Trend Alert: Transparent Frames

Does the eyewear fashion of iconic legends Diane Lane, Annette Bening, Zoey Deutch, Tom Hanks, or Johnny Depp make you go gaga?

Do you wish to emulate their eyewear choice? If yes, then you definitely have a penchant for the extremely versatile transparent frames. Here’s a roundup of what to know before you grab a new pair.

Back with a bang

Transparent framed eyewear is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of celebrities and fashion trendsetters the world over. Although transparent frames have been around for quite some time, their style relevance has resurfaced with a bang in 2018.

Transparent framed eyewear is back in its renewed avatar with subtle colours and designs gaining preference, lending a more suave look.

This year, eclectic transparent optical frames have not only rocked fashion runways but have also occupied a place in the eyewear collection of fashion lovers. The clean and subtle aura that these frames create makes them a lustworthy buy.

Celeb style quotient

Take a cue from the ever-so-fashionable Lucy Hale who complements her natural make-up with face-framing transparent eyewear that lends a very chic look.

Also, this eyewear style greatly enhances the lineaments of the face, an added benefit.

Some might think transparent frames may make them look serious and nerdy.

We beg to differ here, as these minimalistic frames are stylish as hell and lend a very relaxed vibe to your overall appearance.

Here’s a glance at actor Zoey Deutch who set the red carpet on fire in transparent framed eyeglasses. She goes on to prove that these frames can definitely take your fashion quotient to the next level.

Hollywood legends Gary Oldman and Samuel L Jackson have also been seen donning transparent frames, proving they are not limited to the female niche. Both have paired their clear frames with formalwear, setting a new trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

Versatility redefined

We are serious when we emphasise the versatility of transparent frames. They can take you from laid-back and casual to elegant and formal effortlessly, making them your absolute go-to frame.

Transparent frames with subtle colours are posing a big competition to the more traditional dark frames because of their versatility. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings and can uplift your look in seconds.

If you are thinking of deep-diving into your wardrobe to choose which clothes pair best with transparent frames, don’t really bother. These frames are perfect with all shades, textures and styles of clothing due to their subtlety.

All said, the best accessory to complement your look is the confidence to pull off new styles and make a strong fashion statement along the way. A transparent framed eyewear is one such accessory that can change the way you look without being overly prominent.

Round or rectangular, small or oversized, transparent frames are here to stay and slay!





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