Golden sparrow becomes the blind capital

Our eyes are a gift. It is only because of our vision that we can enjoy the many wonders of nature today. Planning vacations to places like Ladakh, Shimla and Manali is mainly for their scenic beauty. Well, the amazing weather helps too, no doubt. But the mountains, the quiet, the greenery are always an added plus. Imagining a life where we had never seen any of it and it was all pitch black from the very beginning seems impossible, not to mention, frightening.

Unfortunately, vision is a luxury that a large portion of the population is not privileged to have. 60% of the world’s population, which is 4.2 billion people, has poor eyesight. Even worse, only 1.7 billion of those have their vision corrected. Meanwhile, a staggering 2.5 billion people are unable to see properly.

We often take vision for granted. The thing with headaches and back pain is that you feel its immediate impact, but it’s not the case with weak vision. It is a gradual deterioration process so it becomes even more important to make sure that you look after your eyes from the very beginning.


Talking about India in specific, with as much as 50% of its population facing vision problems, India has been rightly termed as the ‘blind capital of the world’. If you think about it, 75% of Indians live in rural areas so, logically speaking, the statistics do make sense. Most of the people settled in rural areas do not have access to healthcare and basic amenities, let alone to an Optometrist so, naturally, eye problems become a common recurrence.

But can a vision problem prove to be a problem for anything other than the eye? Well, yes.

India has nearly 550 million of its population, which is about half the people, afflicted with poor vision. Due to this, India’s annual productivity sees a loss of about 203,500 crore. Improving vision would lead to a remarkable increase in the country’s growth and production.

With a staggering number of victims of poor eyesight, a major problem is that most of them don’t even realize that they are in dire need of vision correction. In India, 41% of children (under 18 years), 42% of workers, 42% of drivers, and 45% of elderly need visual correction.


Vision can prove to be a powerful weapon. Correcting and preventing poor vision can be a driving force for Indian economy’s growth. By working together and meeting the vision problem effectively, Indian workers can increase their incomes by 30% and their productivity by 25%, children’s grades can improve and the number of road accidents will go down.

But how can we meet this problem efficiently?


About 80% of eye problems are preventable, so it is of paramount significance for us to take necessary precautions.

With about 100 million over-the-age-of-60 inhabitants, it is highly essential that we take care of the health and welfare services of our aging population, which involves increasing screenings for a range of eye diseases and providing timely eye examinations.

On a personal level, no matter what our profession is, we should take responsibility for the well-being of our own eyes with regular examinations, and also advice others to do the same.

Coming to professionals related to this field, scientists and researchers should develop effective low-cost treatments by tracing the causes of visual impairment. The NGOs should advocate for these low-cost treatments to reach the remotest areas of the country. Countries and institutional donors must actively provide funding in order to end visual problems. Private sector should also join hands with the public sector and support the research and development of affordable treatments. Also, journalists should ensure that the scale of the problem and the advantages of effectively addressing it are communicated to the required parties.

We all should make sure that we give utmost importance to our eyes and get good eye care before it gets too late. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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That’s how celebs dress up for Airports

I personally feel that celebrities spend more time in putting together their airport looks than deciding what to pack in their luggage, otherwise how else do they manage to turn up so aptly dressed for the flight journey?

At least for me their airport ensembles are perfect objects of envy, because not only do they appear to be comfortable and travel-friendly, but also so chic and trendy. Everything from their clothes to bags, shoes and eyewear is up-to-date!

Why don’t you have a look at some of them, and find it out for yourself?

Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt

Both Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt were spotted at the airport, looking extremely stylish with these smart sunglasses flattering their understated outfits.

oversized Wayfarers

Bollywood’s Rockstar, Ranbir Kapoor, always manages to grab attention with his dashing appearances, both on and off screen. He stepped out of the airport, surrounded by airport staff, looking quite a bit laidback in his casual look, with that cool cap and oversized Wayfarers.


The ever so classy Sushmita, walked out of the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, hand in hand with her daughter Renee. The leggy lass looked every bit elegant in a simple pair of denims and an oversized black top. Not to forget her over-sized sunglasses.


Looks like eyewear is the main focus when celebrities de-board the aircraft. Whether it’s the puffy eyes or the apprehension that paparazzi is waiting outside, stars ensure their eyeglasses or sunglasses do make a statement.

So was the case with the chirpy Ranvir Singh, when he strolled out of the Mumbai airport with a welcoming smile and an attractive pair of round eyeglasses! Must say, he did take our heart away with those T shades.


Hollywood too is high on Airport style. After all, Bollywood takes from there.

Recently, super model Miranda Kerr, was captured strutting out of the airport looking effortlessly chic in a comfortable dress, accessorized elegantly with a stylish bag and Aviators.

Frieda Pinto

Looking lovely and fresh in her lively attire and maroon Wayfarers, Frieda Pinto made just the right statement as she stepped out of the airport.

emma watson

And finally not to miss, Emma Watson’s highly polished appearance at the airport. She looked well put- together in that suave outfit styled elegantly with a smart pair of shoes, classy bag and trendy wayfarers.

By now you must have also developed the same envious feelings like me.

However, instead of empathizing with each other, why don’t we all take some inspiration from these stylistas and revamp our traveling style too?

Here are some of my picks from Lenskart, and now it’s your turn to look for your fancy travel companion:


round eyeglasses

red wayfarers

club master eyeglasses

john jacobs sunglasses


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Top 5 eye soothing destinations

Doesn’t the blazing sun make you want to head to a destination more soothing to your eyes? With all the harm that this glaring sun is capable of doing to my eyes, makes me want to run away to some place with cloudy skies or with some mild gentle breeze or snow-clad mountains.

And this urge to rescue myself from this unpleasant weather, made me look for some places with a more pleasing climate at this time of the year, where I can relax my eyes from the sunny dazzle.

These are the ones I have picked and have now added to my wish list, and hopefully will now be added to yours as well:

Queenstown is regarded as the best destination in New Zealand and is famous for its unmatched beauty and adventure sports. During this time of the year, this place is no less than a fantasy world and an ideal location for the nature lovers.


Peru is extremely rich in traditional art and culture, and is famous for its wildlife. If you are looking for some relaxing laidback times, then this is the place to be.

cape town

Cape Town is known world over for its scenic beauty, beautiful beaches and wildlife safaris. Although this must not be the best time to visit this place but with the gentle skies and the ongoing music festival, one can’t ask for more.

Sydney Harbour Brige Pier One

Australia’s most monumental city Sydney, also referred to as harbor city is built on a hill. Famous for its Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, the city is a perfect escape from the scorching heat, at this time of the year.


And last but not the least, our neighboring country, Bhutan. This is the best time to visit this aesthetically rich country known for its green pastures, beautiful valleys, refreshing waterfalls, snow covered mountains and the list goes on.

So, now you know where to head to liberate yourself from all the unpleasantness. But even though these places must not be as sunny as it is here, you cannot ignore your eye protection. So while you are out there relaxing your eyes at these eye soothing destinations, do it with some trendy pairs of gradient sunglasses available at Lenskart.

tommy hilfiger

vincent chase

vincent chase wayfarer

vogue sunglasse

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How Wayfarers have come a long way

I idolize wayfarers for their distinct shape and versatility. Along with suiting every face type, they are a quintessential pair for every outing whether it’s for some grocery shopping or a day out with friends.

stylish wayfarers

The incredibly stylish wayfarers came into existence in the 1950s and gained a lot of popularity with icons like Marilyn Monroe, Bob Dylan and James Dean spotted in them.

Not many are aware of this fact, but this forever-trendy style was initially designed for men. But with their virtuous design, they became a favourite with the women too. Along with being fashionable, it was their versatility that got them noticed. Even today they appeal to a large audience and many celebrities are also seen donning this stylish pair, time and again.

Besides all the celebrity spotting over these years, we have also witnessed many transformations in this timeless design, and here is a look at some of them:

oc wayfarer

The original classic style is known for its distinctive slant from the centre and the upward pointing temples.

portable pair of sunglasses

This unique, portable pair is my personal favourite as it can be perfectly folded up into a compact square.

rayban wayfarer

This square frame in leather is a refreshing breakthrough from all the conventional plastic and metal ones out there.

This one, carved-out in wood, is an ultimate pair for an outing amid nature.

the rich velvet fabric sunglasses

And not to forget this one draped in the rich velvet fabric.

Well the list doesn’t end here. There are a whole lot of colourful and vibrant wayfarers by some of the chic eyewear brands like Ray-Ban, Vincent Chase, John Jacobs, Fastrack and others. Take a look:

colourful and vibrant wayfarers

vc wayfarer


So with all these variations, wayfarers are capable of complimenting all your looks from a casual jeans and a t-shirt to formal attire, making them your perfect companion on those hot sunny days.

And now on a day with doubts, you’ll know what to rely on!


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RefeR and Earn

refer and earn

Invite all your friends and earn Rs.1000* Voucher
on your friend’s 1st purchase


  1. Click “Invite friends” option on the referral page
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  1. Click “Invite friends” option on the referral page
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Refer share link

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share referral code

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To know more about Refer and Earn -



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Do You Spend Many Hours on Computer?

Does the glare of computer bothers you all the time and you are wondering why your vision is getting worse and worse?

If the answer is Yes then it’s time to “Start Wearing Glasses especially made for Computer Users”.

We at LensKart understand your difficulty and are presenting Special Lenses for Computer Users in best quality & every range -



Red Black Frame

Black half rim frame

purple full rim frame


rimless frame


    • Avoid using Contact Lenses while working as they tend to dry the eyes.
    • Maintain approximately 22 to 28 inches of distance from screen.
    • Opt for Anti-Reflective / Anti-Glare Lenses or Computer Glasses if you are spending significant amount of time in front of Computer or TV.
    • Keep your eyes lubricated and blink several times.

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How to care for your eyes this Monsoon

We love monsoons for its gentle winds, entrancing rains and the pleasant smell of wet earth. It is also the season to sail paper boats and to be spotted in waterproof accessories in vivid colours.

paper boats

waterproof accessories

Monsoon gives us succor from the scorching summer heat, but it also brings along with it a host of ailments.

Stay clean, eat right and wash your feet once you reach home – the list of advices to keep us healthy during the rains is a long one. But, do people tell us as to how to care for our eyes in the rains?

Apart from washing hands frequently, one should avoid rubbing or touching their eyes. In case, your eyes get swollen, you should consult an ophthalmologist at the earliest.

Also, avoid sharing your eye make-up with others. It will be good if you can refrain from using our old eye make-up too.

Do you use contact lenses? If so, ensure you clean them regularly. Still better, if you can opt for daily disposable contact lenses in this monsoon, so that, you can be free of worries.

And the most important thing! Wear a pair of sunglasses when you go out. It will prevent the dust particles from getting into your eyes. Also, it will give your eyes the most needed UV protection.

Keeping the wet weather in mind, one should steer clear of metal frames and go for the more water-friendly plastic ones. And here at Lenskart, you will find a wide variety of vibrant plastic frames to choose from.

red frame

blue frame

Be monsoon-ready and have a splash!



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Monsoon Tip



• Light & Good in appearance.
• Better vision correction due to the reduced obstruction
from eyeglasses frames.
• No splattering during rain showers.
• Less hassle as they don’t get in the way during sports
and other recreational activities.

bausch and lomb

Bausch & Lomb is dedicated towards making solutions for all sorts of vision issues and eye health issues. Bausch & Lomb clearly states its mission as ‘Helping you see better to live better’.

contact lenses

johnson and johnson

With high water content, Johnson & Johnson contact lenses are a joy to wear on an everyday basis. They are enriched with a moisture-rich agent, the comfortable contact lenses don’t let the natural moisture of your eyes dry out keeping you feeling fresh.

acuvue contact lenses

ciba vision

Using the latest technology, Ciba Vision is making a difference in people’s lives by improving, protecting and preserving eyesight with its superior products. Air Optix lenses for Astigmatism provides clear, comfortable and consistent vision.

ciba vision contact lenses


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Sunglasses Featured Collection

LK Sunglasses Feature Collectionmirror sunglassesFor Eyes that Hide Secret

So, what are you hiding? These Sunglasses have highly reflective optical coating that makes them one-way mirror and decreases the amount of light passing through the tinted lens by a further 10–60%.

            • Stylish Mirror Finish
            • 100% UV Protection
            • Light Weight & Durable
            • Best Protection against sand, water,snow & heights

DO YOU KNOW – They are so popular with police officers in the United States that they are also called “cop shades”


The Power of Style for Eyes

Do you wear Eyeglasses but want to enjoy outdoor in Sun? Then we have, what you need – Sunglasses with Prescription. These Sunglasses enhances vision and protects eyes from Sun & debris.

          • Sunglasses with Prescription Lens
          • Protects Eyes from Glare & UV rays
          • Convenience of clear vision with luxury of shade
          • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

DO YOU KNOW – 20% of the Eyeglasses users also have Power Sunglasses with them.

power sunglasses

polarized sunglasses

Glasses to Fly High

Polarized sunglasses were first made in the late 1930s by the Ray-Ban company as an anti-glare aviator sunglasses for Pilots. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks intense reflected light and glare from Sun & water.

            • Eliminates Glare & Reflections
            • Reduces Eyestrain
            • True Perception of Colors
            • Better Contrast & Clarity

DO YOU KNOW – These glasses were given to all pilots free as a part of their uniform.

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Start Your Own Lenskart Optical Store

lenskart store


Lenskart is India’s fastest growing optical chain. A young and vibrant brand, Lenskart boasts of an infinite range of eyewear with a multitude of eyewear brands. We are now looking for entrepreneurs to partner with to take Lenskart to the next level.


. An established and credible name in the online and offline optical industry
. A huge range of premium eyewear brands and designs
. Low investment, high return business proposition
. Break-even period of 12-15 months

. Indian eyewear industry is projected to reach a stupendous $ 14,856.9 million by 2018!
. Its revenue stood at $ 1247 million in FY 2007, increasing at a CAGR of 27% between FY 2007-2013!
. According to the latest Govt. survey, the premium sunglasses segment which accounts for 30% of the Indian eyewear market, is growing at a rate of 40% per year!

. Initial brand activation through local media
. Stock correction every month
. Site selection and interior furnishing
. Personnel recruitment & training module
. Branding support by experts


Area: 300-500 sq.ft
Investment: INR 15-18 lakhs
Expansion: Pan India
Nitin Raghav
m: +91 9582051501

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