That’s how Fastrack caught my attention

fastrack sunglasses bannerI have always been a fan of Fastrack sunglasses, but its funky collection of bags and watches have also always thrilled me. Lately, while I was looking for a new pair of Fastrack sunglasses, I came across their new campaign, #JustBe. I was intrigued. Wanted to know what they mean, since the tagline seemed incomplete. And what I found is something I live by, something which most of us can relate to.

fastrack watch banner just be

Just Be

With its new campaign, Fastrack is asking the youngsters to #JustBe what they are. How many times have we heard people tell us “just be yourself”? It even, sort of, became a cliché. And I think, with this campaign, the brand has attempted to evoke just the right passion. #JustBe connotes that ‘being’ is more than just a state of mind. It’s being impulsive in one’s action, thought and behaviour. It’s resisting the desire to ‘try to be’.

While I’m constantly browsing sunglasses online and for interesting brand collaterals, what I enjoyed more is how this thought provoking outlook has been quite nicely depicted in Fastrack’s creatives. The campaign showcases bold models sport Fastrack merchandise with a carefree attitude in an amalgamated theme that talks about just being yourself! My personal favourite being the one with Fastrack sunglasses.

Have a look at some here:

Just be  - fastrack red sunglasses

Just be - fastrack

Just be - fastrack bag banner

Just be - watches

That’s what it stood for…

Trendy in design and young in approach, Fastrack has always positioned itself as a youth brand, which is also affordable. Initially, it entered under Titan as a sub-brand of watches for youngsters but slowly emerged as fashion brand for products such as bags, sunglasses, wallets and belts as well.

With designs that were casual but refreshingly different, electric and fun, Fastrack instantly struck a cord with students. Plus, the same was reflected in Fastrack’s ad campaigns from time to time. The brand has captured the essence of today’s fun-loving free-spirited youth with its tongue-in-cheek colloquial phrases like – ‘how many you have’ and ‘Move-on’.

fastrack move on

Started with Move On

Fastrack’s ‘Move On’ was a controversial ad campaign that has earned a lot of admiration and is still relevant to the brand. The idea behind this was shown in many different ways which were notorious, inspirational and thought-provoking! The thought was to tell youngsters to ‘move on’ from things that are limiting them, whether it’s a bad relationship, old school of thought or rigid social norms.

fastrack move on 2

Here the ad that shows a girl moving on in style with Fastrack bag, after the break-up!

come out of the closet move on

This campaign of Fastrack delivers a strong message, thus encouraging homosexuals to embrace their sexuality and stop hiding. New or old, all of Fastrack’s ads talk about being bold and accepting yourself as well as the issues considered offensive.

Move On

The Television advertisement showed Virat Kohli, the sports star, and the cheery happy-go-lucky girl Genelia D’Souza, both Indian youth icons.

fastrack viraat kohli

The latest ideology of Fastrack, ‘Just Be’ is nothing but the acceptance that what you are, in whatever form, means everything and works.

The bottom line is? Don’t bother trying.

Just like that, Fastrack keeps on bringing freshness in its communication with its catchy taglines and so far the brand has been a hit with young consumers.

Enjoy some more fun ads by Fastrack.

Move your ass

fishing bait

she took him

making him scream

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