Shades of the Superstars

Rains, or no rains, whatever the weather report may be, the sun never disappoints me. It gets its own sweet time to shine crazy bright even when it rains, leaving me fishing out my sunglasses in the deep well of my bag that carries not just my lip gloss, wallet and diary but a huge umbrella too. Dear sun, why don’t you stop interfering with the clouds’ business, for god’s sake let-them-shower-some-more-rain! I wish the sun could see my scowling face.


Anyway, you will still need to carry your sunglasses. Celebrities are the best style gurus to practice fashion that they preach and so here I am doing as they teach.

# 1

John Abraham with his rugged, Army-man look in Madras Café has worn black Aviators with his camouflage shirts and pants. Needless to say, the man looks gorgeous with his masculine beach body, tanned complexion and solid steel golden framed black Aviators. A Greek god!

2 (1)


PC a.k.a., Priyanka Chopra and the Tollywood actor, Ram Charan have also worn the evergreen aviator sunglasses in their new release, Zanjeer. Ram has sported a bold determined policeman’s look with his stylish mirrored and simple black aviator sunglasses.



Besharam Kapoor has turned into an unstoppable, quirky and shameless bloke with his wrap around and wayfarer sunglasses with colourful and blingy gun-shape accented frames for his film Besharam. His song, Ban Besharam is a good lesson for your next Saturday night bash 😉


# 4

The political thriller, Satyagraha with its long and interesting cast, showcases different personalities through their eyewear. The cast is stuck with retro eyewear. Arjun Rampal and Amitabh Bachchan have worn round eyeglasses for an influential and strong political leader look while the versatile Manoj Vajpayee and serious Ajay Devgan wore brown gradient aviator sunglasses in the movie. Take a look.


# 5

The B-town action comedy, Phata Poster Nikla Hero with yummy Shahid and Ileana, shows the duo in aviator sunglasses. Yes, aviators! These sexy sunglasses seem to be hottest accessory right now! The notorious and naughty characters are styled with black aviator sunglasses with black and golden frames.


Time to skim the trend and who is wearing what!

It is clear that Aviators, Wayfarers and Round eyeglasses are the hottest eyewear in Bollywood and the Fashion Industry. If you haven’t invested in them, don’t worry, you are not too late! But next time you step into that mall, remember to pick your stylish eyewear.

Till then, Ciao!

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