Travelling? Here’s what to pack, per the terrain

If you are planning a trip and confused whether or not to pack those pair of aviators’ that you bought recently, then you are looking at the right space! Eyeglasses are the definite travel must have, regardless of season or terrain! In fact, a trip is incomplete without the right pair of frames. With safety being the main concern, eyeglasses make up for the most essential travel accessory. Sunglasses, again, aren’t just important to pack for that warm Caribbean escape—they’re also vital when you’re hitting the slopes. But it’s not a one size fits all approach! Keep scrolling to see which frames are the best for different types of terrain.

Mountaineering and hiking

A true hiker knows that the right eye-gear makes all the difference! Traveling to the mountains mostly involves a lot of hiking for enthusiasts, and even trekking and mountaineering. Higher altitudes and longer hours under the sun make it essential for the protection of the eyes from harmful UV radiation. Goggles with 99-100% UV protection are very important for hikers, climbers, and mountaineers. High altitude snow lenses block approximately 90% of visible light. Lens categories measure the level of darkness – zero being totally clear and four being the darkest, making it ideal for dealing with the brightness of snow and ice at higher altitudes.

For the ultimate sunglasses for traveling to mountains, a few things need to be considered.

Hiking style: Whether it is a leisurely getaway in the wilderness or a hardcore expedition in the snow, each style of hiking has its own eyewear requirements. Protective side-shields and excellent grip should be common in all of them.

Lens Type: The Visible Light Transmission (VLT) are sunglasses with special UV light protection. Polarized sunglasses are designed to filter out the reflected light, reducing the glare. They essentially work for skiing, alpine hiking, kayaking etc. Photochromic lenses automatically adjust to the level of ambient light. Mirror coatings provide protection against stronger sunlight and reduce glare, making them perfect for skiing. Along with it, frame material, lens material, and design also matter. Amber lenses block blue light to height contrast, helping one judge the terrain. Polarized eyeglasses reduce glare off surfaces like water and snow, providing clear definition to see the difference in the mountain surface and terrain. Mirrored lenses block 10-60 percent of visible light at higher altitudes.


When on a trip, cycling is an interesting way to really explore a place. It is essential to sport a pair of sunglasses when cycling. Cycling sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays while covering most of the face. Tougher interchangeable lenses are perfect for cycling eyeglasses; they offer protection and visibility in all weathers. Cycling sunglasses along with helping shield the eyes from bright sunlight and UV rays, also offer protection from the wind, rain, dust, grit, and bugs that can impair the vision. They have a wraparound design, with thinner frames and are made from lightweight and durable materials. Cycling sunglasses are more about the fit. Frames with straight-back temples and, temple and nose grips are best for helmet compatibility, maintaining a precise optical alignment at all times. Photochromic and Oakley sunglasses are most popular with cyclists.


For long, lazy days sunbathing at the beach or engaging in water activities, polarized sunglasses work extremely well. They block the glare and add up to the style quotient. Polarized sunglasses make for clearer vision against the bright light. Other than that, the classic aviators, cat-eyes, rounders, geometric shapes and floral patterns, are also good beachwear choices.

Kayaking, Rafting, and Canoeing

Water sports are incomplete without rafting, canoeing, and kayaking! But kayaking puts a substantial strain on your eyes. Water sprays and the glare makes sunglasses an essential part of a kayaker’s kit. Specially designed, these sunglasses have a set of key features. They have polarized lenses, a floating strap and a secure fit that makes it water-ready. Polarized sunglasses are great for rafting and canoeing as they eliminate glare and provide vivid colour contrast. They are perfect for outdoor activities around water.

Desert and Sand Boarding

Desert sunglasses are all about maximum protection for the face against dust and sand. It is important for the glasses to be big enough to cover the face around the eyes. Polarized sunglasses work best for the desert as they reduce reflected glare from the sand. Amber colour filters out the blue light and helps in better visualization and object distinction.

The right eyewear is no doubt the ultimate travel accessory, especially when experimenting with a range of terrains. So the next time you’re on a trip, to even the most bizarre of destinations, find a pair to match the same! Whether you are out rafting in the gushy mountain waters, or just sunbathing in the beach or even hiking through the unhinged mountain slopes, a pair of fancy polarized eyeglasses will do the trick.

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