4 must eye-care tips post Holi

We have arrived to that time of the year when Holi is back to mark the beginning of spring and put an end to our much beloved winters. And with Holi, comes the excitement of colours and sweets! No matter how strongly we make up our minds to take care of our health and not touch sweets & colours but the aura of Holi forces us to throw away the restrains and enjoy the celebrations. The irony lies in the fact that almost all of us succumb to the force in no time, after all, its Holi!

As a matter of fact, natural sources are no longer being used to manufacture colours and synthetic chemical colours are used widely!

Colourful eyes have been known to kill a lot of hearts but synthetic colours in the eyes can kill health of the eyes!

Don’t worry, as always, Lenskart’s got your back with our list of post holi eye care tips. Here you go

  • The synthetic colours used these days have high percentages of heavy oxidised metals or they are industrial dyes. While, it is hardly recommended to not rub your eyes after the colour is applied, we also advise to use lukewarm water while removing colours from your face. The higher side of temperature helps colours dissolve better and they leave without causing any harm. Also, don’t use very hot water as it may cause irritation.

  • It takes a lot of effort to get rid of colour from hair, multiple washes not only harms the scalp but the eyes too, tightly squeeze your eyes to avoid entrance of any colour with water into them.

  • After you are done with removal of colours, the area around eyes may feel irritated and rough. The skin around is sensitive and after you’ve been so rude to it, it deserves some love! Massage around it gently to bring it back to its normal behaviour.

  • As it is rightly said, a good sleep is the cure to everything, so how can it be not the same to troubled eyes. Give them a little rest and I am sure they will wake up being thankful to you!

As important it is to take care of your eyes after Holi, it is also important to make sure they are safe while playing with colours too! So, don’t forget to carry your goggles and swag along.

We wish you all a happy and safe Holi!

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