The comeback of eyewear retainers

Remember those chained reading eyeglasses that hanged around your grandma’s neck, while she was busy relaxing on her rocking chair!Your grandma’s stories kept you hooked near her chair for long, but what about those eyewear retainers? Didn’t they catch your fancy too! Once considered elderly’s exclusive companions, eyewear retainers are now the new fad of the youth.

cat-eye sunglasses

Adding fresh vibes to the fashion gully, eyewear retainers are not something that is counted just from the utility aspect.  From funky, bright retainers to embellished ones, get spoilt for choice and pick as many of them as you can! Mind it, they are here to stay!

Clinging back to the Victorian era

Victorian women and eyewear

Victorian women and eyewear retainers have a deep connection that still cannot go unnoticed. Long gowns with puffed sleeves and umbrella skirt that set the centre stage of Victorian era fashion were adorned with different styles of complementing eyewear retainers.

Fashion of eyewear retainers in the 50s

Fashion of eyewear retainers in the 50s

From American reformer, Theodore Roosevelt to Russian author and playwright, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, the world in 50s made it clear that eyewear retainers and eyeglasses cannot be separated. As a predecessor of the eyewear retainer style that we see today, the mid-nineties version was of retainers was connected with lenses, and not to the temples.

Indulging in fashion with eyewear retainers

fashion with eyewear retainers

trend of eyewear retainers

In 1970s, people’s indulgence in fashion witheyewear retainers grabbed eyeballs. Taking the trend of eyewear retainers a step ahead, tanned-skin men on the beaches of Spain to prosperous women on the slopes of Austria just loved being clicked with eyewear on, and retainers in support of them.

Celebrities and their craze for retainers


Celebrities and their craze for retainers

Remember Juhi Chawla donning eyewear retainers in the movie ‘Aaina’! Portraying a girl next door, her submissive look, with glasses on, took away the heart of the hero of this movie. Can we say that her eyewear retainers also played the role of a cupid in bringing the two protagonists together?

Sneha Ghosh

The trend of eyewear retainers didn’t fade away with the passing time, and is still grabbing the attention of fashion enthusiasts. Sneha Ghosh, the model who impersonates magnetism while walking with poise on the runway, never shies away from her eyewear chain’s love.

Get noticed for all good reasons in office with retainers

Get noticed for all good reasons in office with retainers

Working professionals earlier preferred staying away from eyewear retainers, as they drew unwanted attention in office. But now, something that has been considered out of place for long,is considered asa great fashion complement for business suits and formals.Golden, metallic eyewear retainers, breaking the monotony of all-black outfits, cannot go unnoticed in business meetings!

Taking ahead grandparent’s legacy with retainers

Taking ahead grandparent’s legacy with retainers

If you have time to spare, then why not give creative twist to your grandparent’s eyewear retainers! Embellish them with beads and sequins, or paint them in the colour of your choice. What a great way to take ahead the legacy of your grandparent’s without compromising with your style.

No leisure activity without comforting retainers

eyewear retainers

Adventure and leisure never ask you to be unwary about your favourite eyewear! So, why not keep them close always with eyewear retainers even when you are busy trekking or rafting, or just unwinding your stressed nerves in the lap of nature.

Plain metallic or jazzed up chains, eyewear retainers give you the freedom to play with plenty of options. Fashion is fickle, but with different styles of eyewear retainers, you can manage to set high style standards throughout.


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