A tribute to the unknown ‘Eye’cons

With innovative styles and concepts, the world of eyewear has come a long way. Although, not a single person has ever been identified as the inventor of eyewear. The architects and designers have gone unappreciated and unrecognized. Here’s a tribute honoring the legends, who revolutionized the eyewear industry.

Hail! Mr. Wayfarer Man

Mr. Wayfarer Man

The revolutionary Wayfarers were manufactured by Ray-Ban in 1956.


Raymond Stegeman – Not known to many people, Raymond Stegeman was the brain behind the iconic Wayfarer sunglasses. An optical designer by profession, Stegeman broke away from the metal frames and took advantage of the then-new plastic molding technology. Stegeman designed the Wayfarers which marked the transition of eyewear made from thin metal frames to an era of plastic eyewear.

Raymond Stegeman

In the 50s, the iconic frame quickly became popular among the public, bringing life to the Wayfarer phenomenon. Considered a classic, the Wayfarer has had its ups and downs in the fashion industry and among the general public. Its popularity declined the following decade. In the mid-2000s, after redesigning smaller and lighter frames, it made another comeback. Since then, Wayfarers are considered an evergreen & iconic eyewear making them a bestselling item around the globe.

The power of two

Bausch and lomb

Bausch & Lomb was founded by business partners John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb in Rochester, New York, in 1853.

Henry Lomb

John Jacob Bausch – As a youth, Bausch was apprenticed to an eyeglasses maker, and also worked as a lens grinder in Switzerland. In 1850, he immigrated to the United States. For several years, he struggled to support himself and his wife in Rochester. While working as a wood turner, he met with an accident which resulted in the severing of several parts of fingers. After recuperating, he started working as a peddler of eyeglasses. Although business was slow, in 1853, he opened a store and offered his services as ‘J.J. Bausch, Optician’.

John Jacob Bausch

Henry Lomb – Born in 1828 in Burgham, Germany, Lomb immigrated to the United States in 1849. He was trained and worked as a cabinet maker in Rochester before he joined Bausch. Lomb apprenticed himself to Bausch to learn the optician’s trade. He invested his savings of $60 in the business to help Bausch’s business with the promise that, if the business ever grew to such an extent that he needed a partner, Lomb would be brought in.

Over the decades, Bausch and Lomb continued to flourish as a manufacturer of optical products for personal, commercial and scientific use. Today, it tops as a leading company in the eyewear industry. Some of its most lucrative patents since the 1950s have included Cinemascope camera lens, Ray-Ban sunglasses and soft contact lenses. Today, it is one of the oldest firms operating in the U.S., focusing exclusively on eye-related products.

The lady behind the mask

Cat-eye or Upswept eyeglasses

The Harlequin frames are popularly known as Cat-eye or Upswept eyeglasses.


Altina Schinasi – She was born in the year 1907. An American artist, filmmaker, designer and inventor, she was best known for designing the Harlequin eyeglasses frame. Schinasi was uninspired by the frames found in the optician’s store. She envisioned eyewear that conveyed mystery and romance. Aroused by the Harlequin mask, she designed the Cat-eye frames in the 30s. In 1939, Schinasi won the Lord and Taylor’s annual American Design Award for revolutionizing the eyewear industry.

Altina Schinasi

Popularized in the 50s and 60s, Cat-eye glasses became synonymous with secretaries and librarians. The horn-rim edge design was aesthetic and unique, and thus became notable in Hollywood. They were made widely popular by fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage. Revived recently by celebrities like Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba and Dita Von Teese, they are still a favourite among divas.

Eyewear has become an integral part of our lives. Without eyeglasses and sunglasses, our lives would seem empty, don’t you think? But most importantly, without these iconic figures with a vision, the world of spectacles would not be the same.


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5 most mind-boggling eyewear

I’ve always been a fan of the strange and oddities. And of course, eyewear being my favourite accessory, I had to merge the two. From the days of lorgnettes to modern-day blinkers, it was astonishing to find that the world is filled with so many bizarre eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Thanks to amazing designers and their extraordinary eyewear designs, here are 5 of the strangest eyewear.

Raise the curtains
sunglasses- raise the curtains
These fringed frames are putting the phrase ‘eyes are the windows to the soul’ in the literal sense.
sunglassesIsn’t it confusing? Because technically, they are not glasses. So, what do you call them? But that’s not keeping celebrities from getting their hands on them. Berlin-based design agency, BLESS, introduced the golden fringed sunglasses. This unorthodox design will definitely take the meaning of sun protection to a whole new level.

Quirky on your cornea

colored lenses
Love something? Put it on your eyeball!
colored lenses
Contact lenses are the best alternative eyewear for those who are not fond of wearing spectacles. But for some, they are the best way to show their peculiar personality. These contact lenses are a proof that there is no limit for human creativity.
colored contact lenses
A pair of freaky contact lenses can provide you with a sense of individuality. Although these are a bit strange, they’re definitely not my favourite and I would suggest wearing them on Halloween.

The peek-a-boo eyewear
This out-of-the-world eyewear is called slanties.
Influenced by the ancient Inuit eyewear, they are handcrafted with natural wood with slits on them. It’s no surprise that they are a favourite among hipsters! They are not for me definitely, but for someone who wants to stand out.
So, what is an Inuit eyewear, you ask? Aka snow goggles – they are traditionally worn by the Inuit people of the Arctic. Customarily crafted with a piece of ivory or wood and are pierced with slits. This eyewear prevented snow blindness. The goggles fit snugly to the face so that the only light entering is through the slits which are narrow to reduce the amount of light entering.

Steampunk eyewear

Steampunk eyewear
As weird as they may look, these goggles are still vintage-cool.
Steampunk eyewear
The Steampunk culture is a creative movement with a combination of sci-fi and fantasy. The Steampunk fashion is inspired by the Victorian era and the industrial revolution with punk elements incorporated. Goggles are an essential accessory in the Steampunk culture. They are made mostly with brass and consist of intricate patterns with large, round frames and lenses. Now, this is what I call retro-chic!

Got your nose
eyewear comfort
This has got to be one of the most bizarre eyewear I’ve ever come across! Forget peculiar, it just looks painful!

eyewear nose fit

This is clearly for someone who is tired of eyeglasses constantly sliding off the bridge of their nose. Basically, the studs are implanted on the nose bridge and the eyeglasses can be screwed in through the studs. These edgy implanted eyeglasses mounting on your nose bridge sans the temples may look clever, yet creepy. To each his own, eh?
eyewear nose fit
There you go spectacles to make a spectacle of yourself. So, move aside Lady Gaga! :-)

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5 eye essentials for men

Owning a regular pair of eyewear to go with all your looks is such a passé! Today, eyewear has come a long way from being a mere necessity to a much-in-demand fashion accessory. Yet, I know a lot of men who believe in having multiple pairs of shoes, belts and watches, but they still settle down with a single pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

What many men fail to understand is that how an eyewear, just like any other fashion accessory, has a tendency to either make or break their overall look.

mens sunglasses

Most importantly, there are various activities that men tend to indulge in on a daily basis and thus, a common eyewear to match all the activities is not a good idea.

However, the selection of eyewear along with being fashionable and trendy needs to be based on the comfort factor as well, and keeping that in mind, I have listed out 5 must haves for every man. Have a look:

#1: A pair of smart, light-weight eyeglasses for a long day at workeyeglasses for men

With a smart pair of eyeglasses one can instantly update his otherwise mundane office look.

#2: A pair of sports glasses for all the outdoor endeavours

youth sunglasses collection 2015

Afterall, a pair of sports sunglasses is a must, keeping in mind the harm the sunrays can do to one’s eyes.

#3: A striking pair for an outing with friendssunglasses

And a jazzy pair like this one will surely make heads turn. :)

#4: A pair for a relaxing day

stylish spectacles frame

A stylish yet comfortable pair, like this one, to accompany you on your day off. Save yourself from appearing dull.

#5: A pair of Aviators for the formal dos

aviator sunglasses for men

When it comes to attending a formal event, nothing can complement a man’s look the way a pair of classically charming pair of Aviators can.

So, it’s high time for men to start taking their eyewear seriously, and now with numerous attractive offers at Lenskart.com, men can easily update their collection without burning a hole in their pocket.

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Guilty of a sweet tooth? Let’s eye our desserts

Winters have arrived & with that the perpetual cravings for delicious food, especially for the desserts! And for the ones who have a sweet tooth like me, this is an ultimate time to indulge.


So, with all the luscious cakes, macaroons, fudges and pies around, it got me thinking that what if I could have an eyewear inspired from my favourite dessert? And with that in my mind, I got down to put together some of my favourite guilty pleasures with an eyewear that matches them the best.

I hope you have as much fun browsing through them as the amount I had in putting them together. Have a look:


Divine Chocolate Cake



Winter White Red Velvet Fudge

I am totally going to add on to my eyewear collection with these quirky pairs and you should too.

So go ahead and be spunky this winter by donning your eyes in the colour of your favourite dessert! And for the quirky Vincent Chase collection you can shop at Lenskart.com and do share your pictures with us.

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5 eye-candies all women should own

Glasses make faces!

Haven’t we talked enough about this? :)

One can never go wrong with a smart eyewear! No matter if you are having a bad hair day or if you are feeling a little underdressed for the occasion, a stylish eyewear will always come to your rescue. We doinvest a lot in dresses, shoes & bagsbut end up pairing it all up with our regular pair of eyewear.

girls eyeglasses

Have you ever thought of owning multiple pairs to go with different looks?I personally like to have a pair for when I am stepping out for a stroll in the park, one for when I am going out for shopping or movie with friends and a different one for when the occasion is a little formal. Afterall, why stick to a single style when there are so many trends in eyewear to experiment with.


From a pair of fashion sunglasses in a shape that suits you the most, to a pair in bold colour, you can also add on to your collection of ‘eye-candies’ with an eyewear in an eccentric frame or a textured frame – Here’s a list of 5 must have eyewear all women should own:

#1: Most important!You must own a pair of fashion sunglasses. A pair that suits your face shape and is inspired by latest celebrity looks.

women sunglasses

#2: A pair of eyeglasses to accompany you to all your casual outings and once again you can take inspiration from latest celebrity looks with eyeglasses on.


#3:Frames in daring colours to jazz up your dull days.

trendy eyeglasses

trendy eyeglasses 1

#4: Textured& patterned framesfor that extra oomph.

pt girl glasses

#5: Out of the box frames to quirk up your looks.


So, ladies gone are the days when the same pair of eyewear could be your savior. Now it is time to add up to your eyewear collection with these must have eye accessories!

Tell us if you have more must-haves on your list.

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Match your fashion with your features

Whether you choose to put on those peepers to up your style quotient or just so you can beat the blur off your eyes, choosing a perfect pair of eyeglasses which complement your personality can be quite a task. After all, it’s all about sporting the right look and exhibiting your style conscious attitude! Isn’t it?

So, the first and the most important rule which every fashion rule book states is to always go for frames which are in contrast to your face shape. And we can bet, it’s absolutely the first thing you should consider. Wearing eyeglasses, which are perfectly in contrast to your face shape, will help in accentuating your best features and attracting minimal attention to the narrower or wider areas of the face.

So, let’s have a look at what would be the most suitable options for different face shapes.

Round shaped face

Round shaped face

Ah! We know how you feel with those cheeks falling all over your face. But believe us, your face shape also allows you to wear almost all shapes of eye frames, except of course the round ones! :)

Wear the traditional pair of rectangular shaped spectacles and see yourself making a statement, while that very shape would look oh-so-average on others.

 Rectangle shaped face

Square shaped face

No need to sulk more about adding a fashion pair of eyeglasses to your bold and sharp features.

How about giving them a retro twist by sporting retro or curvy frames? You are sure to exude the old world charm which never fails to impress! And without second thoughts, strike off the rectangular glasses from your list of eyewear options.

Diamond shaped face

Diamond shaped face

Exhibiting vintage-inspired enigma, cat-eye or oval frames are the most suitable for the delicate diamond shaped faces defined by a narrow forehead and chin. You can even experiment with frames with a bit of detailing on the upper portion. And completely say no to heavy angular glasses.

Heart shaped face

Heart shaped face

Carrying an aura of exquisite grace, a heart-shaped face is defined by broad forehead and cheekbones and a cute li’l narrow chin. A classy pair of rimless eyeglasses with detailing on the bottom area will solely up the fashion ante and complement the face shape.

P.S.: Picking up a pair of tear drop shaped Aviator eyeglasses is a disaster in disguise.

Oval shaped face

Oval shaped face

Having an oval shaped face is no less than a blessing in disguise. With a proportionately curvy jaw line, it’s the most adaptable shape. That means you can unabashedly experiment with a host of quirky frames.

Go for a pair of bold hipsters which match your flamboyant style. Choose from an array of funky colours and textures. But don’t make the mistake of going for a frame too small or large for your face.

Oblong shaped face

Oblong shaped face

If you have the perfect long face, you sure have an assortment of stylish eyeglasses to choose from. Oversized, angular square or retro round – you can pick from any of the modish pairs, reflecting your ultra-modern fashion sensibilities.

So, in order to score a perfect 10 on the fashion score meter, make sure you match your fashion eyewear accessories with your features as it can either be a killer or a spoiler!

And do let us know in the comments section below which frame matches your features and fashion taste the best!

Happy Shopping folks :)

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The look that will get you hired

Gone are the days when dressing up for a job interview was all about a boring pair of trousers & shirt teamed up with a mundane bag and eyewear. An interview is one of those times where the first impression makes all the difference and what one wears does make a lot of difference. But at the same time one cannot let their outfit grab all the attention. This, in turn, makes “What to wear for the interview?” quite a dreadful question for all of us to answer.

Business people waiting for job interview

Keep it minimal, don’t go overboard with colours, avoid out of the box accessories – some of the many suggestions that we get from friends and colleagues, but in general there is no particular look which we all can blindly follow.

I personally feel that it has to be something smart enough to make you stand out, and also should be in tune with the profession you are in or wish to pursue.

For the Corporate Professionals, it should be more about a chic & classy look.

Women can opt for an elegant blouse with a formal skirt or trouser, with smart shoes and add a little hint of colour in the form of eyewear or bag.

Men on the other hand should opt for a formal shirt with trousers in well-coordinated, solid colours. The look can further be upgraded with a pair of classic eyewear and an executive bag.

For the ones from the Creative Field, it’s more important to convey their true personality – so, preferably an ensemble that is formally appropriate without compromising on the person you are.

Women can add up a little fun to their formal look with a fancy scarf, stylish footwear/bag or an edgy eyewear.

Men, on the other hand, can opt for a vibrant tie, some chunky accessory or a sassy eyewear.

And, in case of an interview with a Startup, show them you mean business with a basic look, with just about the right addition of a subtle accessory, preferably a tasteful eyewear.

So with this, it’s time to say bye to the pre-interview outfit jitters and hello to the new job. :)

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Eye makeup tips for eyeglass wearers

Perfectly winged liner, beautifully shaped eye brows, fuller lips covered by a bold lip colour, and the concealer perfectly blending with the skin complexion – getting the makeup just right is every girl’s fantasy and accept it or not, they even day-dream about it.

And more than anyone, women who wear eyeglasses are constantly wondering as to how they can attract the necessary attention to their eyes, even behind those fashionable spectacles.

club master eyeglasses

But no worries, pretty lady! We are here to provide you some easy eye makeup tips which will accentuate your beautiful eyes even behind those spectacles.

Go neutral


Yes girls, neutral is the way to go. Wear neutral eye makeup because something too bright or sparkly would, anyways, not be visible behind those eyeglasses! Also, you don’t want your eyes to disappear behind that dark eye shadow and spectacles. Do you?

Conceal the shadows

eye makeup

Brighten up your under-eye area by applying a blending concealer so that the area appears smooth and flawless. Wearing eyeglasses is likely to leave shadows under your eyes. They can also intensify your dark circles as well as the puffy bags under the eyes.

Line it up with liquid eye-liner

cat eye eyeglasses

The best part about using a liquid eye-liner is its boldness and ease of use. A liquid eye-liner will be essentially visible past the eyeglasses since it is deep and dark. Moreover, it is super easy to apply.

Mimic the eyeliner with the eyeglasses

woman eyeglasses

The thickness of your eye liner should depend on your eyeglasses.

  • With thinner frames, apply a thin liner along the entire lid of the lash line.
  • A thick line will go with thick-rimmed, bold and geeky eyeglasses.

Otherwise, there are lesser chances that a thin line would even be visible behind a thick pair of spectacles. Isn’t it?

Shine it up

recangular eyeglasses

Don’t wanna look too sober? Use a bright sparkling liner to put on your waterline and on to the inner corner of your eyes. It will add a dash of glamour to your overall neutral look and make it all the more appealing.

Brush those lashes

It’s high time that you bust the myth of not wearing mascara when donning eyeglasses. Swishing 2-3 layers of water-proof mascara on your eyelashes will only accentuate the charm of your magnificent eyes and will add to the thickness of your lashes.

And if you are worried that they will start sticking to your eyeglasses, an eye lash curler is the saviour for you! It will beautify the shape of the lashes and will also prevent them from getting in touch with your spectacles.

Define the brows

brown frame eyeglasses

Your eyebrows are an important part of your facial features. They frame your face and if done properly can instantly draw attention to your face. So, shape them to your spectacles and use a bit of eyeliner pencil along the arch to create a definite distinction.

Go bold with the lips


Since you’ll be keeping the eye makeup subtle, a bold lip colour will work wonders for your look. Ruby red, hot pink, hues of purple – put on any loud colour to complete your look. Also, don’t forget to put the blush on. It will add colour to your face and will also add shine to the apples of your cheeks.

So girls, already excited about getting it right the next time? Let us know how you do it with your spectacles on by writing in the comments section below.

And make the most of this Fall-Winter by attracting glances with your sober yet cheesy eye makeup! :)


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Eye dress to Impress


The way we carry ourselves says a lot about us. Don’t you agree?

And all of us have at one point or the other wondered whether our character gets rightly reflected in the way we dress?

latest eyeglasses

Right from chilling at a café with friends to sitting in a board meeting among officials, we are all always judged by the people on the basis of what we are wearing and the way we carry ourselves.

Keeping up with the trends without making a wrong impression is a problem that mostly all of us can relate with. But with the prices of everything constantly rising, regularly upgrading the entire wardrobe with expensive items doesn’t really sound like a practical idea.

But have you ever wondered how owning a flattering pair of eyeglasses is not only a great way of updating your look, but also how it can help us portray our true personality.

ladies eyeglasses

Afterall, right from the color to the material & the shape, our eyewear says a lot about us, and on that note I gathered some styles which will help you choose the right pair for yourself. Have a look:

For the smart business professionals 

To help make a suitable impression on your colleagues & business clients, eyeglasses in conservative frame shapes and colors should be considered.

new eyeglasses frames for men

Vincent Chase VC 6428 Tortoise Coco Wayfarer Eyeglasses

Vincent Chase VC2006 Black 1010 Women's Eyeglasses

John Jacobs Titanium S-3188 Black C7 Eyeglasses

For the spirited students

Arjun Kapoor spectacles

Due to the lack of conservative constraints, students can experiment a lot more with their looks with eyewear in unusual shapes, bright colors or with interesting details.

John Jacobs JJ 1353 Matte Black Brown P1p1eo Wayfarer Eyeglasses

John Jacobs Slim JJ 4349 Maroon S2s2eo Eyeglasses

For the serious fashion watchers

spectacle frames for women

And the serious fashion followers would always opt for the trendy pairs like these,
Lee Cooper Lc8046foa Green Tortoise L67v Women's Eyeglasses

Retain 34213 Gunmetal XYXY Aviator Eyeglasses

I hope with these you will be able to convey what you have always wanted to! So now all you need to do is to simply find the right pair for yourself.

And don’t forget to share the tips with your friends and family too.

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Strong & mighty November Born

With it being my birthday month, November is the favourite part of the year. At the onset, good memories come rushing back & keep me in high spirits – it’s a kind of feeling that mostly everyone can relate with. Birthdays are after all about fresh beginnings & anticipation for more magic & abundance of happiness, health & love coming our way.


And with the winters setting in, we get to experience the beautiful seasonal transition around this time, which for me further adds on to the festivities of the month.

Being born on the cusp of Scorpio-Sagittarius, I can say that I have a good understanding of the ones born in November and deeply admire them for their strength & willpower. No matter what profession they choose for themselves, once they set their eyes on a goal, there is no going back. Their passion drives them to achieve more & excel at what they are doing, and that, in turn, takes them to greater heights in their lives.

Here’s a look at some of the iconic personalities who were born in the month of November, who with their never-give-up attitude have come so far and have made a commendable mark in their respective fields:


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, born on November 1st, won the Miss World pageant in 1994, and since then there has been no looking back for this diva. Today, she is not only famous nationally, but also internationally and inspires millions of women across the world.


Shah Rukh Khan, born on November 2nd, popularly referred to as ‘King Khan’, has come a long way from his humble beginings. With his hard work and determination, SRK has reached a stage where he is known worldwide and is now listed among the richest stars in the world. Something that really inspires me about this superstar is that he has never let the tough times take a toll on his willpower.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, born on November 5th, is commonly referred to as the youth icon of the country. This young Indian cricketer with his sheer hard work has achieved a lot at such a young age and that makes him a great inspiration for the youth across the country.

Kudos to these unswerving personalities and I wish these stars many more years of success.

Is there a November born friend, family or famous personality you deeply admire? Do tell us all about them & how they inspire you. :)



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