The eye-cons of global music industry

The eye-cons of global music industry

There is something about old school musicians – their charm, that effortless style! In fact, if you come to think of it, every musician back in the days had a style statement of their own – not just in the way they serenaded, but also how they dressed.

Psst… want to know a li’l secret?
I want to travel back in time just so I could live in an era when some of the greatest musicians lived, breathed and inspired trends the world over!

Remember those boot-cut jeans and cowboy boots and checkered shirts with oversized jackets?

Yes, I know. It takes you back in time, doesn’t it?

But one of the most inspiring trends that really stuck through the ages was the trendy eyewear that these Gods of music sported! In fact, these Rock stars were way ahead of their time when they wore these iconic glasses that went on to become synonymous with their personalities.

Let’s take a look at the dashingly handsome musicians who crooned to tunes that made all our hearts skip a thousand beats (and still continue to do so)!

John Lennon & his eye games:

John Lennon & his eye games

We already know the kind of magic he weaved with his music (I can hear Imagine playing in the background as I write this). But his stylish T-shades became a rage! Even his logo clearly defined the signature John Lennon glasses.


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The style that pioneered with Lennon, inspired masses and even traversed down generations! Today, these tinted round T-shades are known to be one of the chicest styles in eyewear trends!

If you don’t believe me, check out these pieces from Lenskart:

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Sir Elton John’s kaleidoscopic frames:

red eyewear

The Tiny Dancer singer inspired a style that was eccentric, soulful and entirely his own. This new age flamboyance didn’t just reflect in his music but also in his fashion sense. And that’s where his techno glasses added the funk! He is one of the few men who have dared to experiment and these glasses have remained a trademark of his style.


In fact, so addictive are the glasses, that even today, these are a must-have accessory!

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Elvis Presley’s classic Aviator look:

Elvis Presley’s classic Aviator look

There is no one; absolutely no one, who can beat the King of Rock ‘n Roll at his game! And try as hard as they might, he is the one & only – in music, personality and style! He was (and still remains) one of the few musicians who carved a place in the hearts of many women (me, included)!


Men look up to him, even today, for style and elan that can only come naturally! And then, when he looked through those glasses… *swoons*. How I wish that men today looked like him.

No matter how much guys today try to copy his style, especially with his moves and his eyewear, they can never truly be half as good as him.


The best part about Elvis’ sexy eyes was the style of glasses he wore – something that still remains to be a top trend in eyewear.

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Roy Orbison’s old school charm:

Roy Orbison’s old school charm

The man who sang the iconic love song Stand By Me created waves which rippled down generations to come. Little do most people know that Orbison also had a signature eyewear style – the classic black wayfarers, not to mention the whole black tie effect he created.

similar wayfarer-sunglases

And while musicians all over the world still create their own renditions of his song, it’s the eyewear that catches my attention. The classic style has anything but died down.

See for yourself!

similar wayfarer sunglases

Michael Jackson’s all black (& no white):

Michael Jackson’s all black (& no white)

Yes, the King of Pop had an eyewear style. Didn’t you know? Well, now you do.

His signature dark oval shaped Aviators and Wayfarers went everywhere with him. Plus, they were an added prop during his on-stage performances. You hardly ever saw the singer without these.

Michael Jackson’s all black (& no white)2

And these mean looking sunnies are still hot property in your accessories department!

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Wearing a pair of sunglasses is all about style – these old school musicians showed us how!

So, boys, you might want to go back in time to get some stylish eyewear tips. Get in touch with your old school charm and please woo our hearts like these music icons did because women like that kinda thing!

Don’t we? 😉

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