Rainbow on my Eyes



Hello my girlies! I am in a very pleasant mood nowadays for I was able to accomplish the most dextrous of all the tasks- ‘updating my wardrobe’.

cool shades


This time to save my moolah I planned to renovate my old and boring white shades into bright and colourful ones.



To make these flamboyant glasses, all you need are, a pair of light colour sunglasses (mine are the chic cat eye ones), glue, tissue paper, clear nail polish and a sponge brush.

Step 1- Cut a long strip of tissue paper so that it covers the temple of your sunglasses and use water and glue to stick the tissue to the temple with your sponge brush.



 Step 2- Let the tissue set on the temple and cut around the curves carefully.

 temple stripes

Step 3 – Glue the extra tissue paper to the inner part of the temple. Wrap the paper around the temple smoothly.

final shades

Step 4- When the tissue paper is finally dry; coat the temples with a layer of clear nail polish. And let it dry.

And whoa! Your new sunglasses are ready!! 😀


These cool DIY sunglasses are easy and simple. It took me only an hour to make them. Try out these and share a picture of you wearing them. Ciao for now!

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