Trend Alert: Baroque Frenzy

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The word Baroque came to be sometime in the 17th century. And while the exact origin and meaning of the word remains unclear, it has, since its inception, been associated with elements of exaggeration, ridicule and even described as strange. Today, Baroque is a trend that is nothing less than revolutionary. Dolce & Gabbana introduced it into the world of fashion as a design in their collection of clothes, head gear and accessories. Soon H&M followed suit and before long, we had Prada extending Baroque to their sunglasses collection. Lo & behold, Baroque eyewear is a huge trend!


Who ever thought that the trend would find its way to eyewear?! But that’s exactly what happened and today, we’re all about Baroque sunnies!

oversized sunglasses for women

From the house of Miuccia Prada, you now have Baroque eyewear that is not only taking the fashion world by storm but has all of us lusting over a pair of them, too! They’re oversized and shout ‘high fashion’. The stylish Baroque is not restricted to curly arms; they’ve made their way to frames with butterfly Baroques and Cat eye Baroques appearing on the scene.

ladies sunglasses

What we love about Baroque sunnies?

We love that they’re full of drama, yet have a very subtle and quirky elegance about them. You can wear it with almost everything – a crisp white shirt and trousers with your hair in a sleek bun like Eva Mendes, the Olsen twins and Beyoncé sport them in their pictures; or you can let your fair down like Fergie and Kourtney Kardashian. You will still look like a diva, no matter what!

celebrity sunglasses oversized

So, yes, the eyewear trend alert is all about stunningly exaggerated Baroque sunnies that are so high on drama, you just have to love it!

We’re giving the trend the thumbs up!

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