The Chatty Dames

It’s the month of June and the chirpy Gemini are all around us. The third sign of the zodiac has women of power and they simply love to talk. So we call them the ‘Chatty Dames’.

These bright, quick-witted Gemini women, fickle and restless at times, are constantly changing their mind and often come across as wishy-washy.

Their charming, pleasant and youthful vivacity helps them to appear young forever and their playfully flirtatious and endlessly fun nature makes them the life of the parties.

So this month let’s have a look at some of the famous divas, born under this sign, known for their high spirits and chatty ways, and who certainly never seem to disappoint us with their impeccable style.

Angelina Jolie (June 6)

She is one of Hollywood’s biggest style icons and has stunned us with her elegance and strength of character, time and again. Her choice eyewear too depicts her versatility. From Aviators to Over-sized, Jolie rocks in everything she puts on.

Angelina Jolie

The Fastrack aviators may help you weave the same magic as Jolie.

aj aviators

Sonam Kapoor (June 9)

Our very own fashionista! Sonam once again awed us with her stunning looks at the Cannes this year.

Sonam Kapoor Red carpet

She is always seen experimenting with her looks and whether it’s a pair of vintage sunglasses or a pair of geeky looking glasses, she always manages to carry them off with élan.

sonam kapoor

This pair from John Jacobs is similar to the one spotted on Sonam. A perfect pair  for the day out with the girls.

Spectacles Frame

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen (June 13)

These fashionable twins are simply untouchable in the fashion world and they once again managed to prove their fashion forwardness, by being the one of the first few to be spotted wearing the trendy circular sunnies.

olsen twins

This one here is a trendy pair of circular frame sunglasses from Fastrack, similar to the one spotted on the Olsen sisters.

round fastrack sunglasses

Courtney Cox (June 15)

This former Friends star’s style has always been effortlessly chic, and it has stayed consistent over the years. She is often spotted in slim silhouettes, skinny pants, knee length cuts and specially the color black.

Tribeca Film Festival 2014 Celebration At The Beverly Hills Hilton

 Wanna lay your hands on something as chic and geeky as Courtney’s? Here’s your pick.

wayfarers eyeglasses

Nicole Kidman (June 20)

Strong, sexy, sensual, elegant, glamorous, one can just go on when talking about this diva. She claims to love fashion and is currently the face of a famous luxury fashion brand Jimmy Choo. From cat-eye to over-sized, a face as perfect as Nicole’s can carry off the best of styles with ultra-oomph.


This pair from Vincent Chase, similar to the one spotted on Nicole, will surely up the glam factor.

black wayfarer sunglass

So these were our Gemini ladies and what adorns their eyes. You have a chance to own similar sunglasses this summer from Lenskart. So hurry and order yours now!

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