The eye-T style of tech giants

The IT czars usually hog the headlines for their multi-million dollar projects and the outstanding market capitilisation of their companies. But what one fails to notice is the dressing style of these honchos. Contrary to the beliefs, these highly intelligent men take great care of their grooming. Take it as a coincidence or not, all these tech brains wear a pair of eyeglasses, though simple it may be. Here is a sneak peek into the eyewear styles of these icons.

Narayana Murthy

N.R. Narayana Murthy: The co-founder of Infosys has become synonymous with the IT industry in India. What more! This Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri honour awardee is a household name in India. Today, if every second person on the street wishes to be a computer engineer, the credit should go to Mr. Murthy. No wonder, Time magazine rated him as the father of Indian IT industry.

Even though Narayana Murthy was seen wearing oversized eyeglasses till a decade back, of late, he is seen in a pair of full-rim geeky black eyeglasses which further adds to his simple persona.

Subroto Bagchi

Subroto Bagchi: The co-founder of MindTree Consulting shot to fame with his 2006 address to the class of IIM, Bangalore, where he defined what success meant to him. This speech went viral and Bagchi transformed himself into a best-selling author.

Bagchi, who still remains grounded in spite of his success, terms himself as the ‘Gardener’ in his company. His eyewear styles also reflect his simplicity and his down-to-earth attitude. Bagchi is often seen wearing a modest rectangular pair of eyeglasses.

Francisco Dsouza

Francisco D’Souza: This CEO of Cognizant is one of the youngest of the IT heads. He took over the reins of Cognizant when he was just 38. D’Souza’s leadership skills have helped propel the company to record profits year after year. No wonder, Forbes India magazine recognised him as the best CEO among the MNCs.

This enigmatic CEO, often spotted in chic blazers but with disheveled hair, sports a rimless thin rectangular frame, which adds a boyish look to him.


Natarajan Chandrasekharan: The IT business leader of the year, one of top 25 most influential consultants, AIMA business leader – the list of recognitions for the CEO of Tata Consultancy Services is a long one. Chandrasekharan recently hogged headlines when he took home Rs. 18.7 crore as compensation in the last financial year.

From a small dusty town in Tamil Nadu to heading a three lakh workforce, Chandrasekharan’s rise has been meteoric. But what makes him endearing is his big smile. How can one miss his pair of rectangular eyeglasses, which are his constant companion? Doesn’t it complement his warm smile perfectly?

Pichai Sundararajan

Pichai Sundararajan: This alumnus of IIT, Stanford and Wharton heads the biggest projects of Google – Android and Chrome. If the Silicon Valley grapevine is to be believed, Google offered Pichai a multi-million dollar bonus to persuade him to stay back.

Sundararajan is often seen in blue or gray attire. He doesn’t change his eyewear style too often. He is mostly seen wearing a pair of thin rectangular eyeglasses. We think they lend more innocence to his childlike face!


Shiv Nadar: The chairman of HCL is known as a wizard among his friends. The way he transformed HCL from a computer hardware company into an IT consulting giant is nothing less than wizardry too. Nadar has given a considerable amount of his wealth to spread education in India. His oversized eyeglasses perfectly complement his beard and add to his stature as a thought process leader.

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella: The new CEO of the world’s largest computer company Microsoft attributes his leadership skills to his cricket playing years at school. Nadella believes that industry does not respect tradition, but only innovation and, hence, explains his thirst for learning more and developing himself and the company. Nadella is mostly seen wearing a pair of black geeky eyeglasses, which adds to his persona as a man keen to explore and learn more.

These tech gurus could be sporting a pair of simple and modest eyeglasses. But it is worthwhile to recognize their contributions to make our lives smarter and easier.

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