Your swank for this summer – Yellows & Roses

We just didn’t have enough of the runway fashion from 2016, and here we are with the latest runway collections for Spring/Summer 2017. Sunglasses are definitely in and we see celebrities flaunting their beautiful eyes draped in those majestic sunglasses.

At the Louis Vuitton Resort 2017, Lily Donaldson captivated the audience with her brilliant mustard rimless yellows, while Kelly Connor hit the Sin City with her canary yellow sunnies inspired by Johnny Depp’s Raoul Duke. Last year at the Roberto Cavalli runway show, we saw rimless tinted yellows designs with way too big lenses for the face, to emit a vibe of purity and coolness.


Women sunglasses


The vintage trend of the 70s could not have received a better comeback than now. At Gucci’s Spring show, Alessandro Michele left the audience in awe with rosy pink sunglasses adorned by sundry models. His style was pronounced through oversized glasses embedded with diamante. Meanwhile, we see Bella Hadid hitting the swag throughout 2016 with her oversized sunglasses covered in various gradients. Ahead in the timeline, Rihanna stunned the spectators at the Dior Spring 2017, wearing rose tinted reflective shades, landing the style in full swing.

Dior Spring 2017


Blast from the past

Hollywood has been charmed with tinted sunglasses for years. Johhny Depp’s Raoul Duke in the movie, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, gave the audience shivers with his crazy yet serene yellow sunglasses.

Johhny Depp’s Raoul Duke

Walter Sobchak, from The Big Lebowski (played by John Goodman) made the world go spellbound, in the crime-comedy film with his out of the league Aviators.

Walter Sobchak, from The Big Lebowski


Style tip for men

Hear now! We will spill the beans to upgrade you from ‘cool’ to ‘sexy’. Pair the yellows with gold accessories instead of silver and lots of patterns and prints can be avoided as yellow is quite a pronounced colour. Rosy tints can be a game changer. You may even pull off a Robert Downey Jr. with that poised and charming look.

Robert Downey Jr. with that poised and charming look.


Style tip for women

Yellows are your besties for hitting the beach this summer. Pale yellow to tawny-mustard tones would bring the retro girl in you. Rose tints are soothing on your eyes and a suitable hairstyle helps. Pale women may go for the pinks as they would warm up their face better than the bronzer or blush.


Pale women may go for the pinks


Yellow and rose tints are in full swing all over the fashion world. Put your old, dull and gloomy shades back in your drawers and get your hands on these adorable tinted goggles and shine under the sun.

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