So Many Reasons Disturbing your Sight while Looking through Eyeglasses. Time to Switch over to Contact Lenses

eyeglasses contactlensesEver thought of a change over from your eye- glasses to contact lens? Well you can surely go ahead and give it a go without a second thought! All of us know that eye-glasses in some way or the other affect self-esteem of people and it’s more common with adolescents, teenagers and young women, who hate to be seen in specs. Although the market is perennially flooded with fashionable eye-wears but most of us are reluctant to go for that option as we don’t want to wear specs.

I have had some personal experience in dealing with this situation as a teenager. I stopped wearing my glasses and a couple of years down the line my eyesight became so poor that I had to resort to glasses again. I had no choice. It was then that I felt I needed some serious solution to this problem of escaping from wearing eye-glasses. I knew that glasses were not made for me and come hell or high water I would never wear them. The second option was correction of vision by surgical procedure and the third option that struck me as most moderate, viable and economically feasible was turning to contact lens. This is how I got a pair of my first contacts.

Nevertheless I had my doubts regarding contacts, and naturally my main concern was related to safety of my eyes. I was a bit doubtful about using something that had to be worn inside eyes because I was under the impression that it would either trigger off allergic reactions or would dry up and cause irritation to the cornea of eyes. But worst of all I was not mentally prepared for the transition, I needed strong reasons to justify this transition and make sure that it would be safe for my eyes. So I consulted my ophthalmologist and did a little research work. The transition from eyeglasses to contact lenses was rather easy and smoother than I had thought. However now I have got so hooked to my contact lens that I find it hard to imagine a life without them. Besides that, another simple reason to continue with contacts is the ease that they offer. You just don’t have to fetter when u loose or misplace your eyeglasses.

Apart from that you are bound to find it more difficult to deal with glasses if you are a sports person and that is exactly the case with me. Being a tennis player I can hardly compromise on visibility and a sport like tennis or in fact any active sport for that matter requires a crystal clear vision, that is precisely where contact lens come handy. I have been using contact lens for over 7 years now and it is a pure blessing for me. It has changed my life and helped me to cope with life in a better way. I am sure that contact lens will help you to overcome your vision problem. Moreover it is a far better option as compared to eyeglasses. Millions of people round the globe have stopped wearing spectacles and turn towards contact lens. In addition leading manufacturers of contact lenses are constantly innovating and improvising their products to help people see and feel better. With such a stressful life, one cannot be assured of a 6/6 eye sight. Therefore do not be scared if you have vision problem. You have the 100 percent guaranteed solution of wearing eye contacts.

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