Johnson and Johnson Vs Bausch and Lomb

Johnson & Johnson and Bausch & Lomb are the two famous brands known for lens manufacturing. Comparing the brands to understand different types of lenses and lens products available in the market. Information also includes history and timeline of both the organizations. 

Johnson and Johnson Vs Bausch and Lomb
Johnson & Johnson
Bausch & Lomb
Brand History
Started in 1886 and launched contact lenses in the year 1987. Completed 125 years by 2011.
Robert Wood Johnson II and his two brothers, James and Edward Johnson founded the company.
Initiated in 1853 and it has completed 150 years. Started with making lenses for microscopes.
John Jacob Bausch, a German and his friend, Henry Lomb are the founders.
Market Value
6th largest consumer health company and the 8th largest pharmaceutical company.
250 operating companies in 60 countries with 116,000 employees.
Ranked second of top 50 companies, by Diversity Inc magazine in 2010.
Pioneers in lens manufacturing and well known lens makers in the world history.
It is a $2.51 billion corporation with 11,000 employees worldwide by 2007.
Global hallmark for innovation and quality.
Supply and Demand
Supplied by the brand name Acuvue.
Sales record of $27.47 billion by 1999.
Spent $4.4 billion for research and development in 2010.
Mission- “Helping you see better to live better.”
Quality and standard in supplying contact lens, lens products, pharmaceuticals, eye surgeon products and related. Product available in more than 100 countries.
Eye Vision Correction
Treats allergies and contact lens for Myopia, Hyperopiia are available.
Purevision, Soflens, Optima toric contact lens for Astigmastism disease, Presbyopia are launched.
For near and far-sighted problems, soft lens, daily disposable are available.
Product available under different sections such as teens, children, adults and eye disease correction.
Contact lenses available for all categories in different patterns.
Provides products separately categorized for infants, adults, children and teens.
Ø  Daily
Ø  Weekly
Ø  Monthly
Ø  Toric
Ø  Bifocal
Ø  Daily
Ø  Yearly
Ø  Monthly
Ø  Toric
Ø  Bifocal
Acuvue lenses in sets of 5/6/10/12/30 are available.
Available in sets of 1/2/5/6/10/12/30.
Catching and healthy beautiful eyes:

ü  Clean and rinse: As directed by the doctor, fix and remove lenses, and rinse them before and after every use. Discard used lenses and replace a fresh set, while using disposables.
ü  Shades and styles: A wide range of variety is available in both the brands, with different and attractive shades of contact lenses.
ü  Purposeful and reliable: These are one of the best top brands and well known for quality product supply. Both the companies invest time and money for research and innovation to overcome limitations and serve the society better.
ü  Lens material: The thinnest plastic, silicon hydrogel materials are used to make them most sensible. These lenses enhance the grace of one’s personality, sticking right in and seem to be a part of the eye, and give a natural appeal.
ü  Global availability and Cost effectiveness: These brands are available globally, where as Johnson & Johnson is available in almost in 60 countries and Bausch & Lomb in more than 100 countries. Also, cost-effective and valued for its fame and reputation.
These branded contact lenses are highly demanded and affordable, moreover trusted. Try them yourself to believe this. 
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