Use LK Cash For Your Next Purchase and Get 100% Cashback

Use LK Cash For Your Next Purchase and Get 100% Cashback
Isn’t it always great to get discounts on your purchases or have a chance to save more with special offers? Upgrading your wardrobe with your desired accessory is something many would wish for and Lenskart understands your need to do so, perfectly. To make things easier on your pocket, we bring you our own promotional currency – LK Cash.
Availing LK Cash
When you are about to purchase new eyewear, be it prescription glasses in the coolest frame designs or sunglasses in modish colours, you can use this currency to get great discounts at our optical stores and online shop. Moreover, this money can be used on our desktop website as well as our Lenskart mobile app.
So, how do you earn LK Cash?
It is really easy.
All you need to do is sign up with Lenskart from your desktop or mobile phone, and your Lenskart Wallet account will instantly be credited with Rs. 3000 as a sign-up bonus, with further bonus cash whenever we have an offer. This currency, however, is neither refundable nor transferable to your bank account. In fact, it will only last until our offers last. Don’t worry, though, as we will always notify you about our promotional events.
If you are already excited but aren’t sure of how to avail LK Cash and how much discount you can get on each purchase, check out the criteria below:
If you have earned 1 LK Cash, it is equivalent to Re. 1, valid for a month after it is credited.
For sunglasses and eyeglasses, the maximum discount you get through LK Cash is Rs. 2500. If your purchase value is below Rs. 5000, you will get a 10% discount, and if it is above Rs. 5000, the discount will be 15%.
If you are purchasing a pair of sunglasses worth Rs.799, you will get 18% off through LK Cash.
You can even use the LK Cash for Lenskart’s Home Eye Checkup, for up to 50% of the cart value.
You cannot use LK Cash when you purchase contact lenses from Lenskart on your desktop, as the prices are already discounted. If you are not a Gold Member, LK Cash allows you a discount of 10% if you have purchased two or more contact lens boxes worth less than Rs. 1000, and 12% if they are worth more than Rs 1000.
Using 100% Cashback
For a full cashback, you just need to have a Paytm Wallet, which can be used at all of Lenskart’s optical stores in India. You will need to verify the mobile number you have used for Paytm.

There you have it. Whether it is a seasonal discount on the trendiest pairs you have been eyeing for a while, or you need a full refund to purchase another pair in a different design, Lenskart is here to make everything convenient, so that you never lose out on your style.

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