“My sunglasses are like my guitar”, quoted a famous rock star.

To me ‘my sunglasses’ are like ‘oxygen’. Yes, O2, oxygen. Wherever I go, I make sure I have them on. I simply adore them, treasure them, I’m protective about them, I think all the time about them, I buy clothes that can go with them. Crux of the story – Yes, I am obsessed by them! (Ahaan, don’t roll your eyes now!)

sunglasses are O2

I take inspiration from my famous Bollywood and Hollywood celebs. Movie stars are the best judge of what’s hot and what’s not.

Let’s start with the new heartthrob, Ranveer Singh, a stylish actor with a great sense of humour. His new neat look in Lootera and his stylish black Ray-Ban Wayfarers make him ooze style. The actor was spotted wearing black Wayfarers at the film’s promotion as well.


On the other hand, our Badtameez Dil mover Ranbir Kapoor is also seen wearing cool neon blue Wayfarers in the teasers of his upcoming flick Besharam. Really, Wayfarers can be sported for any look. They just seem to fit in every trend and style seamlessly. Boys you got a reason to fall in love with them…

Ranbir in Besharam coming in October

The sequel drama is never over in Bollywood. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai ‘again’! Gangster stories are really doing well and so is the gangster/mafia look – considered the best by every hot and sensible dude. Shoaib Khan, aka Khiladi, aka the sexy Akshay Kumar has been seen wearing really trendy and stylish round sunglasses in the promos. Take a look!

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Again

And on the sets of the same movie, Sonakshi Sinha was seen making a standard statement with the oversized and ultra girly sunglasses. They sure suit her chubby face.

sonakshi sinha at the set of once upon a time in bby again

Nobody has the power to kick Aviators out of the room filled with fashionistas and glitterati. They are evergreen, bold and extremely hot. The Chennai Express stars Deepika (the hot daughter of a ferocious gangster from the south) and romantic Rahul, aka SRK (who else could be called “Rahul”), are seen donning them in the movie.


What’s up in Hollywood?

The girl in Vogue, Eva Mendes has shot for Vogue eyewear’s promos, styling her look in the stylish Cat-eye and Aviator sunglasses from the latest collection of Vogue.

eva mendes vogue 2

I am a huge fan of Bradly Cooper and the Hangover series. I recently saw Hangover 3 and like all the time, my girl gang was ‘Oh-ing’ away to glory for Cooper. The most stylish and the sexiest man on earth wore my favourite Aviators throughout the movie. Trippy Alan wore his stylish oversized Aviators too.


Oh-na-na what’s my name? She needs no introduction… the bold and edgy, Rihanna, has also been seen wearing cat eye sunglasses with her funky and stylish outfits.

rihanna and christopher kane

The famous Brazilian model, and the Victoria’s Secrets Angel, Alessandra Ambrosio loves sunglasses. The hot model has been spotted in her chic oversized version of Raybans with a trendy twist. She admits, “In the summer I wear shorts with a bright top and ankle boots or just sandals. I’ll add a nice scarf, maybe a hat, and some cool sunglasses. It’s all about the accessory.”

Alessandra Ambrosio

Crux of the story: The Cat-eye shades and the Aviators are the must haves for all the stylish ladies in town.

And while you get your pairs of wayfarers, aviators and cat eye sunglasses, don’t forget to add an element of fun and colour like the crazy Deol Gang.


Here, I close this cool post with one thought for all the beautiful people out there:

Adorn everything in fashion with ‘your original style’.

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