The look that will get you hired

Gone are the days when dressing up for a job interview was all about a boring pair of trousers & shirt teamed up with a mundane bag and eyewear. An interview is one of those times where the first impression makes all the difference and what one wears does make a lot of difference. But at the same time one cannot let their outfit grab all the attention. This, in turn, makes “What to wear for the interview?” quite a dreadful question for all of us to answer.

Business people waiting for job interview

Keep it minimal, don’t go overboard with colours, avoid out of the box accessories – some of the many suggestions that we get from friends and colleagues, but in general there is no particular look which we all can blindly follow.

I personally feel that it has to be something smart enough to make you stand out, and also should be in tune with the profession you are in or wish to pursue.

For the Corporate Professionals, it should be more about a chic & classy look.

Women can opt for an elegant blouse with a formal skirt or trouser, with smart shoes and add a little hint of colour in the form of eyewear or bag.

Men on the other hand should opt for a formal shirt with trousers in well-coordinated, solid colours. The look can further be upgraded with a pair of classic eyewear and an executive bag.

For the ones from the Creative Field, it’s more important to convey their true personality – so, preferably an ensemble that is formally appropriate without compromising on the person you are.

Women can add up a little fun to their formal look with a fancy scarf, stylish footwear/bag or an edgy eyewear.

Men, on the other hand, can opt for a vibrant tie, some chunky accessory or a sassy eyewear.

And, in case of an interview with a Startup, show them you mean business with a basic look, with just about the right addition of a subtle accessory, preferably a tasteful eyewear.

So with this, it’s time to say bye to the pre-interview outfit jitters and hello to the new job. :)

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Eye makeup tips for eyeglass wearers

Perfectly winged liner, beautifully shaped eye brows, fuller lips covered by a bold lip colour, and the concealer perfectly blending with the skin complexion – getting the makeup just right is every girl’s fantasy and accept it or not, they even day-dream about it.

And more than anyone, women who wear eyeglasses are constantly wondering as to how they can attract the necessary attention to their eyes, even behind those fashionable spectacles.

club master eyeglasses

But no worries, pretty lady! We are here to provide you some easy eye makeup tips which will accentuate your beautiful eyes even behind those spectacles.

Go neutral


Yes girls, neutral is the way to go. Wear neutral eye makeup because something too bright or sparkly would, anyways, not be visible behind those eyeglasses! Also, you don’t want your eyes to disappear behind that dark eye shadow and spectacles. Do you?

Conceal the shadows

eye makeup

Brighten up your under-eye area by applying a blending concealer so that the area appears smooth and flawless. Wearing eyeglasses is likely to leave shadows under your eyes. They can also intensify your dark circles as well as the puffy bags under the eyes.

Line it up with liquid eye-liner

cat eye eyeglasses

The best part about using a liquid eye-liner is its boldness and ease of use. A liquid eye-liner will be essentially visible past the eyeglasses since it is deep and dark. Moreover, it is super easy to apply.

Mimic the eyeliner with the eyeglasses

woman eyeglasses

The thickness of your eye liner should depend on your eyeglasses.

  • With thinner frames, apply a thin liner along the entire lid of the lash line.
  • A thick line will go with thick-rimmed, bold and geeky eyeglasses.

Otherwise, there are lesser chances that a thin line would even be visible behind a thick pair of spectacles. Isn’t it?

Shine it up

recangular eyeglasses

Don’t wanna look too sober? Use a bright sparkling liner to put on your waterline and on to the inner corner of your eyes. It will add a dash of glamour to your overall neutral look and make it all the more appealing.

Brush those lashes

It’s high time that you bust the myth of not wearing mascara when donning eyeglasses. Swishing 2-3 layers of water-proof mascara on your eyelashes will only accentuate the charm of your magnificent eyes and will add to the thickness of your lashes.

And if you are worried that they will start sticking to your eyeglasses, an eye lash curler is the saviour for you! It will beautify the shape of the lashes and will also prevent them from getting in touch with your spectacles.

Define the brows

brown frame eyeglasses

Your eyebrows are an important part of your facial features. They frame your face and if done properly can instantly draw attention to your face. So, shape them to your spectacles and use a bit of eyeliner pencil along the arch to create a definite distinction.

Go bold with the lips


Since you’ll be keeping the eye makeup subtle, a bold lip colour will work wonders for your look. Ruby red, hot pink, hues of purple – put on any loud colour to complete your look. Also, don’t forget to put the blush on. It will add colour to your face and will also add shine to the apples of your cheeks.

So girls, already excited about getting it right the next time? Let us know how you do it with your spectacles on by writing in the comments section below.

And make the most of this Fall-Winter by attracting glances with your sober yet cheesy eye makeup! :)


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Eye dress to Impress


The way we carry ourselves says a lot about us. Don’t you agree?

And all of us have at one point or the other wondered whether our character gets rightly reflected in the way we dress?

latest eyeglasses

Right from chilling at a café with friends to sitting in a board meeting among officials, we are all always judged by the people on the basis of what we are wearing and the way we carry ourselves.

Keeping up with the trends without making a wrong impression is a problem that mostly all of us can relate with. But with the prices of everything constantly rising, regularly upgrading the entire wardrobe with expensive items doesn’t really sound like a practical idea.

But have you ever wondered how owning a flattering pair of eyeglasses is not only a great way of updating your look, but also how it can help us portray our true personality.

ladies eyeglasses

Afterall, right from the color to the material & the shape, our eyewear says a lot about us, and on that note I gathered some styles which will help you choose the right pair for yourself. Have a look:

For the smart business professionals 

To help make a suitable impression on your colleagues & business clients, eyeglasses in conservative frame shapes and colors should be considered.

new eyeglasses frames for men

Vincent Chase VC 6428 Tortoise Coco Wayfarer Eyeglasses

Vincent Chase VC2006 Black 1010 Women's Eyeglasses

John Jacobs Titanium S-3188 Black C7 Eyeglasses

For the spirited students

Arjun Kapoor spectacles

Due to the lack of conservative constraints, students can experiment a lot more with their looks with eyewear in unusual shapes, bright colors or with interesting details.

John Jacobs JJ 1353 Matte Black Brown P1p1eo Wayfarer Eyeglasses

John Jacobs Slim JJ 4349 Maroon S2s2eo Eyeglasses

For the serious fashion watchers

spectacle frames for women

And the serious fashion followers would always opt for the trendy pairs like these,
Lee Cooper Lc8046foa Green Tortoise L67v Women's Eyeglasses

Retain 34213 Gunmetal XYXY Aviator Eyeglasses

I hope with these you will be able to convey what you have always wanted to! So now all you need to do is to simply find the right pair for yourself.

And don’t forget to share the tips with your friends and family too.

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Strong & mighty November Born

With it being my birthday month, November is the favourite part of the year. At the onset, good memories come rushing back & keep me in high spirits – it’s a kind of feeling that mostly everyone can relate with. Birthdays are after all about fresh beginnings & anticipation for more magic & abundance of happiness, health & love coming our way.


And with the winters setting in, we get to experience the beautiful seasonal transition around this time, which for me further adds on to the festivities of the month.

Being born on the cusp of Scorpio-Sagittarius, I can say that I have a good understanding of the ones born in November and deeply admire them for their strength & willpower. No matter what profession they choose for themselves, once they set their eyes on a goal, there is no going back. Their passion drives them to achieve more & excel at what they are doing, and that, in turn, takes them to greater heights in their lives.

Here’s a look at some of the iconic personalities who were born in the month of November, who with their never-give-up attitude have come so far and have made a commendable mark in their respective fields:


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, born on November 1st, won the Miss World pageant in 1994, and since then there has been no looking back for this diva. Today, she is not only famous nationally, but also internationally and inspires millions of women across the world.


Shah Rukh Khan, born on November 2nd, popularly referred to as ‘King Khan’, has come a long way from his humble beginings. With his hard work and determination, SRK has reached a stage where he is known worldwide and is now listed among the richest stars in the world. Something that really inspires me about this superstar is that he has never let the tough times take a toll on his willpower.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli, born on November 5th, is commonly referred to as the youth icon of the country. This young Indian cricketer with his sheer hard work has achieved a lot at such a young age and that makes him a great inspiration for the youth across the country.

Kudos to these unswerving personalities and I wish these stars many more years of success.

Is there a November born friend, family or famous personality you deeply admire? Do tell us all about them & how they inspire you. :)



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5 things to do with your sunnies before winters

Ah! The feel of the chilly nights, the fire place and hot coffees, I absolutely adore the winter season.

fire place

But with less sunshine, it can surely bring the blues. I’ll definitely miss the cool summer dresses, flirty flip-flops and of course, my all-time favourite accessory – Sunglasses. My love for sunglasses is irrevocable and if you feel the same, then there is nothing that will stop you from flaunting a pair. :)

So, before winter sets in, here are five fun things we can do with our sunglasses.

Sink your teeth into sweet bliss

The cold air and ice-cream is never a good combination. I will definitely miss the refreshingly delightful popsicles & ice-creams. So, there’s no other perfect way to say goodbye to the sunny days than to put on your favourite pair of goggles and go out for ice-cream.

Bask in the sun

The days of basking in the sun and splashing in the water are almost gone. Take this opportunity and go to the beach before winter arrives. Catch the last days of the sun; swim your heart out, get a tan and that summery glow for winter. Just don’t forget to flaunt your sunglasses.

A breath of fresh air

Very few things say summer like the scenic beauty of nature. Go for a hike and admire the bright greenery with your sunglasses on. A great and perfect outdoor activity to do before the cold of winter sets in.

The perfect outing 

Picnic – one of those simple summer pleasures that are truly relaxing. Round up some easy-to-make sandwiches and games. Enjoy an effortless yet fun time with family & friends at a local park. Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses along.

Revel in the breathtaking dusk

Take an evening stroll through the neighbourhood or go for a beautiful drive up a mountainside, put on your sunnies and watch the fiery sunset. Witnessing a colorful sunset will take the sting out of the impending seasonal change.

With the arrival of winter, we’ll see shorter days, crisper weather and foggy mornings. Take advantage of the remaining warm days while they’re still hanging around. Indulge in these activities with your sunglasses for the most enjoyable end-of-sunny days and evenings. They will definitely help the transition into winter feel less chilly.

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Just like couples do

From holding hands to keeping it low profile to walking out in coordinated outfits – all of us have a distinct way of showcasing our relationship in public, with my personal favourite being the coordination of the looks!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

couples with wayfarer sunglasses

Isn’t it such a lovely sight to watch couples dressed in sync with one another?

stylish sunglasses for men and women

But the idea of matching shouldn’t mean sporting same outfits but more like dressing well as a pair. The couples shouldn’t really go overboard with the coordination bit but fashionably matched looks can make them stand out & get noticed.

Now, we have all seen a lot of couples making a statement by matching a piece of clothing or an entire outfit with their partner’s, and most of us have even tried it ourselves, but have you ever thought about taking it forward by coordinating your eyewear style with your partner’s?

If you haven’t, then you must now & give it a shot by taking some inspiration from these star couples:

sun specs for couple

You can pair it up like Jennifer Aniston and her partner Justin Theroux by opting for the same shape.

oversized sunglasses & Wayfarer shades

Or like Kate Winslet & her boyfriend by donning eyewear in the same colour shade.

So now before the next outing make sure to explore the extensive collection of eyewear at Lenskart to order a perfectly matching pair for yourself & your partner.

And while you are out there making heads turn, do capture the moment to share it here or our Instagram handle @Lenskart :)

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Dear Lenskart, thank you!

What makes Lenskart happy? Happy and satisfied customers, of course!

Well, let’s take a look at what some of the customers, who enjoyed the Home Eye Check-Up program, had to say.

home eye check up

My relationship with Lenskart

2 Mohit

Mohit Pandey, manager at American Express, Delhi – “I was looking for a good pair of frame and I saw the Lenskart advertisement. I visited the website and found it very interactive. I could see that they offered a lot of frames. I could even try it online and then I saw that if I register, I could get my First Frame Free. So, this is how my relationship with Lenskart started. Since I wanted to get my eyes rechecked as well, I asked for the Home Check-Up service. Within a day, the technical staffs came to my place fully-equipped with machines and checked my eyes. After that, I placed my order and got my spectacles very soon. I really love Lenskart.”

Convenient & fabulous

3 Bhagwant

Bhagwant Purbha, I.T. professional, Delhi – “I’ve been into purchasing online stuff for a few years now, Lenskart being the pioneer in selling lenses and spectacles. I believe Lenskart to be one of the best in the industry for selling these products. Recently, I used one of the services where Lenskart sent their professionals to my place and checked my parents’ vision. It’s a hectic job to take my parents out for eye check-ups. So, this service by Lenskart was very convenient and it was a fabulous job done. I have been using their products and their products are one of the best and the quality is pretty good. I would recommend Lenskart to others as they are one of the best in the industry and their quality is unmatched with other websites and providers.”

Being appreciated


Arjun, student, 11-years-old, Delhi – “I once went on Lenskart and saw that there were many types of frames. I browsed through the website and told my father about it. He also browsed through it and got to know that the first frame was free. He contacted them and in a day or two, a van came fully equipped with great stuff and they checked my eyes. After that, my father placed the order for the frames which arrived soon afterwards. I saw that spectacles were delicately packed, so that there would not be any damages. My father appreciated the site and I strongly recommend”

Impressed with Lenskart

Mayoor bhatiya

Mayoor Bhatia, Mumbai – “The first time I came across this website, I was a bit skeptical about the process of ordering eyeglasses online. I would ask myself whether this website is for real. After getting my eyes checked from an ophthalmologist, I mustered up courage to place an order with Lenskart. Since I use progressive lenses, I was advised by their customer service executive to get an eye checkup done by their team in Mumbai. Their team visited my workplace and they did a thorough and professional job of conducting my eye examination. They even had a few frames from which I could try. They even helped me in placing my order online. Within 6 days I received my eyeglasses in a neatly packed carton, that too with Cash on Delivery facility. I was very impressed by the quality of the frame and the lens. Based on this experience I also placed an order for powered sunglasses, which again turned out to be very impressive. Thanks to this portal, one can order and receive your eyewear from the comfort of your home. In a nutshell, Lenskart has revolutionized the way people will shop for eyewear in future.”

Job well-done

Kodak lenses

Babu Singh, Mumbai – “I just received my rimless eyeglasses with free Kodak lenses. I was apprehensive since it was my first order for eyeglasses online, but the glasses came out perfect. Your eye-check up at my office place was also good. The packaging, leather case and glasses were perfect. I will recommend it to my friends and delivery time of 2 days was just awesome though I guess being in Mumbai helps. Good job Lenskart. From now on I would buy my glasses from Lenskart.”

Making life better

Sumana Chakraborty, Calcutta – “I booked an eye check-up for mother yesterday through Lenskart. She received a call for address and time confirmation. Life has been made easy these days. An eye check-up done at home only for Rs. 100.”

The Home Check-Up program provides the best service and the best quality at the best price. It is taking shopping experience to the next level by introducing an optical shop with eye check-up equipment, right at your doorstep. Now, it’s easier for you to get a regular eye check-up or buy new spectacles.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a kind service by Lenskart. Book an appointment now.

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October: Month of oomph and talent

As the month of October draws to a close, we pay a tribute to all those Librans/Scorpions who are born dreamers and charmers. By their very nature, these people are talented and natural performers. The creative zeal within them comes to the fore as soon as they hit the stage. Most October born celebs are known for their singing talent. Here’s a list of our most loved celeb performers who have taken the world by a storm, not just with their melodious voice, but also with their impeccable sense of style.

smiling face

Gwen Stefani (Oct. 3)

She is glamorous, has a voice that can melt many a hearts and performs with such ease that everyone gets drawn into her act naturally. Gwen, a songwriter, actress and a fashion designer is known for being the jack of all trades. She emerged as a leading force in the pop music circuit in the late 20s and much like Madonna, Stefani wooed her fans with her personal style statement.

We just love her unusual sunglasses collection. Stefani sure knows to mix them well. She has one that goes with every attire!

unusual sunglass collection

Bruno Mars (Oct. 8)

This Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter stands out for being a super performer and a style icon all rolled into one. Bruno Mars often reminds me of the ultimate Pop-star Michael Jackson who is known as the king of Pop for a good reason. Like MJ carried fashion and style on his finger tips, so does Mars. he makes a statement without much ado. I adored MJ’s thick rimmed Wayfarer sunglasses as much as I love Mars in his Club masters.

Bruno Mars

John Lennon (Oct. 9)

Lennon exudes confidence and coolness as soon as he takes to the stage. His music and ideologies have left a remarkable impact on the society and so has his casual dressing style. Although, I have a round face, I love the thin wire-rimmed style of glasses that Lennon was seen sporting on most dos.

John Lennon

Ashok Kumar (Oct.13)

The legendary Ashok Kumar had an aura around him with his deep husky voice and method acting. He defined the cool-hero look in the 70s and 80s in Bollywood with his thick-rim bold frames. The glasses have made a strong comeback this season. Today, they are known as hipsters :)

Ashok Kumar

Usher (Oct.14)

Usher aka the badshah of hip-hop needs no introduction. Whether on the stage or while he is on the streets, Usher’s style stands out from miles away.  He switches his glares often and carries them with panache.

If you want to mimic Usher’s look, do not forget to compliment the attire with oversized frames. The guy just rocks this look. Something like these will work…


Eminem (Oct. 17)

13-times Grammy Award winner and popular hip-hop icon, Eminem, is quite flexible when it comes to styling. He likes to keep his fans guessing with his new look that he wears each time. But his most ardent listeners have this image of him imprinted in their minds – his head gear, leather jacket or a hoodie is what defines Eminem for them. His steel full-rim rectangular eyeglasses also used to be quite a vogue during those days but Eminem only wears them off-stage now.


Snoop Dogg (Oct. 20)

It’s not just his style of singing that is unique and refreshing. Snoop Dog has quirk written all over him. The popular rapper and hip hop artist who has churned out many a hits in his time has a penchant for eyeglasses. Whether he is on the stage performing or he is off it, one will always find Snoop Dogg with his fav big black sunglasses. He does like to mix it up once in a while with colourful rims. Here’s what we mean.

Snoop Dogg

Katy Perry (Oct. 25)

The diva is known to set the stage on fire as soon as she steps on it! Her eclectic style combined with her melodious voice makes Perry one of the most successful performers of her time. She has never shied away from sporting quirky fashion accessories and loves to experiment with a new look very often. If you are the sorts who don’t like to stick to a certain style in eyewear, you will love what Perry does. Her style is often punchy with a touch of retro.

Katy Perry

Eyeball grabbing styles, aren’t they? If you are born in October and have a thing for stylish eyewear like our favorite celebs, tell us about your mantra in the comments below.

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It’s Happy New Year on Diwali!

For years now, it has become customary for Bollywood to release a big banner flick at Diwali time. We’re not sure what the reason is, since more than half the cinemagoers are busy with festivities and have no time for movie watching, but one big flick awaits us every Diwali. Perhaps, it’s just a lucky time!

So, on 2014’s Diwali, silver screen’s shining bright with Farah Khan directorial and SRK starrer Happy New Year.

Well, the movie looks so bright and loud, befitting the festival of lights and sound, that Bollywood bugs will definitely check it out over the weekend. I’ll try my luck too – but hoping against hope to lay my hands on the tickets.

However, all said and done, what really caught my attention in the above banner were the smart blue sunglasses all these superstars are wearing. Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani and Sonu Sood, minus the glam doll Deepika Padukone, are wearing these chic blue tinted sunglasses, which now I want.

SRK in happy new year

And this banner’s not it! The star cast of Happy New Year seems to be making quite a statement with the sunglasses in the movie as a whole too. Loud, jazzy outfits, groovy music and haute sunnies – a perfect Bollywood masala, eh!

Oh, how I love the mirrored classic Aviators worn by Deepika and Shahrukh in their Slam Tour poster for the movie. Their striking blue ensembles, accessorized with dynamic sunglasses complete the look! Abhishek Bachchan and veteran Boman Irani’s vougish D-shaped sunglasses, Vivaan’s Wayfarers and Sonu’s Aviators are high on style quotient too!

star cast of happy new year

And how can’t they be style conscious before taking off for the promotional tour to the U.S.? The superstar cast of the film along with director Farah Khan and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh dazzled at the Mumbai Airport with Shahrukh, Deepika, Sonu, Abhishek, and Honey donning sassy and peppy sunglasses.

shahrukh khan with dipika

It seems that the whole team is too fond of flashy Aviators as they can be spotted on Shah Rukh, Abhishek, Boman, Sonu and Vivaan in the song ‘India Waale’ from the movie.

Renowned for his acting skills, this actor sure knows how to carry off this quirky and unconventional look. Playing the role of Tammy in the movie, Boman Irani absolutely sweeps this look with the swanky sunglasses on.

dipika padukone

And personifying finesse, refinement and timelessness, the vintage Aviators again make their appearances, coupled with retro-chic outfits, redefining eccentricity and class.

Recreating the retro mood with this gaudy golden outfit in the song ‘Nonsense ki Night’, the funky round sunglasses accentuates their queerness.

And once again during the Slam Tour, the actors decked up in passionate regalia, and Aviators added a dash of spunk to their personalities. And Vivaan adorning vintage Wayfarers made his own style statement.

Well, I think now you do know what to add to your collection of sunglasses this season, isn’t it? With these hotties spotting them everywhere with all kinds of outfits, you are sure to rock with these sunglasses too. And hey, don’t forget to catch up on the movie this weekend for entertainment, fun and frolic! I hope you get inspired and experiment with your look.

And wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali :)

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5 essential eye-care tips for a safe Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The festival is most enjoyed with house decorations and lightings, gifting, rangolis and fireworks.


Though Diwali celebrations mean a lot of fun and enjoyment, there is a need to be careful during this festival of lights. With incidents of eye injuries and even loss of eye-sight being reported every year, it’s crucial to take safety measures. Eye care is essential during Diwali. Fire cracker-related eye injuries could cause grave and irreversible danger.

While enjoying the festival to its fullest, here are five simple safety tips for your eyes during Diwali:

Maintain a safe distance

If you want to witness the colourful display of fireworks, do it at a safe distance. This will ensure that no debris will fall on your eyes and since you are not in the proximity, you are safe from any sort of danger.

Use protective glasses or eye-wear

Children should not be left unsupervised. It is highly advisable for kids and adults alike to wear safety goggles. This will prevent debris and smoke from fire crackers from entering your eyes.

Safety glasses are highly recommended for those individuals lighting the fireworks and those individuals in close proximity to the fireworks.

Wash your eyes

In the event of an eye injury, do not rub your eyes. If there are any particles inside your eyes, it will scratch your eyeballs and this will cause further damage. Instead, wash your eyes with clean water for about 10 minutes and after that visit an eye doctor at the earliest.

No contact lenses

contact lenses

If you’re a contact lens wearer, it is advisable not to wear them while watching or bursting fireworks. Contact lenses may cause irritation to the eyes if exposed to high heat for a long time.

Wash hands thoroughly

hand wash

Make sure you wash your hands properly after making a rangoli or handling fireworks, and before you touch your eyes. The coloured powder, chalk powder and chemicals from the crackers may cause eye irritation and itchiness.

Remember – prevention is better than cure.

Even though fireworks may be pretty and bright, it is best to stay away from them. Do not let children light crackers. If there are fireworks, there should always be adult supervision. These precautions can go a long way to ensure a safe Diwali for you, your family & friends and your loved ones.

Have a safe and happy Diwali folks. :)

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