5 perfect gifts for wedding occasions

Wedding season is round the corner, and oh, all the fun, noise and dancing of an Indian wedding! While friends and relatives have a lot of fun, the dulha and dulhan’s immediate family is constantly struggling with preparations, venue, food and, yes, gifts! Gifts for groom’s family and extended relatives; gifts for bride’s friends on Mehndi function; gifts for aunties who attend all sorts of home ceremonies; gift for saalis who hide shoes; gift for the friend who drives the newly-wed couple home; etc. etc…

And, it’s also a task for the closest of friends to think of an appropriate gift for the buddy who’s getting married – of course, when they don’t want to make-do with just a ‘shagun ka lifafa’!


I thought I’d step in here and solve some of the issues and lighten up the pressure!

Wearable gifts are the first choice and popular options while selecting wedding gifts. Why? Because, they’re useful and fun. But, what? Let’s take a break from conventional items like kitchen appliances, gadgets or even blankets and explore something new.

How about sunglasses? Do you know anyone who doesn’t use sunglasses?

Image 3

Let’s take a look at their advantages:

  • Perfect accessory for couple’s honeymoon
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stylish and unique
  • Better option than gifting a lifafa

Not only do they make for a very very user-friendly gift, but also some amazing photo ops too!

Image 4

Now the question comes, what kind of sunglasses will suit your guest list? So why not choose something, which the recipient will like, enjoy and use after understanding the types of guests.

  • Gift Aviators/Wayfarers to groom’s family and extended relatives!

Image 5

  • Oversized sunglasses will suit bridesmaids!

Oval Sunglasses

  • Thank your friends with Clubmaster sunglasses!


  • Wayfarers/ Cateye can’t be a wrong choice for saalis!


  • Regular oval sunglasses will make shine all the aunties!

Round Sunglasses

Still wondering about this new gifting idea, ask yourself this: Won’t it be a great gift you would love to receive? Whatever pair of sunglasses you decide to gift, make sure it reflects your thoughtfulness and affection because you play an important role in your dear ones life. So be stylish, unique and special!

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