When technology engulfs your eyes

It was in news recently that after Google Glass, it’s world’s largest electronic companies, Sony which has ventured on the route to bring innovation to eyewear.

Smart Eyeglass

Smart Eyeglass

I’m impressed by the effort, at least. The developer’s version of the Sony SmartEyeglass can be owned at just  $840! However, as always, it’s available only to the people in UK, Japan and Germany. We Indians need to wait for even this version of augmented reality glasses!

Sony SmartEyeglass offerings

  • Emails and notifications float right in front of your eyes.
  • Intelligent glasses which also show all the Apps downloaded on  your phone that’s resting in your pocket.
  • Display only on your right eye’s peripheral area. Doesn’t block the entire view.
  • The 3mm thick lens rests lightly on your eyes.
  • Navigate through the menu while controlling the device with a small handheld remote.
  • Connects to a whole range of Apps, unlike the Google Glass which is restricted in its acceptance of Apps.
  • Exclusive Apps have been developed to connect to the SmartEyeglass via Bluetooth.

Sony SmartEyeglasses

Sony’s SmartEyeglasses

Points of dismay

  • The Sony SmartGlass is not wireless
  • The relatively bulkier option of carrying the handheld remote to operate the glasses.

Google Glass Vs. Sony SmartEyeglass

Just like its name, Sony’s SmartEyeglass is every bit a prototype of its predecessor. Google laid the foundation for smart glasses and Sony couldn’t but imitate what it was served on the technology platter.

Google Glasses

Google Glasses

But some things that Sony got right are:

  •  Minimising the visibility obstructions; by keeping the display to extreme right; by getting rid of the prism that Google Glass uses. The prism creates wrong lighting conditions, creating starry light patterns in front of the eyes.
  •  Slimmer and lighter

Technologically wise, but fashionably poor

When these smart glasses have attracted many tech geeks’ attention, they have been highly criticized by fashionistas for not being ‘haute’.

Large investments are being made into research and development to revolutionise the eyewear industry. We’re optimistic of seeing longer strides and an impressive technological growth in this ever-evolving industry. Here’s to a brighter future!

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