

I found this real adorable. A brilliant Christmas decoration idea – Snowmen painted on two old pairs of frames.


Chic little cases

Make another chic accessory with your old spectacle cases. Decorate and bedazzle your old spectacle cases and you have a lovely clutch.

chic accessory with your old spectacle cases

eyeglass case

Organizing – Is your handbag always cluttered? Use an eyeglass case to store phone accessories, manicure set and store your to-go makeup kit. You can even have an emergency sewing kit.

sewing kit

Small yet useful

Before you throw away those little contact lens cases, think about it! These little cases can come in handy.

contact lens cases

They make the perfect cases for knick-knacks. You can also use them as a daily pill organizer.


Wait! There’s more…

Apart from all of these amazing things you can do with your old eyewear, there are other stuffs you can do with your used eye frame.

Halloween props – Don’t throw away those vintage round frames. In fact, keep it aside for next Halloween and dress up your kid or sibling as Harry Potter.

vintage round frames

Party props – Want some fun props for your next party? Here is when those old eyeglasses come in handy. You can easily decorate the frames and use them as party props.

party props

Or simply donate them. Many charities collect eyeglasses to give to people in need who can’t afford them.

All you need is a little inspiration and let your creativity flow through, because you just can’t beat creating something impressive while simultaneously saving a buck!

If you have more fun ideas, you can leave it in the comments below. :)


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Say it with colours

The much awaited festival of colours is here and so is the opportunity to sport colourful eyewear. I love Holi because of the fun and fervor associated with it. But I adhere to all the rules when playing with colours. The first rule that I swear by is safety. Being a health fanatic, I don’t take any chances with artificial colours that come spiked with harmful chemicals. I strongly recommend using natural and eco-friendly colours for this special occasion. Also make sure you lather a generous amount of sunscreen as well as a good dose of petroleum jelly to keep your skin safe.

The second rule that I follow to the tee is in staying comfortably stylish. On the eve of Holi, I prefer wearing breathable cotton fabrics in white. Why this particular shade? It acts as the perfect canvas to display the kaleidoscope of colours!

There is one accessory that comes in handy during this festivity – sunglasses are my best friend because they protect my eyes from the harmful colours while at the same time they make me look attractive. Sunglasses can also be used to make a bright and vibrant statement this Holi eve. In case you aren’t perfectly sure about what color suits you the most, this cheat-sheet could come in handy.

Blue; cool and casual

Do words like reliable, trustworthy, genuine and sincere define you? If it does, then the ideal colour for you is the cool and calm blue.

This stunning pair of Vincent Chase Aviator sunglasses would be ideal for you.The best part about this pair is that the lush golden frame contrasts with cool blue lenses!

Blue Aviators

Go green to let your kindness shine through!

According to the colour psychology, green is known as the colour of balance and harmony. No wonder the lush green best represents people who are attuned to their inner self and believe in living a life of harmony and kindness.

So, all you eco-friendly people out there make sure you look uber-stylish in this pair of green and black Vincent Chase sunglasses this Holi!


Perk it up with fun orange!

You don’t need to be a colour expert to know that orange is a fun colour meant for chirpy people. As Frank Sinatra had once said, orange indeed is the happiest colour of them all!

Wear these cheery sunglasses in red frame and orange lenses, to make a fun- statement!

Orange Wayfarers

Show your creative side with purple!

The colour of imagination and spirituality, purple best represents creativity. These stylish Club Master sunglasses in purple lenses are the perfect pick for the arty kinds.


Red for the passionate souls!

Associated with energy, passion and action; red is ideal for the strong-willed and the adventurous out there. Don this pair with red-yellow lenses to ooze an undeniable sporty appeal.

Sports Sunglasses

So, colour colour what colour are you going to choose this Holi eve? :)

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