Yanna Raskala, Rajnikanth Style


Yanna Raskala, mind it! 🙂

Yes, it is none other than Rajnikanth.. Oh! I suddenly felt as if the winds were blowing at the speed of more than 300 kmph.

  • His birthday on December 12 is celebrated as ‘World Style Day’ by his fans.
  • There are approximately 63,000 fan clubs for Rajnikanth across the country.

These are just a couple of facts to show the undeterred popularity that the 62-year-old super-duper star enjoys till date. Everyone loves the way he plays with his sunglasses in his movies. So stylish that even style thinks of learning from him.

Let’s take a glimpse of the various shades that Rajni sir has worn over the 4 decades of his career in cinema.


Thalaivaa (The Boss) in Aviator sunglasses gives a small trademark smile while looking at his soulmate. Aviators have been one of his favourite accessories.


The Style Mannan (King of Style) in sports mirrored shades looked so cool that hundreds of girls, down south, wanted to get married to him and had also started keeping fasts for him. So much for celebrity devotion. And how can we forget the instances when his larger than life size statues were bathed with milk!


Rajnikart wear vincent chase vc 6317 black 1110 eyeglasses

Dr. Vaseegaran in standard full-rim eyeglasses in the movie Robot, scolding Chitti (the robot) for falling in love with his fiancee Sana (Aishwarya Rai). Giving a very man-next-door look, these rectangular eyeglasses complement his attire, the same way in which style applauds him. 🙂

Rajnikant as Chitti

Chitti, the nearly-human robot, in polarized Aviator sunglasses looks classy and fashionable.

aviator mens polarized sunglasses

ray-ban black mens sunglasses

Red Alert! Wearing wayfarer sunglasses, the angry Ranjikanth has decided to kill his enemies.

No! He cannot be killed as directors’ fear that killing his character will make the fans violent. Such is the fear of annoying the passionate movie buffs! 😉


Wearing these rectangular sunglasses have been the second image of Padma Bhushan Rajnikanth.

His fans treat him like God, not only because of his rocking style, on-screen verbal punches, appealing presence and dialogues, but because he’s warm, friendly and down-to-earth.


The Super Duper Star in rimless eyeglasses became the only actor who has a chapter in the lesson for CBSE syllabus titled ‘From Bus Conductor to Superstar’.

The larger-than-life Rajni in these eyeglasses looks like what he’s best known for – being an intellectual and polite person who respects everyone around him.

Here’s how you can, yet again, step in the shoes (read eyeglasses) of Rajni sir.

vincent chase vc 6317 black 1110-eyeglasses


Hail Thalaivaa!

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