Sunglasses- Style and Protection go hand-in-hand

The sun rays we face are said to be dangerous by experts. Sunglasses just don’t bring style to us but also protection from the harmful UV rays. Optometrists keep recommending, to the tropical region population, to not get the eye-glasses but sunglasses which are UV protective.

A thick series of stores working in the accessories market engage many international brands like Gucci, Fastrack, Prada, Dior, Adidas, Reebok, Ray-Ban, et al.  

If we consider sunglasses, it is important to go for brands instead of some local variety. Make sure that the brand is providing the UVA and UVB protection up to 99 and 90 percent respectively.

Designer Sunglasses
The mass detection of functionality includes comfort, in terms of fitting the face and visual clarity. The color and texture of the lens makes the vision clear, trying on the glasses in the showroom and the actual environment makes a difference too. Also, lens material includes the quality of protection and one has to notice that the scratched up lens might not serve the purpose.

Buying sunglasses from a showroom or from a recognized online portal reduces the risk of making the wrong choice. Always check the brand logo while buying because imitations and duplicates are widely available in local markets.

Sunglasses may not be designed individually for men or women, often the designs and finishing of the glasses serves both the sexes. However, the shades, shape and size of the glasses should go with an individual’s personality and allow comfort in carrying off the accessory. There are fashionable and trendy designs such as floral, pop color frames and even night wear, available in the markets which suit women the best. Bright colors like yellow and honey, brown etc are fancied too, fit-up glasses are the type for indoor use for both the sex.

Another line of fashion shades includes gradient lenses. They have a unique representation of dark color at the top and light shade at the bottom. This type of lens is the best for flying airplanes in diving conditions. These are the sunglasses preferred by both sexes. Shutter shades, on the other hand, are said to be the best protection against the sun. They provide protection with parallel, horizontal shutters. Tea shades are the round shaped lens and with wire framed supporting pads. They are of medium size. Wayfarers, a design again introduced by Ray-Ban, are next in the list to best styles of designer sunglasses. According to the need, customers can choose their brand and style.

Since brands are also an expensive proposition, it is always favorable to buy them online. Websites, these days, offer good discounts on branded eye wear.
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