Taurian Celebs Get it Right on their Eyes

As the month of May begins, we decided to heat things up and feature Taurian celebrities with a great sense of style.

By their very nature Taurians are Practical and artistic. They are generous, loyal and dedicated to their work and relationships. And once they make up their mind, they have bull-headed persistence and follow through till the end. Though they give a lot of importance to simplicity and stability in life, they also have a strong sensuous side which draws them to materialistic things and flamboyance. This makes them attentive to all things beautiful and their own looks.


These top Taurian celebrities are each a style icon known for their great taste in eyewear. Perhaps the aesthetic yet practical accessory sits just right with their nature or perhaps this is just a coincidence. Take a look and tell us what you feel about the distinctive eyewear style of these Taurian stars.

Robert Pattinson – May 13

may 13

We all love Robert Pattinson’s boyish charm. He has melted many hearts with his vampire spell. But this Twilight actor loves to dress his eyes in his signature sunglasses. His choice of eyewear is mostly Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer and Clubmaster. But for a change he opts for Oliver Peoples Limited Edition Vintage O’Malley Sunglasses.

Vintage O'Malley Sunglasses

Pick a similar style for yourself in more trendy colours from Lenskart’s Ray-Ban collection.

Mark Zuckerberg – May 14

mark zuckerberg's sunglasses

A complete nerd and Harvard dropout he may be, but Mark Zuckerberg also happens to be one of the most powerful and youngest billionaires in the world. Never mind his billions of dollars, this technological genius is known to lead a simple life.
Mark likes it easy and laid back. He is mostly spotted with torn jeans, casual Tees and hoodies paired with sneakers and sunglasses. His pick for sunglasses is Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer which goes well with his carefree sense of style.


If you love this tech geek’s eyewear choice, check out our summer collection in funky colours.

Megan Fox – May 16

Megan Fox – May 16

Apart from being a successful actress, Megan Fox is a Hollywood style icon. Whatever she wears, people follow her.
She’s been spotted time and again in her favourite classic Ray-Ban Aviators in gold frame. Looks like, she never leaves home without them. Her second pick is the blue framed Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

Ray ban gold frames

Her tag of being one of the sexiest women worldwide notwithstanding, she can effortlessly carry off an intellectual look with great poise in her Lafont Karima eyeglasses. This particular style has a flattering cat-eye like up-sweep and a classic two-tone acetate frame in black and tortoise.

You can shop for this style right here, in brown and pink colour.


Aviator Sunglasses

So, these Taurians love their eyewear and we love their style too. We wish them a very happy birthday and give them a thumb-up.
If you share the same birth month, do you also share a love for eyewear? We’d love to hear your comments.

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