Starry eyes gone awry

You know how sometimes we make fashion faux pas? Well, celebrities make them too… Loads of them. So, here’s a list of celebrities wearing glasses that fail pass the test of normalcy, when it comes to fashion.

Too bold to be good

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Honestly, why?!

What got into Sonakshi Sinha that she decided to step out of her bedroom wearing these huge geeky specs to a Fashion Week!! If the plan was to hide the dominant dark circles, let’s tell you it failed big time.

A bit too over-sized?

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I like how Anne Hathaway looks with a pair of black aviators, wayfarers and even black rimmed nerdy specs (black seems to be her colour). However, I don’t understand how this particular pair of sunglasses is doing much for her otherwise beautiful face. The lack of prominent cheek bones and an oval shaped face don’t exactly work best for these oversized shades.

I have no gripes with the lovely wine red colour, though.  

Black frame overdose

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At the Annenberg Centre for Performing Arts, Demi Moore was spotted wearing these.

What’s wrong with these? Well, they do nothing to make her look good. Honestly, she looks a million times better without them. The nerdy black-coloured round eyeglasses do not accentuate her eyes, or flatter those cheek bones, at all. Perhaps, a smaller pair of round rimmed specs would have looked neater.

For the eyes only…?

So, here’s a poem I just made up:

This is Snookie from Jersey Shore.
These are her shades and I’m saying no more!

Okay, I might add a bit. When we talk about starry shades, we don’t mean it in a literal sense. I wonder, though, does it not hamper her vision? Or maybe, this is the reality star’s way of showing people how to see the world through ‘starry eyes’… Just saying.  😛

This ain’t no Mona Lisa smile!

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Honestly, I love Julia Roberts. I really do. She has a great smile and, of course, she’s a brilliant actress. It’s just that this pair of specs is so hard to get by!

No, it does not bring out the sexy, nerdy side in the actress. I’m just trying to understand one thing here. Why would she do this to herself? The oval frame should have been bigger and bolder and then, she would look cute and everything opposite to what she looks here, promise!

Too many shades of grey

If Jennifer Aniston was trying to take style tips from Ozzy Osbourne here, she scores (barring the hair – it should’ve been black).

I’ve seen Jen rock Aviators in so many ways. I just don’t see this one of them. I look at her and I think of a really bad combination of Steve Tyler-John Lennon-Ozzy Osborne shades. For one, it looks like she wore these when it was dark and I don’t know why. Secondly, the shape and the glass colour do not go with her skin tone, or her look. Nope.

Red eyes don’t flatter

Dear Robert Downey Jr., a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Tony Stark does not look as cool as it sounds in my head.

So, what do think of the over-the-top T-shades? Aren’t they too much! Plus, matching red tint glasses with the Red on your grey? I’m going to give that a ‘Nay’!

Maybe if he tried sticking to his Tony Stark style, he’d do better. Or maybe hire a personal eyewear stylist next time. Or just look into the mirror. That should do it, I think.

Hiding behind the shades

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Needless to say, Salma Hayek looks gorgeous in everything she wears. But, those too-big-for-the-face sunglasses are a tad bit disappointing. It doesn’t just make her look boring; it also hides her face! But, maybe that was the point of those humungous shades. I mean can you see the paparazzi surrounding her?!

So, while it’s a good thing to follow up on what our Celebrity friends are wearing, it’s always best to use one’s own judgment, especially when it comes to choosing eyewear styles that suit you.

After all, we all have very unique features and aping a celebrity just because something looks good or trendy on them does not help your case, at all.

On that note, I leave you to fish out your own eyewear style and avoid blunders like these.

Have a happy weekend, people.

Ciao! 😉

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