Specsy is the new sexy

Evolution is inevitable! From the rising sun to a popping pimple, things transform and keep changing. It’s the rule of nature. It’s as inevitable as your lipstick finishing or your hair color fading. But then there is other phenomenon, similar but huge, stretched over a longer period of time, even decades. It’s magical how something that you always had lying around your house has all of a sudden become the talk of the day. This, however is resurrection not evolution. But when that object’s symbolism changes, and changes to become something totally opposite to its former self, THAT’S EVOLUTION.

And Glasses are no strangers to this concept.

Do you remember when we told you how vintage frame styles have resurrected, breaking stereotypes?  If you don’t, well then check that out below:


But, now let’s go a little bit slowly as we understand how this actually happened.

Popular culture has always portrayed nerds in a specific way:

However, while the characters beautified, shedding the nerd figure, specs stuck to be the only representation of their intelligence or even profession. Taking some current examples: Sonakshi’s frames in Noor stand only to represent that she is a journalist. While Ayushmann’s glasses (in Meri Pyaari Bindu) shout out that he is a writer.

However, the actual SHATTERING of this stereotype takes place outside this medium, yet through it.  When we say that specsy has become the new sexy, Celebrity Fashion is the biggest game that stands as a proof. When fashion icons and actors themselves incorporate and use frames to make fashion statements, you know something is changing.

They use it not only during promotions but even in their everyday life, airport looks being the biggest evidence of this fact.

It’s as real as it can get peeps. Glasses are no longer a symbol of geeki-ness or something that just improves your vision. It is a fashion statement, a makeup essential. IT IS THE GAME-CHANGER OF TODAY!

And why should just icons and celebrities flaunt it, there is a sea full of specsies out there. And you might just be a part of it. Here are some stylish and sexy specsies, winners of the Lenskart #SpecsyChallenge, embracing this ongoing fashion trend like a Boss! Shout out to Rachna Sharma and Himanshu Shah.

By the way, have you taken the #SpecsyChallenge yet?

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