What to gift this Christmas

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

The town is painted in bright hues of red and decorated with fairy lights – it’s Christmas finally! Munching on freshly baked scrumptious cookies, cakes and muffins, singing carols with friends and family and exchanging Christmas presents – the winter festival simply brings heaps of joy, bliss, warmth and laughter to all our lives.


Though few may admit, but we are all excited about the gifting part. After all, who doesn’t like surprises and presents. 🙂

So, here are some eyewear which I think will make the perfect Christmas gifting option.

For your charming Grandpa

Round frames

rectangular frame

Add a retro twist to your charming Grandpa’s subtle demeanor, with a pair of geeky round or Wayfarer eyeglasses. They will reflect his collective wisdom and sophistication, which he has carried all these years.

For your charming Granny

Half rim eyeglasses

Wayfarer frame from Ray-Ban

Grannies are undeniably the sweetest and the most amazing storytellers. So, add an aesthetic edge to your lovely lady’s appearance by gifting her either a half-rim pair or a Wayfarer frame from Ray-Ban. They will define her charm, subtlety and grace.

For Daddy dearest

pair of Clubmaster

stylish half-rim frame

Immaculate, refined and the gentleman of the house, your Daddy dearest deserves the best! So this year, gift him an impeccable pair of Clubmaster or stylish half-rim frame. Both the frames are ultra-stylish and just perfect for the sophisticated gentleman that your dad is!

For the ever-smiling Momma

Cat-eye frame

Cat-eye eyeglasses frame

Add a little quirk to your super mom’s style statement which is also defined by her feminine charm, subtlety and simplicity. Offbeat, eccentric and absolutely retro, a Cat-eye frame will enhance your mommy’s grace and reflect her kind attitude. Since she is the most special lady of your life, make her feel more special by gifting her a special and distinctive present, this Christmas!

For the handsome hunk

Wayfarer style frame

Ray-Ban Aviators

Whether you plan to gift a single pair or both of these, your brother is absolutely going to love this Christmas present from you! Sexy, super classy and uber-cool, a Wayfarer style frame or Ray-Ban Aviators will amplify his oomph and charisma.

For the stylish Sis

swanky eyeglasses


Glamorous, stunning and defining high street fashion, every sister in the world would die for such ultra-chic and jazzy eyewear for a Christmas present. So, let your sister rock the runway look with either of these swanky eyeglasses or sunnies.

For the crazy BFF or the better half


sports sunglasses

Your partner in crime bestie and even your sweetheart will fall flat for you once again when they receive this appealing surprise from you. Ultra-chic, snazzy and full of aplomb, these pairs will make them stand out of the crowd.

Be it my cute li’l sister or my ever smiling granny, I always make it a point to give a special surprise to each and every one in my family and all my friends.

And this year, in order to add a zing of oomph and charisma to everyone’s appearance in this festive season, I have decided to gift an ultra-stylish pair of eyewear to all near and dear ones. Highly functional and an unbeatable fashion accessory, eyewear are a must have nowadays.

So, I hope you like the list of gifting ideas, which I have prepared and make this Christmas merry for your loved ones!

Enjoy the feast and tie these presents on the huge Christmas tree at your place. 🙂

Merry Christmas folks!


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