Spotted: On celebrity eyes

It’s a new year and new trends are being set and followed the world over!

So, obviously we’ve brought you the lowdown on what the celebrities are currently sporting on their eyes just so you can get a gist of what you should be buying for your eyes only! 😉

Kim Kardashian

So, congrats to Kim becoming a new Mom and I must say, she pulls it off with so much attitude! But, look at those shades! This is what you call total and complete eyewear love!

And if you’ve fallen in love with this eyewear style, here’s your pick from!

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Jamie King

You’ve seen her in the ever-so-famous Lana Del Ray Summertime Sadness music video, jumping off a bridge. But, I’ve got to say, she’s so darn gorgeous. And how well does she style her outfit? Plus, those cat eye frames totally finish out the look perfectly!

Jamie Kings cat eye sunglasses

Miranda Kerr

She’s a supermodel – that should say it all. Miss Kerr knows how to wear the blandest of outfits and still look good. We’re still looking for some inspiration to turn our most boring outfits into a lot of fun. May be a pair of oversized shades like hers would do the job, don’t you think?

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Katrina Kaif

Katrina’s simple style and attitude is always reflected in the way she carries herself. And that’s what we like about her. While her onscreen persona is smoking hot, she’s quite the girl next door in real life. And nothing else says it better than these oh-so-geeky spectacles in rectangular frames. I must say, it’s the first time I’ve seen a Bollywood actress step out in a pair unflattering spectacles and still manage to look so cute! Bonus points to her carefree image!

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Drew Barrymore

The Fifty First Dates actress is undoubtedly one of the most charming, yet nerdy Hollywood actresses we know. She’s simple and cute and doesn’t care so much about appearances. But, how chic does she look here, right? We’re digging the full rimmed eyeglasses with an untidy up do on her!

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Hilary Duff

Our favourite former Disney star was recently spotted in the West Hollywood Gym squeezing herself out of her car looking This amazing. Not everyone can get the gym gear style right and she is one of the few who do. The sweats, the tote, the sneakers are in perfect sync with those gorgeous aviators!

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So, that’s what these celebrities were spotted wearing this new year. Do you have any similar looking pairs? If yes, then you know just how to style them and start your year on a fashionable note!


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