Stunningly Stylish Aviator Sunglasses

Have you ever dreamt of being a fighter pilot? Well, I have and I had gone miles to achieve this dream and have tried really hard to even get a look in inside a fighter plane just to get a feel of the rush, the killer instinct and the smell of the huge and never ending sky. I have always been amazed by people who fight against treason and protect their mother land, I have even tried to be like them, but fate had something else in store for me. I just love the uniforms, the discipline and the passion that they exhibit to protect their land and their countrymen. These men have something about them that drive everyone crazy and give birth to a will to be like them. But I did not give up, so what if I can’t be one of them, at least I can look like them. Now, you would be thinking that how on earth is this possible, I have the answer. The style of sunglasses that these fighter pilots sport is called the ‘Aviator’ style. This name is given in relation to the profession that these men pursue that is flying airplanes.
So, now you would have some idea that why I wanted to be an Aviator. It was not only because of the glory but also because I wanted to make the people identify me and my unparalleled style. The Aviator sunglasses were first launched only for pilots in the year 1936 and with a noble intention of protecting the pilot’s eyes. But, soon the Aviator sunglasses were launched for the general public and the style became a rage as everyone wanted it.
I am no different as my first job was only to purchase a pair of Aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses have a bit extra in terms of style and they offer you a completely different and sophisticated look that you always yearn for. Apart from a large dose of style, these sunglasses serve their basic purpose of shielding your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays and cover your under eye skin from blemishes and scars caused to scorching heat. To meet the needs, the Aviator sunglasses come in different shades and sizes, making them available to everyone. Coming in polarised and mirrored forms, the sunglasses offer better visibility and unconquered style that makes you feel like a winner just like a true Aviator. Apart from their glorifying origin, the Aviator sunglasses are made popular by the people who light the silver screen. If a celebrity wears a particular style of jacket or sunglasses in their movies then that accessory or apparel is made popular without any endorsement. Just like Tom Cruise sported a pair of Aviator sunglasses in his movie ‘Top Gun’ and every one of his millions of fans around the world went to the stores to purchase these sunglasses to get a look like their Icon.


The Aviator sunglasses are endorsed by many popular brands but Ray Ban was the first brand to launch these sunglasses for our fighting heroes. Other brands that offer these sunglasses are MTV, Fastrack, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Speedo, etc. But my favourite are the Hunter 731. These Aviator sunglasses from Hunter justify their name as they offer you a hunter’s instinct and a killer look. I never compromise and neither I am negotiable and these sunglasses takes my expressive side to another level. A few lines that come to my mind when I am wearing my Aviator sunglasses are

I don’t look good in no Armani suits,
No Gucci shoes or designer boots
But there’s just one thing that looks good on me
The only thing I want
The only thing I need
The only thing I choose
The only thing that looks good on me is you….

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