Product Description

Aqualens Contact Lens Solution 120 ML

Aqualens solution both cleans and disinfects contact lenses. It can be used for cleaning or storing the contact lens in lens storage kit. The quantity of this solution bottle is 120 ml with a shelf life of 3 years. For a regular contact lens, this solution bottle will get consumed in 40-50 days.

What distinguishes Aqualens solution from other brands?

  1. * Keeps the lens moist - The solution locks in moisture and retains it all day long
  2. * No dehydrated lens - Fights lens dehydration due to pollution and varying environmental conditions
  3. * No more dry eyes - Formulated for all regular lens users and especially for dry and sensitive eyes
  4. * No more dry lenses - Ideal solution for lens users who find lenses drying at the end of the day

Features of Solution :

  1. * Double Moisturizing agent - It is the same as the tears as natural tears, for better wearing comfort for longer hours.
  2. * Disinfects - Advance disinfectants to destroy germs.
  3. * Cleaning and Protein removal - Helps in removing protein and lipids in deposit.
  4. * All day comfort - Compatible for new generation SIHY lenses for end of the day comfort.


Aqualens Comfort Solution with HPMC Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) -
Sodium Hyaluronate with HPMC forms a lubricating shield on the lens, sealing in the moisture, lubricating and coating the lens surface, which conditions the lens.

Frequently asked questions by customers-

  1. 1. What is the expiry date for this solution?
    Shelf life of Aqualens comfort solution is 3 years.

  2. 2. When should I use a solution?
    You should use the solution for cleaning the contact lenses before inserting them; though the solution is also used for soaking the lenses after removal.

  3. 3. How many days can we use the solution once it has been opened?
    You should not use the solution for more than three months.

  4. 4. Does it have a lens case as well?
    Yes, there is a lens case with this solution.

  5. 5. Can this solution be applied inside eyes?
    No, do not apply these inside your eyes as this solution is only to clean lenses.

  6. 6. Can I use the same lens case for a longer period of time?
    You can use the same lens case if they are absolutely clean. However, Aqualens comfort solution comes with a free lens case inside. We recommend you to use a fresh lens case every time you change the solution bottle.

  7. 7. Can I wash the lens case with tap water?
    Yes you can wash the lens case with tap water but do rinse with solution before using it.

Manufacturer: Stericon Labs
Marketed by Lenskart Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Property No 29/24/2, 25/2/1, 30/4/1, 5/1, 6/1/1, 6/1/2,
Village Begumpur, Gurugram - 122051, Haryana
Customer Support: (0)99998 99998
Name of Product: Aqualens Comfort Solution
Quantity: 120 Ml, lens case 1 N
MRP: 240/- (Inclusive of all taxes)
Expiry Date: 18 Months from date of manufacturing
Country of Origin-- India

Technical Information

Brand NameAqualens
Manufacturer DetailsStericon Pharma Pvt Ltd.
Country of OriginIndia
Model No.Aqualens Lens Solution 120 ml
Contact Lens Solution Quantity120ml