Get chained

Like every other ‘fashionista’, I like to keep a track of the latest trends. So when neon was supposed to hit the town, I knew it way before the fashion consultants saw the products at their stores in the malls. Thanks to my friends who are fashion designers, photographers, bloggers and stylists and also the fashion TV and magazines.

This time what caught my eyes were something I had always seen elderly men and women wearing! Yes, eyeglasses with chains around the neck. And yes, they looked extremely fashionable. Believe me!

image 1

The lanyard or strings or the chains attached to our eyewear make for a double dose of accessories; ‘Necklace and eyewear’!  Wow! 😀

collage 1

OK! So you are planning to hit the town in your new chained eyewear? Style tip: Keep your necklaces and collar pins in your wardrobe. You might not want to look like ‘Alice in chains’ with so many chains hanging around your neck. We are not dying to catch all the attention, right?

chained eyeglasses3

From beads, to buttons, to pearls, to chains, to cute girly pendants of hearts, birds, bows, butterflies, skeletons, etc. hanging within the chins, to ribbons, to leather lanyards, to threads — Chains and lanyards come in different designs to go with your look and attire. You can simply attach them with your eyewear. These strings look perfect with any kinda eyewear and can be worn to work too. 😀

chained eyeglasses collage

Chained eyewear not only works as a stylish accessory, but helps nerds like me from losing or dropping eyewear. So, it’s sort of a best way for me to keep my eyewear longer with me. Ya ya!

chained eyeglasses1

Shopping malls and markets are loaded with eyewear chains and strings. Grab the ones that look best to you, on you. Carry your chic nerd look in style! Ciao. Mwahhhzz!

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