How to match men’s hair cut with glasses

From the rebel curls to Gatsby sleek back, there are a lot of great men’s haircuts taking a round on red carpets (and on the Internet) right now. Post-breakup hair transformations, colour ambitions, grooming vs. dreadlocking, men are now more experimental than ever. But what men don’t experiment with is their hairstyle and eyeglasses combo.

Did you just say: “What do hairstyles have to do with eyewear?”

Now, a huge pimple on your face might not concern you, but guys, think about it: When you wear eyeglasses, they are all over your face and hence become the focal point. Together with the right eyeglasses, haircuts can earn you some major compliments. Which is why there’s no better time to ditch excuses and get a trendy haircut that complements your glasses.

Here, we have some seriously slick haircuts-eyeglasses combo we love and here’s why they work better for everyone.

Smaller frames + Shorter haircuts

Did you know wearing small frames with long hair is a major fashion faux paus? This combination makes your face and head appear unbalanced. Always go for shorter hairstyles when you are a small frame-loving guy.

Wide frames + Textured and height

Wide frames draw a lot of attention to the sides of your head, so steer clear of a hairstyle that adds volume on the sides. Instead, go for the hairstyles that add texture and height to your hair. Hairdos with strong lines work best with wide frames.

Oversized frames + Well-balanced hairstyle

Now there’s a thing with oversized frames, you cannot go too short on hair with them, neither can you sport a voluminous look. A well-balanced, proportionate hairstyle that’s neither too short nor too long will always be the wide frame’s best friend.

Sleek frames + Undercut

If there’s one hairstyle that just refuses to go out of style, it is the famous Undercut. If you sport undercut, go for something sleek and small that can balance out the look and give some symmetry. There are a lot of undercut ideas to steal from Pinterest, but sleek frames will always be the perfect match for this hairstyle.

Long hair + Large glasses

If you sport a long haircut, get large glasses to get the official thumbs-up from style gurus. They are great for balancing out your face and in case you go for a man bun, it simply looks hot as hell.

Vintage hairstyle + Retro round frames

If you have already jumped the 2017 hairstyle bandwagon and are on-board with the vintage side part or 80s fade, retro round frames are the one you should get to complete your hair transformation. Our personal favourite is rounded tortoise shell.

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