Why do Celebrities wear Sunglasses even when it’s not required

celebrity sunglassesSunglasses have become essential for both men and women. Earlier wearing sunglasses was presumed to be a style symbol! However presently eye-shades are considered as an essential accessory, as our surroundings are getting contaminated with chemical pollutants, excessive heat and light which is sure to affect our health as well as eyes. Nevertheless for celebrities there are various other reasons to cover their eyes with stylish sunglasses.

When I was too young to understand things better, I used to wonder why celebrities wear sunglasses even when it’s not required? Its not only me who must have raised this question as it must be coming in everyone’s mind while seeing them on Television, giving interviews at night in studios wearing sunglasses. Now, with time I have realized that there are many factors that make celebrities wear goggles indoors or even when common people don’t feel the necessity to use sunglasses. The most important thing is that celebrities are so popular and loved by their viewers that they are always surrounded by countless journalists and have to face flashing lights of cameras and paparazzi that follows them everywhere they go. Numerous cameras means bright lights that often hurt eyes and causes discomfort. So in order to protect their eyes from the heavy lights of cameras, they have to wear eye shades.

Concealing their real identity by wearing sunglasses is another reason for celebrities to wear them mostly all the time. Famous artists are always afraid to be recognised by the swarm of fans who keep on chasing them wherever they go. This flock of people sometimes go crazy and become uncontrollable. Therefore, celebrities disguise themselves behind the trendy and stylish sunglasses, escaping from the fans and avoiding problems.

Celebrities are extremely popular personalities who have to attend several parties, work late nights and follow hectic schedules. This leaves them with very less time to relax. Hence, it makes their eyes look weary and stressed out which can be easily identified if their eyes are not hidden behind sunglasses.

Most of the celebrities wear contact lenses to enhance their look and so cannot bear the glares of heavy lights or flashes of cameras, always ready to capture them. Therefore, they secure their sensitive eyes, accessorizing them with goggles.

Some of them possess the habit of wearing sunglasses with exquisite designs that go well with their outfit and adds to their personality. Apart from all these, they wear sunglasses to cover their eyes to keep away from windy atmosphere, to prevent eyes getting into contact with dirt and other particles present in the air.

The differences in the lifestyle of common people and celebrities make them act accordingly. They also have to maintain their class being famous. So they dress up in an unusual way. I think from now onwards, you won’t get irritated after seeing a celebrity with a branded pair of sunglasses on his/her face during odd hours of the day. Rather you will keep guessing the reason behind that!

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