Sherlock Holmes – Unlocking the mysteries with his eyes

Think of a detective and the one who comes to mind is, none other than, Sherlock Holmes. A living example of a fictitious character which is more real and alive than any detective in the world. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation has thrilled for decades now. The ace author created an icon who is known not just for his observation, deduction, experimentation and conclusion, but also his personal style – and his round eyeglasses and sunglasses.


Holmes displayed a keen eye for observation in all the mysteries he solved with some amount of ease, and some amount of confusion. 😉

I used to love his long coat, cap, smoking pipe, and hat and, mostly importantly, his teashades.


Classic! He always wore round eyeglasses, through which he looked with his ever-suspicious, prying eyes.


From behind his small round sunglasses, Holmes looked as if he was looking through your soul to know if you were the killer. Winner of hearts, truly!


Putting on garbs after garbs, mysteries after mysteries, what remained constant were his teashades.

With the latest Sherlock Holmes release, A Reign of Terror, the renowned detective has once again created a style statement with his eyes.

Round Eyeglasses

The unique round eyeglasses with an enhanced bridge are creating quite a stir among young fashionistas.



And they’re not just for the guys. Girls are swooning over this new shape too.


Detective! That’s actually the word which comes in mind. Completely compelling one!

A true hero and an icon who millions follow. Get your Sherlock home now 😉

Round Eyeglasses

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