Unraveling tales – Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

Being an Optometrist is not easy! But how about being an Optometrist on a Bike?

Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

In its effort to take eye check-up to your doorstep, no matter where you are in India, Lenskart took a step towards making Optos as mobile as possible. The customized Lenskart bikes don’t just make our Home Try-On service faster, they have also created entrepreneurs out of Optos. A very lucrative career option, our bike home eye check-up service also makes these professionals realize their dream of a business venture.

With some Optos already having joined the bandwagon, every day we hear interesting, emotional, heart-warming, at times even annoying stories, of their visits to customers’ houses and offices. While they’re happy with what they’re doing and at the fact that they’re making more money than a usual Opto job, it’s also not easy being out and about.

Let’s take you through their journeys.

Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

An international experience

For someone like Amrutraj Desai, an Optometrist located in Bangalore, working with Lenskart for the Home Eye Checkup program is a way of extending his care and affection towards the fellow human kind. Beholding compassion, faith and hope and four years of experience as an Optometrist, Lenskart’s Home Eye Checkup service has enabled him to render his service to others.

When asked about his personal experiences with the customers, he gladly spills the tales out. He proudly narrated how, once when he was called for an eye checkup, he came across Augustine, a 43-year-old South African patient who was suffering from paralysis. Seeking the endeavor as treating a guest in our country, Desai happily conducted the eye test, and our international customer, elated by Lenskart’s service, placed the order without a moment’s delay. To him, it felt like reaching out to customers on a global level.

Being professional

Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

From Gautam Nagar, Tazeem lends his services to about seven people per day. When asked about specific age groups, he responds, saying “there are no age-specifications. I have visited people who are 20 to 50 years of age.” While on duty, the one thing that brightens Tazeem’s day is the excitement the customers show when he sets up his eye checkup equipment in their living room. He says the curious and enthusiastic customers feel that the Home Eye Check-up is a unique program. “Business is good. The experience is also very good,” he says.

Anshuman- Lenskart’s OptometristsAnshuman, who prefers to maintain a professional outlook, says that the Home Eye Check-up program has been a good experience. Travelling from one end of Delhi to the other is what keeps him going. “The business has been good so far, with not a single glitch. On a normal day, I visit up to five customers. But when duty calls, I even service 10 customers in a day,” he says. Anshuman believes that Home Eye Check-up program has broadened his business venture.

A happy encounter

Lenskart’s Optometrists on bikes

Had it not been for Lenskart, Yogesh Godiyal, would never have even dreamt of meeting the veteran Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar. Once when Godiyal was stepping out of a customer’s house after conducting the check-up in Mumbai, he was pleasantly surprised on bumping into “Dilip saab” who lived in the neighborhood.

Godiyal’s happiness bubbled up even further when the legendary actor stepped forward and conversed with him about Lenskart’s service. On cloud nine, it was the most memorable moment of his life.

Apart from this surprise in disguise, “Lenskart has provided me a very beneficial opportunity in the form of this unique service. It allows me to reach out to a large number of customers as compared to working in an optical store, where opportunities are scarce and unprofitable,” says Yogesh.

Passionately ambitious

Passionately ambitiousYoung, passionate and truly ambitious, Ankit Bisth, the 20-year-old Optometrist surprised us with his age as well as his passion for his profession. Hailing from Dehdradun, Bisth already has acquired one-and-a-half years of experience in his field at such a young age.
Following his friend Yogesh Godiyal’s (another Optometrist at Lenskart) footsteps, it has been a delightful opportunity for the young Optometrist. Channeling through the busy streets of New Delhi, Bisth has mostly come across elderly patients who have often praised Lenskart’s HEC service saying “Lenskart’s service is the best.” He feels proud that he is able to provide the customers of all ages with a crystal clear vision.

Yogesh Godiyal’s (another Optometrist at LenskartAs far as the HEC program’s reach is concerned, Manoj Kumar has even paid a visit to the Kalakhera village in the NCR. Benevolent and compassionate, traversing through the narrow lanes in search of the customer’s location, Kumar gladly extended his knowledge and expertise to curious minds he came across there.

He even participated in a free of cost eye testing camp put up by Lenskart earlier in December, for the poor and needy.

About experience of visiting people’s homes and office, he insists that he has always been treated with respect and welcomed with smiles. Despite super tiring days of travelling more than 100 km day, Manoj sleeps off every night with a deep sense of satisfaction.

Shadab rides along with Manoj. An Optical Specialist by profession, Shadab carries around 150 different frames with him, a norm of the Home eye check-up service. He helps the customer to choose what kind of frames and lenses would suit them best. On one of his visits, he narrates, a lady offered him beverages, food and magazines to read, while Manoj conducted the eye examination on her children. He is overwhelmed with the kind and courteous nature of the customers.

Superheroes in disguise

Vijendra has been working as an Opto on Bike for 2 months now. When asked whether he has come across people who are otherwise healthy and capable, he benevolently said, “Sau mein se dus chal nahi sakte. Business is better, but helping people in need is more motivating.”

Nagendra is a 25-year-old Optometrist. Although it has only been a month since he joined Lenskart’s Optos on Bike, he says it has been a good experience. He has rendered his services to people as young as 14 years of age.

Nagendra admits that at times, he faces difficulties travelling miles between appointments. But he understands that he has to keep up and not disappoint the customers. 42-year-old, Yashpal Arora was discouraged with a bad experience, but when Nagendra visited him, he was quite impressed with the service and even gave a 5 Star rating for Lenskart.

Treading the length and breadth of the cities, with bags full of experiences, happiness and contentment, Lenskart’s ‘Optos on bikes’ go about providing the perfect vision to thousands of customers every day. They selflessly work so as to enable the customers to see the world in all its shine. The amount of hardwork and proficiency which they practice is commendable and highly appreciable. And not to forget, the lucrative career option they have found in this franchisee option.

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