5 Natural ways to improve eyesight!

The world is a beautiful place we say – mountains and beaches, jungles and grasslands, cloud formations, flora and fauna. Everything is ‘Oh so beautiful’. To add to that, we have marvellous man-made structures that we’re left gazing at. Well, all these things seem beautiful, because we’re blessed to see them. Thank god for the eyesight!

But, our lifestyles and hectic schedules only seem to introduce more problems in our life each day. I read up every now and then, the increase in heart related problems, stress related issues, depression, anxiety, obesity – the list is endless. One such problem that I did not put in the list is eyesight issues.

One thing we’re sure of is that we cannot run, hide or escape from this lifestyle we have adopted. This has become the very meaning of our existence. But at the same time, we’ve to realize that if this goes on for too long. We’ll harm ourselves more than what we can recover from.

Most of us work on computer screens all day long. Also, the digital world has penetrated our lives so deep that we’re glued to at least one screen all the time. And then, we soon start depending on prescription glasses and lenses to make our worlds beautiful again. But don’t you think, it would be better if you could live without them?

We have made a list of 5 natural remedies that can effectively help you improve your eyesight. Read on and find out:

1) Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

This wondrous fruit is famous worldwide for its medicinal properties. No wonder, this plays a significant role in improvement of eyesight. Amla is rich in nutrients and vitamin C (almost 20 times more than orange) which plays an important role in maintaining retinal cells and promotes healthy capillaries. Amla can be taken in any form – murabba, raw fruit or amla and bhabha seth.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

2) Clarified butter (Ghee)

Ghee helps in smooth functioning of eyelids, ocular muscles and tear. It is also known to reduce irritation and inflammation of eyes. Ayurvedic doctors advise putting one drop of lukewarm ghee in each eye before sleeping. It also treats disorders like glaucoma when used internally and externally and the burning sensation in the eye. It not only soothes but also strengthens the muscles.

Clarified butter (Ghee)

3) Exercise and stay fit

Exercise is undoubtedly the best way to improve eyesight. It will work in the longer run as well. One of the forms is sunning and palming. It helps keep your eyes young and flexible.
For sunning, allow sun to fall directly on your closed eyelids. For palming, rub your hands for thirty seconds and place them on your eyes so that the warmth reaches you down. Hold for a minute before you let go of your hands.

Sunning and palming provide benefits of sun’s healing properties and palming helps relax your muscles.
Also, doing eye exercises help a great deal in improving your vision. One is illustrated in the image below.

Exercise for eye and stay fit

4) Bilberry

It is an excellent antioxidant herb that helps improve the blood flow in your body. It also strengthens blood vessels and helps in increasing the retinal pigments that protect your eyes from free radicals. Eating fresh bilberries everyday will surely improve your vision.


5) Almonds

These brown and white nuts are another miraculous food, because they are rich in omega 3 and fatty acids, vitamin E and is a good antioxidant. They help enhance memory and concentration. Eat them peeling of the cover with milk in the morning for glowing eyes.

Almond in wooden bowl, on wooden background

Though we cannot do much about our lifestyle, we can surely introduce and include these foods in our diet and get rid of these tiny improvement vision tools commonly known as the eyeglasses.

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