You are tech-savvy, but what about your eyewear?

Once a necessity, now a privilege! Thanks to technological innovations that today wearing eyewear is no more a nerdy thing. With eyewear, come many other benefits in the form of technologically-advanced lenses and high-tech glasses that can change the way you look at the world. Have you ever imagined an eyewear that provides you the facility of listening to music, attending a call and watching videos? If not, then get ready to take a dive deep into the world of eyewear technology with the help of this blog.

techy eyewear

Say goodbye to your old-style eyeglasses and sunglasses that are doing not much than enhancing your vision and upgrading your style. Come to the world of techy eyewear that takes care of all your needs, be it driving safely on a foggy night or enjoying the 3D experience at home.

Expanding the eyewear horizon with headphone sunglasses

If you are not satisfied with style upgrade, then headphone sunglasses can be the next most desired item in your wish list. Such technology-driven sunglasses give you an advantage of listening to music and making phone calls all at the comfort of your eyewear. With dual speakers, dual microphones, and Bluetooth connectivity, headphone sunglasses are ready to take eyewear lovers in their embrace.

headphone sunglasses

Gunnar glasses for those who never call it a day

Gunnar glasses with yellow tint are designed to give the corporate world relief from headache and eye strain. Now, don’t let your eyes bear the strain of your hectic, long working hours in front of the computer screen. With custom-tuned yellow tint on the lens, Gunnar glasses serve as a barrier against the blue light emanating from the screen. Not just enemy of the blue light, Gunnar glasses are also effective against overhead light creating hindrance in your smooth work flow. If your job doesn’t allow you to take frequent breaks, then break away from the ordinary lenses and switch to Gunnar glasses.

Gunnar glasses

When you want to be the party favourite

When dancing on the hit club tunes in the dark, you need dropshades to make sure that you steal the thunder. Fitted with LED lights, dropshades work on the technology of sound getting converted into lights via signal processor. Next time, when you go to a music festival, get ready for admiring glances, as you along with your dropshades are going to be in the limelight.

LED lights sunglasses

Be clear even with colour blindness

Next time when you want your partner to go for shopping with you, don’t let him take the excuse of saying, “baby…I am colorblind no! How will I help you in picking right outfits?” Technological innovations in the field of eyewear are also in your favour by offering glasses for colour blindness and colour vision deficiency. Now, colour blind people don’t need to worry about their overlapping green and red photo pigments, as colour blindness glasses are there to let them experience colours with more brightness and saturation.

glasses for colour blindness

Go hi-tech with hi-index lenses

World’s thinnest lenses like Tokai and 1.74 hi-index lens have completely changed the notion that glasses are for geeks. Thin and flat glasses are trending in the world of eyewear, and everyone is going gaga over them. Designed with optical aspheric technology, 1.74 hi-index lenses ensure better clarity with no chance of off-axis blurred vision. With thin glasses, you don’t need to answer questions like, wearing such thick lenses! What’s your power?

optical aspheric technology

With technology, there is no limit. When we are living in the world of innovation, why be satisfied with glasses that are running down since ages! The moment you are open to high-tech eyewear, you will discover the world in a better hue with vibrant shades and sharp contrast.

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