Spring state of mind!

“With spring well and truly here, it’s about time we start building our new optical wardrobe”

Spring is here, that means our room will smell of fresh flowers, sun will shine high and our closet will be stacked with new pieces. Speaking of adding new pieces to your wardrobe, this spring your eyewear collection could definitely use some revamping. Let the fresh morning air, pretty flowers and eye-catching colors of spring, all guide you in the direction of shades that are totally on-point for spring.

While you might have a pair in your closet that takes turns every season, tis’ now the new season. Ergo, new and improved (and so not 2016’s) eyewear! From buttercup yellow frame to rose-tinted lenses, there are loads of spring appropriate colours and styles to choose from. Think beach holiday, al-fresco brunches or just sashaying away on the road, doing all that while donning the chicest Spring inspired eyewear. Outfit goals!

So, this spring, give your optical wardrobe a major update with calming tints, floral frames and irresistibly statement making (totally sick!) eyewear and channel those tropical vibes.

Take a peek below at what world looks like through spring-inspired eyewear and how all of these colors scream “Spring Chic”.

  1. Sunshine yellow, when it comes to style inspiration nothing reminds us of the onset of spring like this color. The bright color symbolizes happiness and all things vivid.

Whether you choose to don light yellow tinted sunglasses or you are fond of buttercup frames, we suggest you to get a yellow pair to see sunshine through your glasses, day in or day out.

      2. Refreshing cool blue, the name alone brings to mind the beautiful water bodies that make us water babies want to dive right into a pool.

Be it blue reflectors or deep blue acetate frames, when you do lounge around the pool, don’t forget to sport your blue beauty!

3.  See the world a bit rosier with a pair of rose-tinted sunglasses. The rosy hues are high on trend this season and for all the right reasons.

It’s edgy, fresh and oh-so-glam! All pink ladies swear by this color palette and it is about time you should too.

4.  If there’s a color palate that made its way from our winter wardrobe to spring closet, it has got to be pastels. While rose quartz, serenity, and earthy tones ruled our winters, lilac, peach and muted tones are all set to take over spring.

Whether you want to channel you inner Bella Hadid with baby pink frames or want to look as rad as Olivia Palermo in lilac tinted sunglasses, a pastel beauty is must-have this season.

5.  What is better than starting your spring on fresh note with none other than the color of the year aka Greenery.

This refreshing and soothing color has ruled the runways of every iconic show and we cannot wait to incorporate this in our spring eyewear collection.

Green ombre tints and camouflage frames FTW!

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