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Here comes the summer and we start sipping on to lemonade, coconut water and juices. Fresh fruits like water melons and mangoes are welcomed by all with open arms. The electricity bills sky rocket due to nonstop operation of the air conditioner. We start dabbing on tones of sunscreen lotion and use hats and bandanas. Another habit that people instantly adapt is the use of sunglasses. Sunglasses are loved by all not only because of their great functionality but also due to the appealing look that they render to the wearer.

I wanted to buy myself a pair too and took a friend along with me so that she could tell me that what is it that looks good and what doesn’t. As she was very clear about how a face shape impacts in the frames of the goggles chosen. Even though the day turned out to be great but by the end of it I was all ready to write a ‘how to’ guide on choosing the right pair of goggles. One should first see which face shape he or she has. The facial shapes can be into these seven namely round, oval, oblong, triangle, inverted triangle, diamond and square. After knowing what the shape of your face is, you should try and pick a frame shape that is contrary to your face. So someone with a diamond shaped face should opt for a rimless frame or frames that are oval in shape or the frames that have a distinctive brow line. People with square faces should go for frames that have soft edges, round, oval or cat eye frames. Thinner frames also look great on such faces. Colourful frames, frames with straight top lines or cat eye style goggles compliment triangle shaped faces, whereas inverted triangle shaped faces can be complimented well with rimless frames that are light in colour.

Usually broad frames, preferably those that are broader from the widest part of a wearers face are suggested for oblong faces. Square or rectangular shaped frames suit round faces. As far as oval faces are concerned, most frames suit these people out of which the square and wrap-around look the best.

Another important point that has to be kept under consideration is that the colour of the frame chosen should also go well with the skin tone and the hair of the wearer. People with pink or blue undertones are cool skin people and should go with black, brown, plum, magenta, blue, and dark tortoise shade frames. On the other hand people with a warm tone have a yellow undertone and look great in anything that is camel, khaki, gold, copper, peach, off-white, or red in colour. Apart from all the other points that my friend told me, comfort happens to be the most important one as far as I am concerned. So no matter what sunglass shape or frame colour you pick most important is that you should never compromise on the comfort and the quality.

vintage sunglasses

Out of all the other brands my personal favourite are the MTV Sunglasses. MTV is a brand that is loved by the present day youth. These goggles are not only trendy and fashionable accessories but also great when it comes to the quality. The brand manufactures a wide range of goggles for males as well as females. MTV sunglasses will render a distinctive style and fashion forward look to the wearer. These MTV sunglasses will prove to be your ideal partners in the scorching summer heat. Some of the goggles have a very simple architecture while others come with a furbished pattern. The flawless finish is the best USP of these goggles. One can buy MTV sunglasses online as e-commerce websites are an easy access to innumerable designs and styles.

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