Eyeing the real VJs

It all started with just an experiment and then this amalgamation of light and sound got its name – VJ-ing and the magicians were the VJs or Video Jockeys. And in my case it was the music festival, MTV and Channel [V] which introduced me to the world of these cool and happening people. Everything attracted me – their attire, style, way of talking and their stylish and sometimes unusual eyewear.


Talking about VJs, I remember of he who was already a titan with his aesthetic music sense. The MTV tag added to his name made it even larger… the most stylish VJ who gave a new dimension to the music in India – Nikhil Chinappa.

This VJ turned World-renowned DJ has an obvious inclination towards Aviators, specially the Mirror Aviators which completely gel with his persona. Wrap-around and tee-shades… again the mirrored ones.


Oh! You remember ANAND KUMAR? Okay… it’s VJ Andy. I hope now you remember him.

If not music and hosting Dare 2 Date, VJ Andy will always be remembered for his quirky sense of fashion, which at times turns horrendous (the green and red hair). But yeah! He made a good move by going for big and bold eyeglasses which lend some maturity to his looks. This time Andy has picked big square frames for the national television show Bigg Boss 7.


Purab Kohli – The Channel [V] VJ, also known for his performance in Rock On, sticks to the traditional ones, the Aviators and Wayfarers. While tortoise patterned over-sized glasses make him look like a complete nerd, Wayfarers make him look a bit ferocious. On the other hand, the Aviators, they just suit him soooo well. 🙂


The NRI Marathi mulgi Anusha Dandekar definitely bags the title of the ‘most-sought-after’ woman VJ. This MTV House of Style host is blessed with real great style sense. Sometimes nerd with black bold Wayfarers, the girl next door, other times with Aviators and a true fashionista with oversized shades, Anusha knows how to swap personality by merely changing eyewear.


While Anusha is a born VJ, Bani or Gurbani has made her peculiar stand among the top class. Bold attitude, manipulating skills, the many tattoos and even more eyewear, including the cat-eye, oversized, Wayfarers, Aviators and many more… I guess she is on the voyage of exploring her shades.


Cyrus Sahukar played 25 characters in just one show – Kickass Morning but has barely 2 shades in his life. One of them is but obviously the Aviators and the other is, by default, Wayfarers.


And here arrives The Mistress Of Game, Lola Kutty. Anuradha Menon, the most popular channel [V] VJ whose alter ego was Lola Kutty made a breakthrough with her silk sarees, heavy gold jewellry and those geeky eyeglasses in earthy tone. I wonder how a pair of glasses transformed a gorgeous diva to a ‘Devi G’.


Call them whacky, maverick, the music-lovers or the magicians of lights and sound, their eyeglasses and shades speak a lot about them.

Now, while you take a look at some other VJs and their shades, I am rushing to get some Nikhil Chinappa style mirror Aviators. Till then Ciao 🙂



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