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A brand talks the most with its collection! Fashion is a challenging world. And anyone who withstands the competition with attractive launches each passing season, becomes the cynosure of all fashionistas’ eyes.

At Lenskart, we love Vincent Chase – for its numerous designs, infinite collection, youthful appeal and for the fact that it keeps introducing us to something new every now and then.

Vincent chase

Striving to redefine the lifestyle for young adults, Vincent Chase presents eyewear that advocates voguish trends. The Vincent Chase collection consists of modish vintage-inspired eyewear for dynamic personas. With quite a versatile assortment, the sunglasses and eyeglasses are meticulously crafted with premium materials to offer superior comfort, ultra-light weight and high durability, as well as chicness.


Being sporty with Vincent Chase AIR


This is Vincent Chase’s offering for the Fall-Winter 2014 season. With the tagline, ‘Jump The Base’, the range of performance eyeglasses outsmarts every other eyewear so far. The AIR collection by Vincent Chase is engineered for superior comfort and style. Meticulously designed to give you an uncompromising performance, these ultra-light weight eyeglasses are highly convenient for use by men and women with an active lifestyle.

Rectangular in shape, the temples and the insides of these sporty eyeglasses come in an assortment of spunky colours. The high-quality AIR eyeglasses are precisely fashioned to resist stress. Undeniably incredible, the frames are flexible and provide a perfect fit.

What makes them more attractive is the price point at which Vincent Chase has placed this unique collection.

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Go with Revo


Another feather on the hat of this youthful brand is the newage lens technology that it has brought to India with its latest range of sunglasses.

The new Revo collection by Vincent Chase offers superior LMS lens technology that will enhance your vision. Incorporating the Light Mangement System (LMS) into the lenses, these sunglasses will provide stunning, sharper and clearer vision.

While providing high functionality, the Revo sunglasses are also uber-trendy. Taking old school to a whole new level, the frames are vintage-inspired. The iconic Wayfarer sunglasses are a perennial trend and the round sunglasses are guaranteed to make you look retro cool. These Revosunnies will add a dash of eccentricity to your demeanor.

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Round sunglasses

Basking with Vincent Chase sunnies

wayfarer sunglasses

The sunglasses by Vincent Chase are simply delightful and captivating. The collection of sunglasses includes timeless designs such as the Wayfarer. Always keeping up with the demands of the fickle-minded fashion industry, Vincent Chase never fails to disappoint. While the frames maybe retro-inspired, they add a dash of modish flair to it.

The Vincent Chase Alese is a very unique collection of sunglasses. The main frame of the Wayfarer is embellished with soft velvet material, and sleek temples. These wayfarers are stylish and practical as well. They are fitted with the shatter-proof CR39 lenses which also offer 100% UV protection as well. Stunning, aren’t they?

valvet sunglasses

For the love of Aviators

Vc Aviators

Nothing is complete without Aviators. The unique teardrop shaped lenses make the sunnies a recognizable style icon. They are quite the fashionable pair and a favorite among celebrities, world leaders and famous personalities.

Crafted with cutting-edge technology, the Vincent Chase Aviators are comfortable, light-weight and are set to give you complete UV protection. The teardrop shape lenses emanate a vintage feel. The lenses of these Vincent Chase Aviators are available in variant colours.

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Eyeing the Vincent Chase eyeglasses

Eyeglasses 1

Like any other accessory, eyeglasses are a hot fashion trend.Vincent Chase provides eyeglasses for young individuals. The collection of spectacles includes designs that are contemporary and classy. They are the ideal pair for young men and women who want to create a unique style identity. The Vincent Chase eyeglasses are sophisticated, fun-loving and youthful.Crafted with premium materials such as TR90 and acetate, these eyeglasses are flexible, light-weight and durable.

Available in a set of diverse colours, some of the eyeglasses styles that Vincent Chase carries are the classic Wayfarer and Cat-eye frames. For a conservative and subtle look, Vincent Chase also provides rimless and rectangular spectacles.

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rimless eyeglasses

Good vision enhances performance and Vincent Chase certainly delivers eyewear which provides optimum visual clarity. Making use of state-of-the-art technology, they are created with high quality materials for high-functionality.Following the latest fashion trends, Vincent Chase has an eyewear for each and every individual; you can simply choose a vintage pair of eyeglasses or a modish pair of sunglasses. They are ideal for enthusiastic young men and women who are stylish and practical. So, what are you waiting for? Get high on fashion with a pair of Vincent Chase eyewear.


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