The look that will get you hired

Gone are the days when dressing up for a job interview was all about a boring pair of trousers & shirt teamed up with a mundane bag and eyewear. An interview is one of those times where the first impression makes all the difference and what one wears does make a lot of difference. But at the same time one cannot let their outfit grab all the attention. This, in turn, makes “What to wear for the interview?” quite a dreadful question for all of us to answer.

Business people waiting for job interview

Keep it minimal, don’t go overboard with colours, avoid out of the box accessories – some of the many suggestions that we get from friends and colleagues, but in general there is no particular look which we all can blindly follow.

I personally feel that it has to be something smart enough to make you stand out, and also should be in tune with the profession you are in or wish to pursue.

For the Corporate Professionals, it should be more about a chic & classy look.

Women can opt for an elegant blouse with a formal skirt or trouser, with smart shoes and add a little hint of colour in the form of eyewear or bag.

Men on the other hand should opt for a formal shirt with trousers in well-coordinated, solid colours. The look can further be upgraded with a pair of classic eyewear and an executive bag.

For the ones from the Creative Field, it’s more important to convey their true personality – so, preferably an ensemble that is formally appropriate without compromising on the person you are.

Women can add up a little fun to their formal look with a fancy scarf, stylish footwear/bag or an edgy eyewear.

Men, on the other hand, can opt for a vibrant tie, some chunky accessory or a sassy eyewear.

And, in case of an interview with a Startup, show them you mean business with a basic look, with just about the right addition of a subtle accessory, preferably a tasteful eyewear.

So with this, it’s time to say bye to the pre-interview outfit jitters and hello to the new job. 🙂

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