Eyewear fun at Sunburn

As I entered my friend’s room the other day, I found him frantically rummaging through his wardrobe sitting atop a heap of clothes. (That of course, bears the testimony of his wardrobe-search!) Seeing me there, he shouted from the clothes-mountain, “Hey, suggest me some cool sunglasses. I need to buy them ASAP!”

“Shopping for Christmas so early, huh!” I chuckled.

“No! It’s Sunburn dude! I need some really funky eyewear for the festival,” he yelled as if I had just challenged Newton’s theory.

December in India isn’t just about Christmas now. There’s Sunburn which is not just about grooving to the foot-tapping music belted out by world famous DJs, it is also about sinking yourself in to the verve of the place. So, what you need to ensure is that you look and feel a part of the festival. Not just your attire, your accessories should also reflect the Sunburn vibe. And Sunburn in Goa is half the fun without funky sunnies! So here’s a list of some of the hip and trendiest eyewear fashion that will let you rock in style at Sunburn.

Follow the style mantra: The wackier, the better!

Colors all the way

Emma 085 color

What’s the fun of Sunburn if you don’t let the colors inside you splashing out? Have some color-fun with these bright hued sunglasses that will surely set you apart from the crowd. After all, when it comes to Sunburn, it’s colors, colors and only colors!

colorful collage

Size does matter

image oversized

The bigger, the merrier! That’s the style mantra of the music lovers hitting the Sunburn floor. So the oversized sunglasses are the hippest trend you’ll find in the festival. Aviator, rectangular or oval – get the shape that goes the best with your flamboyance.

oversized collage

All way leads to Wayfarers

yellow_wayfarer_sunglasses-img-4 wayfarer

Are Wayfarers all about black? Well, I disagree. And these colorful Wayfarers will certainly make you disagree too. It’s time to bring back that retro era with contemporary-styled vintage Wayfarers. Blue, yellow, orange, multicolor – it’s a color fest!

wayfarers collage

Merry go round


Forget slim, round is the new thing! What Lennon made iconic has now become a fashion statement among the eyewear lovers today. And what can be a better place to flaunt your style than Sunburn? Get quirky with these round sunglasses that are simply jaw-dropping!

round collage

Trendy fun with timeless Aviators

Manasi-Scott-at-Sunburn-Goa-2012-Day-1-1024x682 aviator

Aviators are classics! But who said vintage can’t be trendy? Forget your regular Aviators. This Sunburn you’re gonna rock the party with these cool colorful Aviator shades. They are available both in metallic and plastic options. So as you beat the heat, the Aviators take care of your style statement too!

aviator collage

Anything and everything for Sunburn


When it comes to selecting sunglasses at Sunburn, let your true colors fly. If you want to get quirky and wacky with the design and shapes, there are a lot of options for you. Take a look at these neon sunglasses and shutter sunglasses. You’ll know what I’m talking about.

neon collage

So that’s all about some of the trendiest and funkiest sunglasses creating ripples at Sunburn. While you choose your pick, I gotta get my packing done.

See you at Sunburn!

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