Bob Dylan – king of the black sunglasses

A musician, a songwriter, a guitarist, a vocalist and a Nobel Prize winner – Bob Dylan! He has done it all. He rose to fame by performing on folk and country songs and later moved on to experimenting with other genres such as gospel, rock and blues. I have never seen another celebrity with a resume like that! Not only did he create amazing music but is also popular for being a fashion icon.

A man, who has a never ending love for wearing sunglasses be it at a crispy musical rock event or a decent noble meet with President Barack Obama, sunglasses go with him everywhere.

Bob has undoubtedly set a benchmark for all eyewear lovers and has also been successful in experimenting with so many different styles, from the epic cat eye frames to regular aviators or the rectangular glasses, he has rocked it all.

1. Learn to stand out and pose


The exclamatory black look, with hands rolled in usual hairstyle and his all-time favourite black wayfarers! Bob Dylan believes that the grass is greener somewhere else and he likes to keep moving in search of doing something better.

2. Sign with a Style


Bob Dylan and his black sunglasses! The greatest songwriter who has ever lived also served as a source of wild inspiration and creativity which ruled from the beginning of 1965 to the summer of 1966. He was, never seen without his pair of black goggles. He could easily sport a  bold look with the black cat-eye glasses that definitely made the heads turn round.

3. Dare to be different


A square face with a distinctive jawline demanded a pair that has lots of nice curves that can soften the look. A High-spirited, enthusiastic and exuberant man who hardly bothers about the crowd has never failed the style test. Bob Dylan’s image ever since conjures up a dark suit matched with a pair of dark sunglasses.

4. Ready for a ride


It was not until the early seventies when Bob Dylan had a change of heart regarding his favourite pair of sunnies, but stayed loyal to the colour black. On a bike with again a black pair of shades on left the crown amazed.

5. Rock the reading session


Till today, Bob is rarely seen without sunglasses! The handsome hunk never fails to leave an impression. When celebrating with the Rolling Stones, the most recognizable duo, he was seen sporting a pair of Black Aviators. Dylan’s sunglasses strike the perfect balance. They fit his face — shading his entire field of view — but they don’t swallow it whole.

6. When the Rockstar turns into a gentle man


How gentle Bob could be! Though we can understand how difficult it would have been for him to grasp this decent look. While the shades could still not be avoided! In a pair of black aviators, with President, Barack Obama receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor.

When style is a factor, none can beat him. Bob Dylan is extremely sensitive to all of the incoming impressions and energies around him. And that kind of proportion is exactly what you should be looking for, too. Like a good pair of shoe, you need a smart pair of eyewear to enhance your look.

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