Say it with colours

The much awaited festival of colours is here and so is the opportunity to sport colourful eyewear. I love Holi because of the fun and fervor associated with it. But I adhere to all the rules when playing with colours. The first rule that I swear by is safety. Being a health fanatic, I don’t take any chances with artificial colours that come spiked with harmful chemicals. I strongly recommend using natural and eco-friendly colours for this special occasion. Also make sure you lather a generous amount of sunscreen as well as a good dose of petroleum jelly to keep your skin safe.

The second rule that I follow to the tee is in staying comfortably stylish. On the eve of Holi, I prefer wearing breathable cotton fabrics in white. Why this particular shade? It acts as the perfect canvas to display the kaleidoscope of colours!

There is one accessory that comes in handy during this festivity – sunglasses are my best friend because they protect my eyes from the harmful colours while at the same time they make me look attractive. Sunglasses can also be used to make a bright and vibrant statement this Holi eve. In case you aren’t perfectly sure about what color suits you the most, this cheat-sheet could come in handy.

Blue; cool and casual

Do words like reliable, trustworthy, genuine and sincere define you? If it does, then the ideal colour for you is the cool and calm blue.

This stunning pair of Vincent Chase Aviator sunglasses would be ideal for you.The best part about this pair is that the lush golden frame contrasts with cool blue lenses!

Blue Aviators

Go green to let your kindness shine through!

According to the colour psychology, green is known as the colour of balance and harmony. No wonder the lush green best represents people who are attuned to their inner self and believe in living a life of harmony and kindness.

So, all you eco-friendly people out there make sure you look uber-stylish in this pair of green and black Vincent Chase sunglasses this Holi!


Perk it up with fun orange!

You don’t need to be a colour expert to know that orange is a fun colour meant for chirpy people. As Frank Sinatra had once said, orange indeed is the happiest colour of them all!

Wear these cheery sunglasses in red frame and orange lenses, to make a fun- statement!

Orange Wayfarers

Show your creative side with purple!

The colour of imagination and spirituality, purple best represents creativity. These stylish Club Master sunglasses in purple lenses are the perfect pick for the arty kinds.


Red for the passionate souls!

Associated with energy, passion and action; red is ideal for the strong-willed and the adventurous out there. Don this pair with red-yellow lenses to ooze an undeniable sporty appeal.

Sports Sunglasses

So, colour colour what colour are you going to choose this Holi eve? 🙂

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