Feb Look Book: An affair to remember

The most romantic day of the year is only a week away & my heart skips a beat every time I think about it. There is no doubt, I am a romantic freak but when I know I have to go out for a whole day’s date, I wanna go all prepared. Whole day means going on a romantic brunch, indulging in shopping to buy gifts for each other, head for the movies, spending time sitting at a roof top café watching the sun go down (I told you, I am deep romantic types), go dancing &, then, finally a candle-lit dinner. (Yes! All my dates go like this – intense, high on food & always include shopping). There’s a lot on our minds and I wanna make sure I look my best all the time.

Did my homework already & chose some super looks to save my date & yours too! J Like always, trendy eyewear becomes the focal point of all my outfits & looks.

To flirt!

john jacobs black transparent wayfarer eyeglasses

To go chic!

john jacobs black grey tortoise eyeglasses

To act all hot & stuff

john jacobs black eyeglasses

To have so much more in common

john jacobs black wayfarer eyeglasses

To hold hands while we walk

john jacobs gunmetal brown eyeglasses

To dance the night away together


To spend time chatting about stupid things in life


To flaunt our good looks in public 😉


To look into each other’s eyes for all day long

john jacobs black red blue switcher eyeglasses

To take a walk along the lake

john jacobs blue wayfarer eyeglasses

To go for our favourite band’s gig

john jacobs black blue eyeglasses

To see the sun go down at our fav roof-top cafe

john jacobs black red wayfarer eyeglasses

So many looks & just one day to look all nice. I think I am going to take a lot of time deciding over which look to sport this Valentine’s day. (I hate being so indecisive!) But, you seem all clear headed, aren’t you?!! 🙂 Share which one are you going to sport this V-day in the comments section. Ciao!

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