What’s on your eyes kid?

Fashion pundits call her the youngest style diva. Paparazzi can’t get enough of her and she too has no qualms about getting papped. Her fans think her as a fashionista in the making. And she’s only 7 years old now.

She’s Suri Cruise, daughter of Hollywood’s one of the most handsome and popular couple – Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Suri Cruise

Good looks come in the genes, they say. Well, if not for others the statement certainly holds true for Suri. Thanks to the good looking genes of Daddy Cruise and Mommy Holmes, this celeb-tot is constantly keeping the fashion world (and me, of course) in awe. In fact, Suri has always been in the headlines for her chic and voguish style statements. She was only 3 when she started wearing high heels sparking off a fierce internet debate whether she should continue wearing them.

Whatever she wears, Suri never fails to make a style statement. Whether it’s a regular day at school or a leisurely stroll with Mom or even a beach party, this l’il lady carries off her attire effortlessly pepping them up with perfect accessories.Proud Tom also says that creating style trends come naturally to his daughter since she was born that way. No wonder Suri is touted as a fashion icon among Hollywood celeb kids.

Voguish eyewear has always been one of the favorite accessories of Suri. Like her parents, she too has a penchant for stylish sunglasses. And boy, this kid knows how to flaunt her sun glares! From retro to funky, Suri does it all. And she does it with panache.
So let’s peep into the eyewear style file of this little princess, shall we?

Blue-eyed beauty

suri-cruise blue eye beauty

Holidaying at the Miami beach, Suriwears an awesomeRay-Ban neon blue Wayfarer with a multi-colored dress that adds the perfect funky look to her attire.Way to go girl!

Pretty in pink

Kids sunglasses- Pretty in pink

Rushing for a play date after school with her mom, Surigoes the retro way with her cat eye-styled Hello Kitty pink sunglasses. The sunnies and her cute pink headband match with her pink broken arm cast. The little black dress makes her a look a million bucks.

Like a butterfly

Sunglasses - Like a butterfly

Even when she was a toddler Suri never fell out of fashion. She paired up her adorable blue dress and white jacket with a pair of pale pink shaded butterfly sunglasses. She was only 2 years old then!

Do you think it’s only Suri Cruise who has redefined eyewear fashion for kids? Well, there are other contenders as well. And these star kids do not take it lightly when it comes to sporting trendy and modish eyewear. Don’t believe me? Scroll down to find out yourself.

Geek and hip

Sunglasses- Geek Look

Romeo, David and Victoria Beckham’s 10-year-old son makes eyeglasses a statement of his cool and comfy style. While going for a shopping trip, this young Burberry model sported a cool geek look with a pair of black thick-rimmed nerdy eyeglasses. In the Burberry ad campaign, Romeo went for a retro look with green-black Wayfarer-styled sunglasses.

Daddy’s little princess

eyeglasses- Daddy s little princess

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s l’il daughter Seraphina Affleck makes eyeglasses just as cute as she is. Holding Daddy’s hand, she wears a violet rectangular pair of spectacles that makes her all the more adorable.

Coolness personified

Sunglasses- Coolness personified

Pax Jolie-Pitt, the 9-year-old son of the forever gorgeous Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, wears a pair of cool neon green colored Wayfarers that perfectly suit his flamboyant look. Seems like the young Pitt is already following Dad’s footsteps!

Who’s that girl?

Cool sunglasses for kids

Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor had the fun of her life when she went to the beach with her Mommy. Dressed in a cute pink swimsuit and heart shaped red sunglasses, she looked no less beautiful than mother. I loved her look!

Bowled over by such gorgeous pairs of sunnies and specs, I googled for eyewear that are similar to the ones worn by the celeb kids. Voila! I found a bagful of them. They are stylish, trendy and irresistibly eye-catching. Have a look. I know you’ll agree too.


Cool Sunglasses



P.S.: I had an argument with my friend who fell for the pink cat eye sunglasses of Suri Cruise while loved her blue Wayfarer look the most. Which one do you like the best? Let me know by putting your comment in the box below. Do it now! I’m waiting.

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