Too good to be free

Everything comes for a price and there are no exceptions to this rule. Take stylish spectacles and you know what we are talking about. The more the spectacle is in demand, the pricier it is. For those who do not want to compromise on slick designs because they are way too expensive, there is a way around this as well. Watch out for discounts and offers and shop during that period. This way you get the best and don’t feel a pinch on your wallet.


Style and more for Free!

When it comes to unbeatable offers and discounts on a wide range of products, nothing can beat Their offers are genuine and make you feel like you have cracked a great deal. Take the “First Frame Free” campaign that the company launched long time ago – the offer saw millions logging into the site and going into a buying spree.  Imagine getting a top-notch brand like, Vincent Chase frame worth Rs. 2000 and above absolutely free! With over 658 designs to choose from, the “First Frame Free” campaign was a huge success from the moment it was introduced.

mens eyeglasses


Womens Eyeglasses

      Myriad of designs

half rim eyeglasses

      The confident look

Designs par excellence

The frames on offer are from the best in class brands having unmatched appeal. Polycarbonate to stainless steel, you will find all types of materials being used to ensure top class quality apart from impeccable designs. From the much preferred Aviators to the rectangular, club-master style, vintage round, classics, modern cyborg look or retro look – LENSKART has got them all under one roof. And what’s more, the frames are all up for grabs!

Exotic designs

      Exotic designs

Eyeglasses  Best in class brands

Feel FREE to have FREE

Now; try the untried, experience the inexperienced and conceptualise the impossible with these super affordable frames. Grab yours today. Just try the eyeglasses at and feel FREE to have your FREE eyewear making your experience FREE floating.

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