Breaking down the eyewear stereotypes

Glasses make faces!

Gone are the days when public’s perception of eyeglasses & the people who wear them were stereotyped. From an Ugly Betty or a Jassi, to Naina (aka Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani) and Sabrina (aka Vidya Balan in No One Killed Jessica), may have somehow tried to add that hint of simplicity, geekiness or even ugliness to the characters with specs, but there are numerous cases to prove that eyeglasses are indeed a fashionistas favourite accessory, and that it’s time to break the stereotypes attached to specs wearers.

After all, ‘Specsy’ is the new adjective for all the haute people out there! Isn’t it?

men women eyeglasses

Here’s my take on busting the common myths about the bespectacled.

Geek is the new chic

thick rimmed spectacle frames

How do we normally perceive a ‘geek’? They’re often depicted with thick rimmed frames, formal shirts, weird looking sweater vests and, of course, someone who lacks socials skills.

geek culture

But with the increased popularity of the geek culture, somehow everyone’s perspective of what geeky looks like has changed. Today, the thick rimmed eyeglasses, which were famously tagged to geeks, have become downright trendy & chic, making them the ‘it’ accessory.

thick rimmed eyeglasses


cat-eye spectacles

There was a time when cat-eye styles were popularly associated with librarians. They were depicted as women who are old, tie a high bun with a perpetual frown on their face & would don the cat-eye spectacles.


Well, not anymore. Lately, this retro-inspired eyewear shape is perfect for ladies who want to add a little whimsy character to their looks. The upswept style is no longer tied to your typical ‘librarian’ look. They are the eyeglasses which will truly complement & complete your ultra-stylish look.

retro-inspired eyewear shape

No more the 4-eyed nerd

Women Eyeglasses

Do you remember how, in school, the bespectacled kid was always tagged as nerdy or studious? Or that shabbily clad office colleague with outdated eyeglasses? ‘Behenji’ became a common label. Didn’t it? But, it’s time to grow up a little and open our eyes to the bespectacled beauties.

we love eyeglasses

Designers & fashionistas all over the world are shattering the ‘nerdy’ images by making eyeglasses a trendy accessory. While the obvious reason remains the same, which is to correct one’s vision, spectacles have transcended to become an excellent way to express your style statement; nothing speaks more about individuality than eyeglasses.

range of eyeglasses

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4 winter styles you can easily adopt

With winter chill still making us cuddle up, it seems as if Mr. Frost isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. If you’re like me, who simply adores the cold weather, I’m pretty sure you love going out during winters too; whether it’s brunch with family or movie dates or shopping with friends.

And I love to dress up for the winters too. There’s so much you can try and still look haute!

Now, read on to know how you can look absolutely chic in winters. Try these 4 looks – for both men and women – and make heads turn!


The ‘meet-cute’ look

Have you ever noticed how in Hollywood romantic comedies, the characters are always dressed to the ‘T’. Well, here’s my take on the ‘meet-cute’ look.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

For you guys out there – a navy blue blazer well-paired with dark blue denims – finished with a pair of brown laced loafers. Finally, accessorize your look with a tan satchel and the oh-so-retro browline sunnies.

pair of cat-eye frames

For the girly-girl – to get this cute look all you need is a monochrome blouse tucked neatly inside a slightly plaited red leather skirt. Then, pair them with black stockings & black booties. The mustard scarf adds to the feminine charm. Last but not the least, a pair of cat-eye frames will definitely make you look uber-chic.

The casual-chic ensemble

This look is perfect for college students. Who says you can’t be stylish and scholastic at the same time?

round or a rectangular frame

A favourite among men this season is the tartan shirt. You simply cannot go wrong with the blue denim & green cardigan paired with tartan shirt. Add a manly appeal with a pair of brown boots and of course a pair of thick rimmed eyeglasses. Go for a round or a rectangular frame.

Round eyeglasses

Boyfriend jeans are still a hot item. Team it up with a light somber coloured sweater & a grey jacket. Add a touch of feminine grace with a pair of black pumps. Oh yes! Round eyeglasses are the perfect accessory for this look.

The classy demeanor

Do you have a meeting to attend? Well, opt for a similar look like this to make a good first impression!

pair of round diva sunglasses

This classy get-up is to die for! The knee-high boots are perfectly paired with the plaited skirt & white turtle neck blouse. To beat the chill, put on the sleeveless overcoat – a must-have this season. Sum up this classy look with a pair of round diva sunglasses.

pair of smart rectangular spectacles

For all you corporate men – ditch the suit & tie and try something unique. Put on a light sweater over a white shirt & a pair of denims (or dark slim trousers). A pair of tan leather formal shoes & tweed jacket will add wonders to the whole ensemble. Finally, finish your look with a pair of smart rectangular spectacles!

The rockstar gear

A definite favourite of mine, the rockstar look is edgy, comfortable and casual.

25 Great New Outfits For Your Winter Lookbook - Style Estate -

Girls, to pull of this look boldly – a leather jacket is must-have. Match it with a pair of denims, a white tee & leopard print loafers. To stand out, don a pair of striking sunglasses with gradient lenses

pair of the classic Aviators

Yes guys, put on a leather jacket on top of a tartan shirt, dark jeans and black boots. Drape a woolen scarf & put on a beanie, complete your look with a pair of the classic Aviators.

There you go! My current favourite looks for winter, which I will definitely give it a try and so should you! Don’t forget to add the all-time cherished accessory to complete the look! :)

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6 sunglasses you must own

Classic styles that you can carry off every season. And here are six of those. You just can’t not have these in your wardrobe. Other styles may come and go, but these shall stick around forever.

Classic Pilots

Think Tom Cruise in Top Gun, think classic, and think iconic. Yes, think Aviators.

Classic Aviators

Do you know anyone who doesn’t look good wearing the pilot shape? Introduced by Ray-Ban as Aviator sunglasses, pilots are a delight to eyes and for eyes. Now, you don’t have to get all Dabangg to own these shades. Buy the colour and size that goes well with your personality. My personal favourite is THE classic golden frame with green lenses.

classic golden frame with green lenses

The evergreen blue!The evergreen blue!

classic Aqua

A big shout out to the classic Aqua. Seasons may come and go, but the truly natural blue colour stays. Buy sunglasses in whatever shape (Aviators, Wayfarers, Cat Eye etc.), but make sure you have at least one Aqua colour. And don’t worry you don’t just have to wear them with blue ensemble.

velvet aviators

Bold & Beautiful WayfarerBold & Beautiful Wayfarer

The iconic Wayfarer sunglasses are a timeless trend. And it’s no surprise that they are a favourite among celebrities and general population. This cherished eyewear had had its ups and down. But, of late, the style is coming back with a vengeance and it is here to stay. The Wayfarer will, no doubt, set you class apart.


Mirror Look

Reviving the 80’s vibrant trend with the mirrored sunglasses was a perfect idea. These attention grabbing sunnies are a favourite choice among the fashion conscious individuals.

Mirror wayfarers

The retro mirrored sunglasses come in pretty much all shapes and sizes. The unique feature of the mirrored sunglasses is the rainbow hued lenses. But mirrored lenses can never go wrong with a quintessential frame. An example of this style is a mirrored Aviator which will exude a mysterious yet confident persona. If you’re man who means business, the mirrored sunglasses is the way to go.

Blue mirror wayfarer

Matte Gradient

A subtle style that shows the strength of your character like nothing else. Matte frames paired with gradient lenses, and you’re ready for an intense look.

Matte Gradient

Tempting Velvet

Defining modern sassiness, glamour and class like never before, the Velvet sunglasses are simply irresistible.

valvet wayfarer


So, don’t think. Log on to and find all of these styles. Buy the ones you don’t still have! :)

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Have a Spec-tacular 2015

Love fashion! Love eyewear! This year, celebrate innovation and vision without boundaries, in style with Lenskart.

Lenskart presents Vincent Chase eyeglasses which are stylish and will give you a feeling of calmness for all your senses. So, let’s go on an eyewear odyssey to find the most exclusive pair of Vincent Chase eyeglasses.

The rimless beauties


The Vincent Chase VC 0332 Silver Blue eyeglasses are constructed with the finest material for high durability and to give enhanced vision. This rimless pair comes with the concept of seeing without barriers. The minimalistic design of the frame will bring out a sense of classiness in the wearer.  

With a dedication to create the very best for the bespectacled are the Vincent Chase VC 5882 Gunmetal rimless eyeglasses. The eyeglasses are so lightweight and comfortable; it’s almost as if you don’t have anything on your eyes. Crafted for both men and women, the Gunmetal rimless specs are made with stainless steel for simplicity and functionality.

These Vincent Chase rimless spectacles are specially designed for the prestige-oriented people. Express your high lifestyle standards in your outlook as well and flaunt a pair to celebrate a new you this year.

The pristine blinkers

  Synonymous with innovative and quality craftsmanship is the Vincent Chase VC be 1386 Grey Red half-rim eyeglasses. Made with cutting-edge design and technology, the eyeglasses are stylish and highly functional. In order to maximize optical performance, the finest materials are used to craft the frame. Designed for men and women, the eyeglasses work well for people whose style is classic, smart and sensible.

This half-rim eyewear by Vincent Chase can be inherently linked with fashion with a certain level of prestigious class. Committed to provide the highest quality eyewear, the Vincent Chase VC be 1383 Brown eyeglasses are elegant, stylish and highly functional. The classic styling is meshed with modern designs and youthful influences. With a timeless sense of style, this eyewear is a prime example for the sophisticated souls.

The perfect amalgamation of ease, class and chicness, these Vincent Chase half-rim spectacles will serve as the ideal accessory in 2015 for the perfectionist.

The retro cheaters


The Vincent Chase VC 6432 Tortoise eyeglasses are created for the independent-minded individuals who have an eye for the old school charm. With a seamless fusion of new techniques and timeless designs, this retro-inspired eyewear will allow the wearer to boldly stand out from the crowd. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and the finest of materials, not only providing style, the Vincent Chase Tortoise spectacles are practical as well.   

Celebrate the understated elegance with the Vincent Chase VC 6429 Black Red eyeglasses. Known to make exquisite eyewear, this Vincent Chase Wayfarer frame is carved with the state-of-the-art materials to provide durability and functionality. With contemporary styling, this Wayfarer reflects an obvious traditional design that emits subtle glamour.

As Vincent Chase pays homage to vintage designs, embark the New Year with a distinctive flair with these classic spectacles.

While you journey into a new year, make a style resolution to always look your best effortlessly. Make a seamless transition from the smart to casual look with these six best choices of eyewear. There is no denying that these eyeglasses will up your style statement by a notch.

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Eye-popping trends of 2015

Come new year, and all fashionistas want to know what’s in store for them.

So, here it is – a complete lowdown on the eyewear fashion that you’d want to ape.

In 2015, everyone’s favourite accessory is taking a U-turn, bringing back the yesteryear styles, but with over-the-top modish designs. And trust me! These sunglasses and eyeglasses are adorable, chic and to die for.

So, put on your shades and look at what’s on the horizon for the eyewear trends in 2015.



The year 2015 will see the revival of the bright, candy coloured frames. They are perfect for the impending spring and summer months. These energetic and confident hued sunglasses will come in innovative and unique shapes. But if you’re someone who adores the old school charm, they are also available in Wayfarers and round frames.

Wayfarers and aviators

It’s not just the candy coloured frames that will have eyes popping. Colourful mirrored lenses will make another trendy round this year. With celebs and fashionistas all flaunting a pair, these beloved mirrored sunnies are not going anywhere.

women sunglasses

Pair these vibrant goggles with a classic monotone outfit and you’re all set to make heads turn.


white eyeglasses

If you are the one who loves the sombre trends, then there is nothing better than these white frames. They were quite fashionable in the 90s but this year, with a slightly different interpretation of the trend, these sunglasses and eyeglasses will give you a classy and chic look.

Available in all elegant forms and shapes, confidently pick a pair for a stunning look. Flaunt a pair with a matching white ensemble or a flashy outfit.

women cat eye sunglasses


retro style sunglasses

This year will mark the renovation of the classics. Global fashion houses are reviving these vintage styles and they are definitely proving themselves worthwhile. With flattering contemporary designs, these retro frames are adorned with everything, from flowers to animal print, and from basic blacks to sassy colours. Round, cat-eye or brow-line style, these frames will not fail to make you look devastatingly chic.

The retro sunglasses or eyeglasses will certainly add a dash of old-school flair to your look.

women eyeglasses


oversize sunglasses

The ombre effect sunglasses are the new and catchy interpretation of the 70s trend. Flirty and playful, these sunglasses were a hit in 2014; however, this trend will not be fading away very soon. With designers like Roberto Cavalli and Valentino as the best source of inspiration, we will see them as a favourite this year.

oversize women sunglasses


cat-eye style

Out-of-the-ordinary designs and detailing, eyewear designers are going bold and risky with these heavily embellished sunglasses. They feature brow lines that are decorated with colourful semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and studs. The frames are laced with fabrics and motifs. These extravagant, yet elegant eyeglasses are available in many shape and size, but the cat-eye style seems to be a favourite among divas and rightly so!

A new year means a new trend, which basically means a new look. So, go ahead and experiment with these modish, yet vintage designs. The 2015 eyewear trends are targeting the eyewear trendsetter. Each one of these goggles and spectacles are a masterpiece that is an ideal addition to any kind of ensemble.

I personally fell in love with the stylish and elegant elements of these eyewear, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. :)




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Lenskart in 2014 – Taking vision far and wide

With 2014 coming to an end, it is the perfect time to reminisce and cherish the joyous year that was. The smell of festivity is in the air, and there are more than one reason to celebrate at Lenskart offices.

This past year was, indeed, a fruitful one for Lenskart – which spread the joy of clear vision across the country. The online optical store spread its wings, reaching every nook and corner of the country, touching the lives of millions of people in India.

It has, indeed, been a year of milestones for Lenskart. Let’s take a look at how Lenskart took the country by storm.

Spreading the joy of clear vision across India

lenskart optical store (2)

With a vision to provide clear vision to all Indians, Lenskart embarked on an offline journey by opening its first franchise store in Chandigarh. This marked the brand’s first store outside Delhi for the first time.

first franchise store in Chandigarh

lensakart store

Not restricting itself to the metropolitan cities, Lenskart has opened its stores in Tier II and III towns as well. Today, Lenskart has more than 40 stores in various cities, offering personalized, one-on-one service to reinforce the trust factor and commitment to enhance the overall eyewear shopping experience.

Home Try-on becomes more portable & profitable

Home Try-On program

With the launching of the Home Try-On program, Lenskart took a step forward to bring convenience to your doorstep, no matter where you are in India. This year, they took the effort of making the HTO program as mobile as possible with the ‘Optos on Bike’ initiative. These customized bikes are fully equipped with portable eye check-up machineries.

customized Lenskart bikes

The customized Lenskart bikes don’t just make our Home Try-On service faster, they have also created entrepreneurs out of Optos. A very lucrative career option, our bike home eye check-up service also makes these professionals realize their dream of a business venture.

Bringing convenience to your doorstep

Home try on

Lenskart took the online shopping experience to the next level with the launching of the Try at Home service.

Try at Home program

The Try at Home program is a service where customers can choose up to 5 frames and try them at the comfort of their home before making a final purchase. With the ‘touch and feel’ segment, the customers can now find their perfect pair without any hesitation.

Nothing but excellence

Lenskart Laboratory 1

With an aspiration to provide the best, Lenskart Laboratory unveiled one of the world’s most advanced robotic technologies in the month of September.

Lenskart Laboratory

Lenskart Laboratory

This state-of-the-art machinery is used to make the most excellent lenses for your eyeglasses. The lenses go through detailed processes to achieve the final dimension and tolerances. Incomparable to local optician, this advanced equipment is guaranteed to provide the finest lenses for your precious eyesight.

India’s leading shopping portal for eyewear, Lenskart has never failed to satisfy their customers. With the youthful tagline, ‘Log On, Play On!’ Lenskart has changed the way Indians looked at online shopping. In the last three years, Lenskart has seen a remarkable growth, with 10 Lakh satisfied customers. With a vision for 2015, Lenskart aims to be the best at what they do.


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Lenskart ‘eye’cons of 2014

With the last few days of the year remaining, the festive fever is at an all-time high. And it’s the perfect time to introspect, to sit back and look back at the past year, to cherish the good things that happened and to celebrate the happiness which came our way.

And for Lenskart, it has been a super-busy, yet a super-adventurous year! By blending the latest fashion trends with superior quality and creating highly affordable yet fashionable eyewear, this year has been no less than a roller-coaster ride.

So, now we’re going to a fashionable journey, showcasing the best of eyewear collections of 2014, created by Lenskart, which adorned the peepers of the young and old alike.

Beating the heat with jazzy sunnies

jazzy sunnies

The summer of 2014 saw some of the best of sunglasses collections created by youth’s favourite brand, Vincent Chase. The favorite among youngsters, Vincent Chase is known for fabricating eyewear inspired from the runway, as well as high-street fashion trends. So, let’s have a look at what it had to offer in the summer of 2014!

Vincent Chase Velvet Collection

Vincent Chase Velvet Collection

Defining sassiness, glamour and class like never before, the Vincent Chase Velvet Collection featured such modish sunglasses which were simply irresistible.


Vincent Chase Revo Collection

Vincent Chase Revo Collection

VC revo Collection

Embedded with the most high-contrast polarized lenses crafted using Light Management System (LMS) lens technology, the Vincent Chase Revo Collection was one of its kind. Exuding charisma, flamboyance and enigma, the sunglasses ooze a distinctive appeal.

Vincent Chase Air Collection

Vincent Chase Air Collection

Especially for the sports junkies who love to sweat it out even the blazing heat, Vincent Chase came up with the sports-oriented Vincent Chase Air Eyeglasses Collection.

Vincent Chase Stardom Collection

Vincent Chase Stardom Collection

Oh, how each one of us loves the classic Aviators! Totally inspired by the favorite choice of our favorite celebrities, the Vincent Chase Stardom Collection beholds the sunglasses for the fashionable and trendy youth.

John Jacobs Slim Eyeglasses Collection

John Jacobs Slim Eyeglasses Collection

Keeping in mind the young and ambitious men and women, John Jacobs came up with an ultra-slim collection of eyewear in the autumn of 2014. Highly versatile and the perfect contemporary fashion statement, all the eyeglasses in this collection defined grace, passion as well as sophistication like never before!

John Jacobs Wooden Odyssey Collection

John Jacobs Wooden Odyssey Collection

Mirroring the organic feel of the weather, John Jacobs fashioned up the Wooden Odyssey Collection in the winters of 2014. Organic, ultra-comfortable and handcrafted, the assortment of eyewear redefines the old world charm.

John Jacobs Fiber Steel Collection

John Jacobs Fiber Steel Collection

Pristine, sheer and most subtle in its appeal – the John Jacobs Fiber Steel Collection promises the touch of elegance, like no other. Sleek, svelte and classic in design and styling, no one can resist such a vintage range of eyewear.

So, this was what the year was like for Lenskart – extravagant and adventurous! :)

Now, we also advice you to sit down and look back at your happy moments of this year, before you start preparing that list of your never ending new year resolutions.

By the way, you can also tell us in the comments section about your favorite collection amongst these and many more!

Signing off till the next blog! Wishing you a very happy New Year in advance. :)

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Unraveling tales – Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

Being an Optometrist is not easy! But how about being an Optometrist on a Bike?

Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

In its effort to take eye check-up to your doorstep, no matter where you are in India, Lenskart took a step towards making Optos as mobile as possible. The customized Lenskart bikes don’t just make our Home Try-On service faster, they have also created entrepreneurs out of Optos. A very lucrative career option, our bike home eye check-up service also makes these professionals realize their dream of a business venture.

With some Optos already having joined the bandwagon, every day we hear interesting, emotional, heart-warming, at times even annoying stories, of their visits to customers’ houses and offices. While they’re happy with what they’re doing and at the fact that they’re making more money than a usual Opto job, it’s also not easy being out and about.

Let’s take you through their journeys.

Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

An international experience

For someone like Amrutraj Desai, an Optometrist located in Bangalore, working with Lenskart for the Home Eye Checkup program is a way of extending his care and affection towards the fellow human kind. Beholding compassion, faith and hope and four years of experience as an Optometrist, Lenskart’s Home Eye Checkup service has enabled him to render his service to others.

When asked about his personal experiences with the customers, he gladly spills the tales out. He proudly narrated how, once when he was called for an eye checkup, he came across Augustine, a 43-year-old South African patient who was suffering from paralysis. Seeking the endeavor as treating a guest in our country, Desai happily conducted the eye test, and our international customer, elated by Lenskart’s service, placed the order without a moment’s delay. To him, it felt like reaching out to customers on a global level.

Being professional

Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

From Gautam Nagar, Tazeem lends his services to about seven people per day. When asked about specific age groups, he responds, saying “there are no age-specifications. I have visited people who are 20 to 50 years of age.” While on duty, the one thing that brightens Tazeem’s day is the excitement the customers show when he sets up his eye checkup equipment in their living room. He says the curious and enthusiastic customers feel that the Home Eye Check-up is a unique program. “Business is good. The experience is also very good,” he says.

Anshuman- Lenskart’s OptometristsAnshuman, who prefers to maintain a professional outlook, says that the Home Eye Check-up program has been a good experience. Travelling from one end of Delhi to the other is what keeps him going. “The business has been good so far, with not a single glitch. On a normal day, I visit up to five customers. But when duty calls, I even service 10 customers in a day,” he says. Anshuman believes that Home Eye Check-up program has broadened his business venture.

A happy encounter

Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

Had it not been for Lenskart, Yogesh Godiyal, would never have even dreamt of meeting the veteran Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar. Once when Godiyal was stepping out of a customer’s house after conducting the check-up in Mumbai, he was pleasantly surprised on bumping into “Dilip saab” who lived in the neighborhood.

Godiyal’s happiness bubbled up even further when the legendary actor stepped forward and conversed with him about Lenskart’s service. On cloud nine, it was the most memorable moment of his life.

Apart from this surprise in disguise, “Lenskart has provided me a very beneficial opportunity in the form of this unique service. It allows me to reach out to a large number of customers as compared to working in an optical store, where opportunities are scarce and unprofitable,” says Yogesh.

Passionately ambitious

Passionately ambitiousYoung, passionate and truly ambitious, Ankit Bisth, the 20-year-old Optometrist surprised us with his age as well as his passion for his profession. Hailing from Dehdradun, Bisth already has acquired one-and-a-half years of experience in his field at such a young age.
Following his friend Yogesh Godiyal’s (another Optometrist at Lenskart) footsteps, it has been a delightful opportunity for the young Optometrist. Channeling through the busy streets of New Delhi, Bisth has mostly come across elderly patients who have often praised Lenskart’s HEC service saying “Lenskart’s service is the best.” He feels proud that he is able to provide the customers of all ages with a crystal clear vision.

Yogesh Godiyal’s (another Optometrist at LenskartAs far as the HEC program’s reach is concerned, Manoj Kumar has even paid a visit to the Kalakhera village in the NCR. Benevolent and compassionate, traversing through the narrow lanes in search of the customer’s location, Kumar gladly extended his knowledge and expertise to curious minds he came across there.

He even participated in a free of cost eye testing camp put up by Lenskart earlier in December, for the poor and needy.

About experience of visiting people’s homes and office, he insists that he has always been treated with respect and welcomed with smiles. Despite super tiring days of travelling more than 100 km day, Manoj sleeps off every night with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Shadab rides along with Manoj. An Optical Specialist by profession, Shadab carries around 150 different frames with him, a norm of the Home eye check-up service. He helps the customer to choose what kind of frames and lenses would suit them best. On one of his visits, he narrates, a lady offered him beverages, food and magazines to read, while Manoj conducted the eye examination on her children. He is overwhelmed with the kind and courteous nature of the customers.

Superheroes in disguise

Vijendra has been working as an Opto on Bike for 2 months now. When asked whether he has come across people who are otherwise healthy and capable, he benevolently said, “Sau mein se dus chal nahi sakte. Business is better, but helping people in need is more motivating.”

Nagendra is a 25-year-old Optometrist. Although it has only been a month since he joined Lenskart’s Optos on Bike, he says it has been a good experience. He has rendered his services to people as young as 14 years of age.

Nagendra admits that at times, he faces difficulties travelling miles between appointments. But he understands that he has to keep up and not disappoint the customers. 42-year-old, Yashpal Arora was discouraged with a bad experience, but when Nagendra visited him, he was quite impressed with the service and even gave a 5 Star rating for Lenskart.

Treading the length and breadth of the cities, with bags full of experiences, happiness and contentment, Lenskart’s ‘Optos on bikes’ go about providing the perfect vision to thousands of customers every day. They selflessly work so as to enable the customers to see the world in all its shine. The amount of hardwork and proficiency which they practice is commendable and highly appreciable. And not to forget, the lucrative career option they have found in this franchisee option.

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What to gift this Christmas

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

The town is painted in bright hues of red and decorated with fairy lights – it’s Christmas finally! Munching on freshly baked scrumptious cookies, cakes and muffins, singing carols with friends and family and exchanging Christmas presents – the winter festival simply brings heaps of joy, bliss, warmth and laughter to all our lives.


Though few may admit, but we are all excited about the gifting part. After all, who doesn’t like surprises and presents. :)

So, here are some eyewear which I think will make the perfect Christmas gifting option.

For your charming Grandpa

Round frames

rectangular frame

Add a retro twist to your charming Grandpa’s subtle demeanor, with a pair of geeky round or Wayfarer eyeglasses. They will reflect his collective wisdom and sophistication, which he has carried all these years.

For your charming Granny

Half rim eyeglasses

Wayfarer frame from Ray-Ban

Grannies are undeniably the sweetest and the most amazing storytellers. So, add an aesthetic edge to your lovely lady’s appearance by gifting her either a half-rim pair or a Wayfarer frame from Ray-Ban. They will define her charm, subtlety and grace.

For Daddy dearest

pair of Clubmaster

stylish half-rim frame

Immaculate, refined and the gentleman of the house, your Daddy dearest deserves the best! So this year, gift him an impeccable pair of Clubmaster or stylish half-rim frame. Both the frames are ultra-stylish and just perfect for the sophisticated gentleman that your dad is!

For the ever-smiling Momma

Cat-eye frame

Cat-eye eyeglasses frame

Add a little quirk to your super mom’s style statement which is also defined by her feminine charm, subtlety and simplicity. Offbeat, eccentric and absolutely retro, a Cat-eye frame will enhance your mommy’s grace and reflect her kind attitude. Since she is the most special lady of your life, make her feel more special by gifting her a special and distinctive present, this Christmas!

For the handsome hunk

Wayfarer style frame

Ray-Ban Aviators

Whether you plan to gift a single pair or both of these, your brother is absolutely going to love this Christmas present from you! Sexy, super classy and uber-cool, a Wayfarer style frame or Ray-Ban Aviators will amplify his oomph and charisma.

For the stylish Sis

swanky eyeglasses


Glamorous, stunning and defining high street fashion, every sister in the world would die for such ultra-chic and jazzy eyewear for a Christmas present. So, let your sister rock the runway look with either of these swanky eyeglasses or sunnies.

For the crazy BFF or the better half


sports sunglasses

Your partner in crime bestie and even your sweetheart will fall flat for you once again when they receive this appealing surprise from you. Ultra-chic, snazzy and full of aplomb, these pairs will make them stand out of the crowd.

Be it my cute li’l sister or my ever smiling granny, I always make it a point to give a special surprise to each and every one in my family and all my friends.

And this year, in order to add a zing of oomph and charisma to everyone’s appearance in this festive season, I have decided to gift an ultra-stylish pair of eyewear to all near and dear ones. Highly functional and an unbeatable fashion accessory, eyewear are a must have nowadays.

So, I hope you like the list of gifting ideas, which I have prepared and make this Christmas merry for your loved ones!

Enjoy the feast and tie these presents on the huge Christmas tree at your place. :)

Merry Christmas folks!


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A tribute to the unknown ‘Eye’cons

With innovative styles and concepts, the world of eyewear has come a long way. Although, not a single person has ever been identified as the inventor of eyewear. The architects and designers have gone unappreciated and unrecognized. Here’s a tribute honoring the legends, who revolutionized the eyewear industry.

Hail! Mr. Wayfarer Man

Mr. Wayfarer Man

The revolutionary Wayfarers were manufactured by Ray-Ban in 1956.


Raymond Stegeman – Not known to many people, Raymond Stegeman was the brain behind the iconic Wayfarer sunglasses. An optical designer by profession, Stegeman broke away from the metal frames and took advantage of the then-new plastic molding technology. Stegeman designed the Wayfarers which marked the transition of eyewear made from thin metal frames to an era of plastic eyewear.

Raymond Stegeman

In the 50s, the iconic frame quickly became popular among the public, bringing life to the Wayfarer phenomenon. Considered a classic, the Wayfarer has had its ups and downs in the fashion industry and among the general public. Its popularity declined the following decade. In the mid-2000s, after redesigning smaller and lighter frames, it made another comeback. Since then, Wayfarers are considered an evergreen & iconic eyewear making them a bestselling item around the globe.

The power of two

Bausch and lomb

Bausch & Lomb was founded by business partners John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb in Rochester, New York, in 1853.

Henry Lomb

John Jacob Bausch – As a youth, Bausch was apprenticed to an eyeglasses maker, and also worked as a lens grinder in Switzerland. In 1850, he immigrated to the United States. For several years, he struggled to support himself and his wife in Rochester. While working as a wood turner, he met with an accident which resulted in the severing of several parts of fingers. After recuperating, he started working as a peddler of eyeglasses. Although business was slow, in 1853, he opened a store and offered his services as ‘J.J. Bausch, Optician’.

John Jacob Bausch

Henry Lomb – Born in 1828 in Burgham, Germany, Lomb immigrated to the United States in 1849. He was trained and worked as a cabinet maker in Rochester before he joined Bausch. Lomb apprenticed himself to Bausch to learn the optician’s trade. He invested his savings of $60 in the business to help Bausch’s business with the promise that, if the business ever grew to such an extent that he needed a partner, Lomb would be brought in.

Over the decades, Bausch and Lomb continued to flourish as a manufacturer of optical products for personal, commercial and scientific use. Today, it tops as a leading company in the eyewear industry. Some of its most lucrative patents since the 1950s have included Cinemascope camera lens, Ray-Ban sunglasses and soft contact lenses. Today, it is one of the oldest firms operating in the U.S., focusing exclusively on eye-related products.

The lady behind the mask

Cat-eye or Upswept eyeglasses

The Harlequin frames are popularly known as Cat-eye or Upswept eyeglasses.


Altina Schinasi – She was born in the year 1907. An American artist, filmmaker, designer and inventor, she was best known for designing the Harlequin eyeglasses frame. Schinasi was uninspired by the frames found in the optician’s store. She envisioned eyewear that conveyed mystery and romance. Aroused by the Harlequin mask, she designed the Cat-eye frames in the 30s. In 1939, Schinasi won the Lord and Taylor’s annual American Design Award for revolutionizing the eyewear industry.

Altina Schinasi

Popularized in the 50s and 60s, Cat-eye glasses became synonymous with secretaries and librarians. The horn-rim edge design was aesthetic and unique, and thus became notable in Hollywood. They were made widely popular by fashion icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage. Revived recently by celebrities like Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba and Dita Von Teese, they are still a favourite among divas.

Eyewear has become an integral part of our lives. Without eyeglasses and sunglasses, our lives would seem empty, don’t you think? But most importantly, without these iconic figures with a vision, the world of spectacles would not be the same.


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