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My grandfather has a vision problem due to which he was not able to clearly and distinctly see anything. He sometimes used to hate it that because of his negligence he has lost his original vision of eyes. He uses power eyeglasses to read or write anything and literally used to curse himself that he has now become lifetime dependant on his eyeglasses for doing anything. He used to advise me on the shortcomings that he has to face because of his vision problems and that I should take good care of my eyes and protect them from all the harms such as the dangerous effects of UV rays due to which he had lost his natural vision. He used to tell me that when he was young and vivacious, he didn’t listen to his parent’s advice and now he is bearing the brunt of it. Now, his negligence has become a lifetime headache and has given me the reason to understand the value of sunglasses.

In Earlier times, sunglasses were used to be worn only for the purpose to protect the eyes from the glare of sun rays. These primitive sunglasses frame were totally different in design and functionality from the current sunglasses. In the present scenario, a pair of Ray-ban sunglasses is not only functional in hot sunny days of summer but can also be efficiently used in all the conditions. Whether you are engaged in the activity of mountaineering, trekking, racing or swimming Ray-ban sunglasses will prove to be your true companion by offering utmost protection, comfort and unique style statement. Direct exposure of harsh ultraviolet radiations that are coming from the sun can cause various ill effects to your precious eyes. Eye vision problems like Photokeratitis, Pingueculae, myopia, hyper myopia, astigmatism and retinal damages arises from the direct exposure of your eyes to the UV rays which consequently leads to deterioration of vision.

Ray-ban Aviator sunglasses
Ray-ban Aviator sunglasses

A global name in the international market, Ray-Ban was incepted by Bausch and Lomb in the year 1937, with the determined aim of delivering quality eyewear accessories in a unique style for the aristocrat class of people. In fact the history of Ray-ban sunglasses started in the year 1936 when Lieutenant John A. Macready reported an eye vision problem to Bausch & Lomb due to the direct exposure of sunlight radiations into eyes. Within one year of dedicated hard work Bausch and Lomb finally took out the patent and introduced the first Ray-ban sunglasses in the market. In the long product portfolio of eyewear accessories, Ray-ban Aviator sunglasses and Ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses have gained a special place in the heart of millions of customers. The Aviator type sunglasses frame comprises gold plated metal frames and mineral glass lenses to offer high optic vision to the wearer. High quality lenses of Ray-ban sunglasses are capable to block all the harmful UV-A and UV-B radiations, giving your eyes a comfortable space to see the diverse and beautiful nature. Shortly, the Aviator type sunglasses achieved popularity amongst pilots of the United States Army Air Corps. After enjoying some golden years, Ray-ban launched its first wayfarer sunglasses in the year 1952. Within a short span of time, Sunglasses frame of these wayfarer sunglasses became popular amongst many celebrities and movie stars. Ray-ban sunglasses in the shape of Wayfarer style became a fashion statement of many TV stars, musicians like Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, John Belushi, Dan Akroyd and others. The 1960’s proved to be a golden time for Wayfarer sunglasses. The lenses of Ray-ban sunglasses for men are also available in Photo-chromatic and polarized types to meet different requirements of the customers. Internet users can shop sunglasses online from various e-commerce websites with utmost ease and in this way the savvy customers can save their precious time, Money and energy.

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