“I am like a cat”

Think of a diva whose timeless fashion statement, innocent charm and feminine grace has enamored you over all these years. An actress who introduced us to the eternal LBD (little black dress) and, yes, the chic cat-eye glasses. Over the decades, Audrey Hepburn has not failed to define the fashion sense — even today, whatever she wore is Haute.


Like so many other styles, Audrey was also the trend setter for horn rimmed cat-eye sunglasses — in her movies as well as real life. This beauty is a great fashion inspiration. I have seen many girls trying to copy her look for events and parties from my favourite movie, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, in events and parties. Audrey looked elegant and beautiful in her black gown, vintage bun, thick eyebrows, the grand diamond necklace and the stylish cat-eye sunglasses.

audrey breakfast at tiffany's

Cat eye sunglasses are perfect for heart and square face shapes. Need more gyaan? If you are blessed with a wide forehead, cheekbones and a narrow chin, you have a heart shape face. A square shape face will have a broad forehead and square jawline. Congratulations girls! The Cat eye sunglasses are made for you! (And for me. Ya, ya!) Let’s follow in the foot steps of the beauty siren Audrey.

audrey poster

I am going to hit the mall right away and get myself my cool new pair of Cat Eye Sunglasses.


My message for my beautiful ladies: Believe in your beauty and keep your style quotient up!

AHAnd yes, don’t forget what Audrey said, ‘’Happy girls are the Prettiest girls’’.

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