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These famous lyrics from ‘Diet Mountain Dew’ song by Lana Del are enchanting. While her pretty face was flashing on the screen, I could hear my mind screaming about the flawless blend of her hairstyles and heart shaped sunglasses. The red lip shade said it all while it was flashing brightly on her white top. That’s when I thought of matching my Armani wayfarer with my silky straight hair. I took a guided tour to match A to B and here is your sneak peak for everyday gorgeousness. 

Part A: Peepers for mane

Long locks story

For her glossiness with long hair, you have a plethora of options to dive in. Bohemian to city like, God has thrown a million choices in your lap. To keep it neat and tidy with an effing ‘class’ make your bet on the square shaped ones and play on with some prints. I would say tortoise all the way! Rotate the colour-o-meter to high, especially the bold ones,  experimentation is the key ladies.

long hair

If you have the soft wavy Helen like curls, perform with the angular shapes or take a retro journey with oversized ones as they will flatter your look along with avoiding a lot of hair drama on your face.



The go-to-shorty style

With ‘wearing your boyfriend’s wardrobe’ back in trend, the short hair style has also found its way back into the style guide. Following boys, girls have gone short with their hair too. If you are a guy with a buzz cut or a crew cut, keep it chic and stylish with wide or round frames. For girls with short tresses, it is time to go angular and divert all that attention to your eyes with the mirrored sunglasses.


With less hair in your pocket, flamboyant and funky shapes can be taken up easily. 70s are back with Cat-eye, it is trending as well as impeccable to keep you picture perfect.


Metal frames look super elegant and classy as they will be stand out. And if they are branded-fun, well, it just gets better. Over-sized glasses can be the best thing that has happened to you ladies and gentlemen with shorter mane.

Afro-jazz in the buzz

Well if you belong to ‘I-am-rock’ band or love to spend your life in retrospective with the afro hairstyle, you are truly a diva. Too-much is too-less in your case. Gradient lenses sunglasses or the mirrored ones are your call and blend in effortlessly with your personality.


So much mane on the go, calls for over-sized frames so that they are visible and do not lose the battle against your hair. Put the attention to the brow-bar or to the temples. The playground is yours guys, you get to choose from a wide variety of pretties.

afro 2

The sadhna style cut

My mother refers to the bob cut as the sadhna cut coming from the name of the ’70s Bollywood diva. All artistic minds are welcoming the resurgence of the bobbed cut, as it gives way to stronger framework and masculine lines. When bob is the game, angular and edgy is my name.  Gradient and asymmetric lines go hand in hand with bob cut too.


If your bob cut is mixed with bangs a.k.a fringes, make sure the spacing between the brow-bar and bangs is a 10 on 10 for neatness. Now-now! Who likes to look all THAT messy!




For the experimentalist, it is time to adjust your hair as per your favorite sunglasses/eyeglasses.

With arms Wide open

When you have wide frames to deal with that are deep and broad, it just makes sense to highlight them more. After all, all that moolah should not go waste! A lot of hair with volume is a no-no. Opt for hairstyles with tied buns, buzz cuts, height on top, etc.  Shorter tresses are a boon for the wider frames.


Short and sweet frames

When your glasses are small in size, it is important that they do not get lost in your hair. Therefore, choose for hairstyles like sharp blunt, cropped ones or short wavy ones. Even pony tails would look lovely with this type.

short frames

Overflowing love

When the subject is over-sized and strong, you can ease out. Long locks with volume are a great go to option for ladies. Shorter hairstyles are something you should get rid of right away if you are in love with the over sized frames.


No matter what the style is, statement is or scenario is, your confidence and attitude will get everything in your stride. This or that, you know what to do!

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